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  1. Tell you what, setting up a Series S with an X already in the house is painless bordering on supernatural. Put in a code on the Xbox app, secret network magic happens as the devices talk to each other and everything gets sorted. I had to put in my Wi-Fi password and the one for my son’s Xbox account and that’s it. It even carried forward Epic and EA login info (which considering I have 2FA set up on my Fortnite account feels like it should be a bit worrying but I’m all about the convenience). MS really have done well on the hardware side this cycle.
  2. Add me to the chorus of ‘fuck me, this thing is tiny!’
  3. So it is written, so it shall be done.
  4. Isn’t the point with thicker discs that you can have deeper grooves for a louder/clearer master? Also weight might have some effect on stability of rotation speed and therefore playback sound quality i guess.
  5. lankysanchez


    I saw them in Birmingham, epic is a pretty good description. I could listen to Justin’s bass sound all day. My mate has been a fan since Lateralus but has never been able to see them live, so he was quite emotional for a lot of it. Early on in the show Maynard said something along the lines of ‘Hello Birmingham! You’re much more lively than Manchester. Fuck those guys, eh?’
  6. That should all be good, they’re set up right on the X anyway. I guess I’m more trying to think if I’m losing anything by chopping in the PS4 and I can’t think of much. I guess it’s nice to have a machine to try and attack my PS+ pile of shame on, but that’s about it really.
  7. I’m very tempted to trade in my old PS4 for a Series S in that Game deal. My PS4 is currently hooked up to my work (4K) monitor as a Fortnite/last gen machine. I have a PS5 and a Series X with Game Pass ultimate, so is it a bit of a no-brainer? Edit: I can see myself buying a white controller at some point anyway and the PS4 is starting to sound like a helicopter. I should do it, shouldn’t I?
  8. This has been my solution. Or remote play to an iPad or whatever.
  9. Personally, having rinsed Lego Batman 3 and the Lego Marvel games over the past couple of years I’m finding the story missions very underwhelming. The collectathon and just general mucking about in coop is where it’s at though.
  10. On PS5 it’s capture button -> capture settings -> include voice audio capture or something like that. I’ve given up on the Lantern quests, life’s too short.
  11. I had a solo win like this the other day, I thought there were about 5 players still in it, then a Foundation comes wandering over the hill taking pot shots at me. I wasn’t expecting the VR banner to pop up at that point!
  12. Just had an epic win! Duos game with my son, he got downed quite early and I had to leave him in the storm. Decided to run and gun it from then on and see how far I got. Much abuse of the tactical sprint. Towards the end I picked up a purple drum shotgun which just chewed through other players. Ended up with about 8 eliminations and I picked up a crown near the end too. Last fight was 2 on 1 as well. My son was spectating and said at the end that I was ‘well sweaty’ which I believe is a compliment
  13. My son & I 100%ed Batman: Beyond Gotham and Lego Avengers over the past year or so, game time around 100 hours each. This will probably take longer by the looks of it, but should be loads of fun pottering round doing stuff and inflicting the occasional sneaky Force choke. We just need to figure out what is going on in all those menus!
  14. Bloody hell, I go on holiday for a week and he sneaks a new LP out! Thanks, ordered
  15. Was just stuck on Hoth or Cold as my character was up a signal tower and could only climb up or down two rungs. Son had to snipe me from across the map to kill me and luckily I respawned somewhere sensible.
  16. lankysanchez


    I’m going to Birmingham, it’ll be the 4th time I’ve seen them - Ozzfest (?) at Milton Keynes in 2001, then Wembley and Brixton on the 10,000 Days tour. Epic each time, although probably fair to say the Ozzfest crowd didn’t really know what to make of them.
  17. In about an hour's co-op play this morning we had one full crash of the Xbox, one hang on loading a new area, one error loading save and one instance where the camera stayed fixed on a lift even though the action (and our characters) were off to the left somewhere. Having said that, the pod race is quite good fun, which I definitely wasn't expecting.
  18. @Garwoofoo Can you adjust settings for the split screen to a dynamic split like in the earlier Lego games? That wasn’t frustration-free either but might help with about 10% of your (valid) concerns. Re inverting: on Xbox I definitely had to set it on a per-player basis so I’m pretty sure you can have one player inverted and the other not on that console anyway. My son constantly wants to swap controllers if the game assigns me the story character he wants to play though so I just set everything to inverted pretty quickly. He’s not bothered either way but I’m training him with inverted as is good and proper.
  19. For a game ostensibly aimed at kids (and ageing geeks like me) there is a lot of very obtuse UI stuff in here! It just took us a couple of minutes to figure out how to get from a story mission to a different hub area We had spotted that menu thing, but even though we had slotted characters in the second bit we were limited to our 2 characters- L-R switching didn’t do anything and we had to dig into the menus. Hopefully we will get the hang of it soon as one of my son’s mates is coming round during the Easter holiday and they will want to play this a lot!
  20. That seems to work in levels but not hub/free play areas? That seemed the way yesterday evening, we were forever digging into menus to change characters while playing in the Jundland Wastes in free play, it was very fiddly and was really getting in the way of the fun.
  21. It looks like Achievements only unlock for the ‘main’ logged in account as well - when we played through the Batman and Marvel games on PS all the logged in accounts would get the trophy if one was unlocked. So for example the achievement for completing A New Hope only unlocked for him although we played through it together. Just fired it up in Remote play and it insisted on playing in split screen although it was only my son playing. The character select screens are really fussy too. this one is probably me being too used to how earlier games did it though - tap Y and choose from big list of characters. This splits them out into sub-menus of different classes by pressing down on the D pad and we haven’t figured out a quicker way (if there is one) yet. The menus generally are quite bewildering.
  22. This definitely needs a patch or two. Playing on Series X and there is a lot of stuttering, two crashes and loads of issues with coop play - failing to go back into split screen after a cutscene, booting one of the players and also not saving progress so we just had to replay most of A New Hope again. The building can be unnecessary fussy and the character’s head will often obscure the whole screen when aiming with a blaster. That said, it’s great fun, obviously made with real love for the films and there is an almost intimidating amount of stuff to do.
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