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  1. None of those have Nintendo games though. History, quality and nostalgia are the value proposition here. Might not be enough for you or me but they obviously think they can charge that much for it. And they’re normally proven right. The market decides the value.
  2. They’re on their way for sure!
  3. The poster I was replying to specifically compared it to Gamepass. As for your thoughts on the service: If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. I’ll probably skip it myself. No big deal. As always, value is in the eye of the beholder.
  4. Yeah the…video games market? Did I miss something?
  5. Sony actually have a fridge of their own already but they neglect it and don’t advertise it.
  6. Gamepass is an absolute steal, it’s absolutely spoiling us with loads of games for a really cheap cost?
  7. That’s a feature of the expansion? Or the base package that is £1.50 a month? You’ve been spoilt by one of the richest companies in the world giving you free stuff because they don’t yet dominate the market.
  8. Ah right, tbf the reaction here still seems like a zen garden compared to Twitter.
  9. Haha can’t argue with that.
  10. And source a CRT TV or a hdmi adapter that doesn’t look like complete shit.
  11. Amazing how affronted some people act with this stuff. It’s £3 a month. Don’t like what’s on offer? Then don’t subscribe. It’s hardly essential.
  12. Because their home market stopped buying their consoles?
  13. Yeah would love to know how it performs as this looks perfect for handheld sofa time.
  14. Er yes sorry, what I actually meant to say was it sux and has no games.
  15. I know you’re currently in the phase of the moon that means you’re persuading yourself to sell your PS5 and buy an Xbox, but the PS5 has had some exclusives of note, don’t be silly now.
  16. Yeah I think I know which topic it needs to go in.
  17. Not as standard, but it does run some games at 4K (like Hades) Not sure if they updated the UI to run at 4K like the Series X either.
  18. Yep agreed. Marvel’s casting is always spot-on and they’re always justified ignoring what the internet wants.
  19. I’ll be getting an Xbox for this. It looks sublime.
  20. Just an example of his potential life that er…a fellow forumite engineered for himself.
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