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  1. I have PS5 and a Series X but haven’t had them for long or played anything next-gen on either yet, they are basically used for catching up on last gen stuff plus Roblox/Minecradt etc for my son. I really don’t know how they managed to make the X so small and quiet though. It sits there like a little stealth black box of doom. The PS5 is comparatively loud even just playing PS4 games. I suspect I’ll be using the Xbox as the multi format machine and then looking at whatever exclusives are on the Ps5 - and at this point the latter has far more next gen games!
  2. them’s the rules, I don’t make them
  3. Good call - all the updates only took about 10mins (300mbps fibre yay) but I thought I’d better put all his Lego games on there as well and that took an hour or so to get done. Safely back in the box now. To be fair, he was quite patient when helping me set up the Series X and Switch recently…
  4. Mine arrived this morning! Staying in the box until my son gets home from school later though.
  5. I also followed @UKPS5Notify and @PS5Instant, but it doesn’t look they notified about AO this morning either to be fair.
  6. Looks like Game & Argos expecting big drops soon and Smyths might not have put all their allocation up yet either. And I think the scalpers might be giving up a bit.
  7. I got my Series X from them and no issues. I managed to bag a PS5 from Smyths this morning too. Wasn’t expecting a drop just yet but had my phone in hand when various Twitter bot notifications came up and luckily my order for delivery went straight through. I wasn’t expecting that after several months of trying!
  8. I have a 2 week Game Pass code from my 2nd controller that I can’t use, do either of the people in this thread with a Series who don’t have GP want it?
  9. Accelerator reissue and a We Have Explosive 12” (I guess a remixes/reinterpretations thing like last years Cascade) for Record Store Day too.
  10. I’ll keep trying to get one, but at the moment my Series X is doing everything I need and then some. PS5 will be compulsory once PSVR2 appears I guess. Do Sony win in this situation? Yes, demand is high which gives headlines, but this endless drip-feed of stock in the absence of any pre-order waiting list system just makes consumers annoyed. And in the meantime Microsoft will be hoovering up all my next-gen spending and getting me more invested in their ecosystem.
  11. Possibly dumb question: I played Skyrim on 360 back in the day, I’d quite like to carry on my existing save on Series X rather than restarting, is this possible? I can’t remember if 360 did cloud saves or if they can transfer. My 360 is up in the loft so I can dig it out and hook it up if needed. Edit: it looks like this can be done: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.engadget.com/amp/xbox-360-free-cloud-transfers-xbox-series-x-series-s-162539454.html A project for the weekend then!
  12. Just started this on Series X and quite enjoying it - still in the first level though. It runs beautifully and with the pace needed for the combat I can’t see how it can play properly on 30fps machines. The combat flow seems to be really enjoyable, I haven’t enjoyed a hectic shooter like this since Serious Sam 2. My main issue with this game is how juvenile it is though. I think I’d rather my wife catch me wanking than her walk in the room and see a glory kill animation
  13. I can hear those riffs in Return Trip all the way up here in Oxfordshire...
  14. That’s similar to my system - Rega P2, Q3020’s (both in white) and a Marantz amp. I never understood the wanky muso articles talking about the percussion having ‘authority’ until I heard this setup. Enjoy
  15. Off topic slightly, but I was really pleased to see that Santa on the NORAD tracker had a mask on this year
  16. Just reporting in to say that Battlefield V looks astonishing on the X. I’m still awful at it, mind.
  17. Thanks! I’ll have a look through a browser, we’ve hit the point where I have allowed Roblox, but the option to allow user-generated content needs to be enabled too but is greyed-out in the console menus and not present in the app. Main thing is that I have nuked in app purchases for him though.
  18. Stood vertically it would probably be good for warming bottles of formula for the parents of younger children among us
  19. Ps my Live tag is the same as my forum name if anyone wants to add me
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