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  1. Third person but yeah not far off. It can get a bit bullet hell-ey but it’s more like Enter the Gungeon or Binding of Isaac than Ikaruga or one of the old coin ops.
  2. Yeah you’re probably right. I’m not sure the arguments quite coalesced convincingly between emulating old and new games though, especially if you swapped out Metroid for say, Sable or Silksong. Also pointing to Spotify as a good example of anything other than screwing over the people that made the content is shakey ground too.
  3. I broadly agree with the Sterling video when it comes to retro games, but not sure her argument works for more recent releases (Literally one of the arguments was that the devs got paid for their work back in the 90s). Also I’ll probably need a bit more convincing that one of the biggest videogame websites announcing you can emulate a game won’t affect sales than because it just won’t.
  4. Aaaand done. What a brilliant game. This or Metroid GOTY for me.
  5. She’s still heading to Kendall I think. Can’t remember now, but does she know about his road…accident?
  6. If it’s a framerate boost then fine, but anything more I’d rather they spent the resource elsewhere. It’s not like Demon’s Souls that was trapped on the PS3 and hardly anyone played it. This was the first proper game worth getting on the PS4, so as well as selling quite well, people have rinsed it over the years. Not to mention you can play it right now on PS5 and aside from the framerate, it still looks stunning.
  7. Brilliant first ep. So dense, not a second of the run time is wasted. FULL. FUCKING. BEAST
  8. Hmm. You and @MattyP have put me right off now as yeah, I hate choice paralysis, one of my favourite feelings is cancelling a streaming service. Maybe I’ll wait for reviews of Forza and Halo at least.
  9. Finally got to the last boss in this (I took a break to play Metroid) Oh my gosh. I think I might have spotted maybe 2 pixels of space on the screen that didn’t have some kind of enemy fire in it?
  10. Fuck going to see this film then if that’s the level of effort they’re putting in.
  11. More fuckin rllmuk approved moan-o-posting. Trailer looks great. Really looking forward to this.
  12. Wait what? It must be a flashback or something how the hell do they justify that?
  13. Just confirming what everyone already knows but the TAS one is obviously the best.
  14. Yeah it’s not a Metroidvania even though it’s invokes Prime quite a bit you’re right. It’s not for everyone @Stanley as it’s pretty tough, but it’s dripping with atmosphere and once it gets it’s hooks in it‘s hard to think about anything else.
  15. That’s me done. I won’t 100% it as I never do, but it’s between this and Returnal for GOTY for me.
  16. What’s everyone’s thoughts on having all the consoles under the telly at our age then? I’m intending to pick up a Series S for Forza and Halo this winter, thus completing the trifecta. But part of me does think it’s a bit excessive for someone expecting their second child.
  17. It’s helpful that the link they include in that article is Emily literally being wrong about the Switch OLED so you know how seriously to take this info.
  18. Dark Souls and Dragon’s Dogma could both be up your street in terms of setting.
  19. It’s too rich for my blood yeah.
  20. Was just watching the online stuff announcement trailer. It’s such a shit deal isn’t it? Think I’ll just get the WiiU out.
  21. If it bombs we’ll get GBA and future first party DLC. If it’s successful we’ll get fuck all. Either way we’ll never see Gamecube games on it I reckon.
  22. £70 is too much for me, but then so was £60 last gen. Unless it’s an absolute 10/10 get-it-now-because-the-story-will-be-spoiled like TLOU2 or FF7R last year, I’m always happy to wait for the price to come down (which doesn’t take long, unless it’s Nintendo) I normally have way too much to play just from PS+ or PSN/eshop sales. Bit intimidated adding gamepass to the mix later this year tbh!
  23. I always smile at the feeling of rain in Returnal at the start of every run.
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