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  1. This is true - I initially said I would only buy the first battlepass and that’s it, but since then I’ve probably spent over £100 on store items for myself or my son. I don’t begrudge it though, I have easily spent more time playing Fortnite than any other game and been enjoying myself doing it. And if the basic game wasn’t bloody good fun (and I’m not big on online games as a rule) I wouldn’t bother.
  2. I like the Fortnite battlepass to be honest - crucially it gives you enough V-bucks as battlepass unlocks to buy the next season so if you don’t spend on anything else the next seasons are ‘free’ after buying the first one. As well as all the cosmetic unlocks (some of which are good fun, I love my hench pink unicorn dude) it unlocks loads of quests to do that the FTP game doesn’t get so it makes the game feel a bit more directed. Sure, you can play the game without the battlepass but you really just have to play for the wins then. You get a big chunk of XP for doing 3 quite short daily missions so yes, it does gently encourage you to log in every day, but they are usually over quite quickly. XP quests are often shared too so if you’re playing in a party then everyone gets the XP if one completes the mission. Would the game be better without the battle pass? Possibly but I genuinely think that Epic have found a very friendly approach to it. They’ve kept me playing pretty much daily for over a year now and usually enjoying myself. And I’ve been levelling 2 battlepasses as my son wants the unlocks in his account too without making the effort
  3. Herd Culling is the standout for me so far. The various advance tracks never really grabbed me but the whole album is quite compelling. And as a bass player myself I’m really liking how the songs are largely grounded in the basslines (and apparently written that way). The bass is recorded really nicely as well, which often gets a bit overlooked. I have the vinyl here, looking forward to a listen later.
  4. I was just thinking the other day, why does nobody talk about FSOL in this thread? They’re my favourite electronica band by some way. Oh, here you all are
  5. We were talking about this: we were lucky as one of our group’s in-laws live in Bodmin so we stayed with them, it’s great if you can make a weekend of it - which we needed to coming from Oxford and Reading. If we had waited and got Brixton tickets instead that would have arguably been easier for travel and so on but it would have been ‘just another’ NIN gig and not this which really felt like something a bit special. I'm still coming down a bit.
  6. @neoELITE Yes, we got there at about 11am so looked around the biomes, the rainforest one is amazing. It was great to get there early and really take it all in. Brilliant day.
  7. I saw them last night and it was such a great show. I was surprised at how small the venue was, it made for a really nice intimate show. Their stage setup felt a bit more rock band rather than industrial juggernaut. All in all it felt like a special show from them. The set was a bit odd, quite heavy on With Teeth stuff, but they played Happiness In Slavery! I’d given up on seeing that one live again. No Closer, but they dropped Wish second in the set which was unexpected and a bit painful as I was quite close to the front. It pissed down with rain from about 2pm so by the time NIN came on we were all soaked and past caring. Trent said ‘welcome to summer in Cornwall’ which got a grin from Atticus Ross. Then later a rainbow came out and he said there had been two firsts that night: ‘a fucking rainbow and me fucking something up onstage’ (he’d bungled a piano part earlier). The whole day felt nice and relaxed and everyone seemed in a good mood, even my mate Grumpy Steve. Got chatting to quite a few people including a girl in the bar queue: Her: ’When did you first see them live?’ Me: ‘1994, Self-Destruct tour.’ Her: ‘I was one year old then!’ Me: *unpacks zimmer frame* Brilliant day, despite the rain.
  8. I’m quite enjoying this but the pacing is a bit off I think. Ewan is bossing it though.
  9. I’ve gone all-in on consoles this generation, for the first time. Last gen I only had a PS4 and didn’t really play it much due to small family. This gen I’ve had a bit more disposable income so I have managed to get hold of a PS5, Series X and Switch, plus a Series S on my WFH monitor. Way more than I actually need, especially as they are all largely just used to play Fortnite on. Apart from that, the PS5 is mostly being used to catch up on back-compat titles, the Xbox is Game Pass and Lego Star Wars. I’m hoping for some more Xbox exclusives soon, the X always seems like its power isn’t being fully used. I will probably get any multi-format game on Xbox though and keep the PS5 for exclusives. I certainly don’t plan on selling any of them, although we might upgrade the Switch for an OLED at some point. I haven’t had a gaming PC since the Pentium II days, the Steam Deck does look quite tempting though.
  10. I let my 6-year old son loose in the design lab for his birthday, here’s what he came out with. Surprisingly restrained, I thought. ps left stick is filthy already! Mucky crisp paws.
  11. Tell you what, setting up a Series S with an X already in the house is painless bordering on supernatural. Put in a code on the Xbox app, secret network magic happens as the devices talk to each other and everything gets sorted. I had to put in my Wi-Fi password and the one for my son’s Xbox account and that’s it. It even carried forward Epic and EA login info (which considering I have 2FA set up on my Fortnite account feels like it should be a bit worrying but I’m all about the convenience). MS really have done well on the hardware side this cycle.
  12. Add me to the chorus of ‘fuck me, this thing is tiny!’
  13. So it is written, so it shall be done.
  14. Isn’t the point with thicker discs that you can have deeper grooves for a louder/clearer master? Also weight might have some effect on stability of rotation speed and therefore playback sound quality i guess.
  15. lankysanchez


    I saw them in Birmingham, epic is a pretty good description. I could listen to Justin’s bass sound all day. My mate has been a fan since Lateralus but has never been able to see them live, so he was quite emotional for a lot of it. Early on in the show Maynard said something along the lines of ‘Hello Birmingham! You’re much more lively than Manchester. Fuck those guys, eh?’
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