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  1. My Half-Life 2 save currently stands at 999 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. I think it's a glitch, cos even I'm not rubbish enough to take that long on my first run through.... Otherwise, Morrowind on Xbox. No idea exactly how many hours, but must be well into the hundreds.
  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again - the only game that has really done this to me this generation was Morrowind on Xbox (never played the PC version, sadly). The size, the scope, the sight of Vivec City looming out of the mist for the first time whilst the main theme plays, the first sunrise looking out over the sea.... Genuinely gave me goosebumps, several times. EDIT: o/\o @ Wickedkitten.
  3. One of my mates does an acoustic folky cover of the Ace of Spades by Motorhead. It works really, stunningly, well.
  4. Nope. I was having visions of a side-scrolling platform shooter. More like Commodore 64, even...
  5. After reading this thread yesterday, I was inspired to go back and pick this game off the 'must go back to it one day' pile. I had progressed as far as the Amorbis boss, but I was not quite good enough to beat it (yes, I am cack). I'm still stuck on Prime's Omega Pirate, too... Yesterday, after a bit of control wrongness (i.e. I kept trying to circle-strafe, but instead wondering why i kept switching beams), I clocked Amorbis on my second try. Yay me! Now to get my brain back into Metroid mode and explore. And I have 2 free evenings to do so
  6. Evey game needs those. I was disappointed you couldn't play the lutes occasionally found about the place in Morrowind.
  7. I picked this up cheap recently too, and was really enjoying it. I've put it to one side for now as I'm working my way through Doom3 - that has shadows AND t3h shooting...
  8. lankysanchez

    Moto Gp 3

    And the Nurburgring...
  9. On the same level, just after a battle, one of the Elites said "That Was glorious! And good exercise." B)
  10. I was playing Outskirts, in the courtyard bit at the beginning. The two Hunters come in. I run up to a Marine and grab his sniper rifle. "Oh, so now you want MY gun?!" Carrying on, I snipe one Hunter. I look round to find the other, only to find the Marine going toe-to-toe with it. Using the battle rifle I gave him. Just as I'm trying to line up a sniper shot, over goes the Hunter. <- my reaction. Then the Marine, whilst shooting the corpse, said "It's not that I want to kill you, you're just to ugly to live." I think I found the Marine that's actually harder than the Master Chief.
  11. I have a Linksys wired & wireless modem router, which talks quite happily to the Linksys WET11 bridge plugged in to the Xbox. The Xbox itself swears that it's not connected to a wireless network though. It all took about an hour to set up and is working perfectly so far. Get a wireless bridge from the same range as your modem/router, to ensure compatability, although check on xbox.com first as some hardware is known not to work.
  12. The suit was filed in Texas? Against Activision? Well, this one's easily solved. Get Carmack and the rest of the id boys to 'settle' it with a few rounds of Arena. That'll show 'em.
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