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  1. I ordered The Cure's Entreat and Pornography, just waiting for shipping now. Could have ordered loads more. General question: like a lot of others, I'm coming back to vinyl after going towards CDs in the 90s and then digital. Wanted to get back to the physical side of music ownership a bit more, especially since with Spotify I'm buying very little digitally now. My question though is - is quality control of new record pressings just really shit these days? About 50% of the new records I've bought recently have problems - Massive Attack's Mezzanine had a giant scratch across track one, plus loads of skips later. The No Man's Sky OST was FUCKED on all 4 sides, and my copy of Metallica's Hardwired has a few skips too although I'm letting that off a bit as it was a RSD special. I don't remember records bought new in the late 80s, early 90s being this bad, have I just been unlucky?
  2. Went to Truck in Oxford after the FSOL and Blade Runner ones. Queued for about an hour, sold out of both. Picked up Massive Attack's Mezzanine on vinyl though so not too disappointed. Nice sunny day for it anyway.
  3. I'm finding this the perfect low-impact game to play on Vita remote play while baby is snoozing. Just pottering around doing a few quests, some smithing etc. Lovely. Lvl 36 now and haven't even explored all my starting faction's areas or the DLC yet. And not gone anywhere near the PvP yet.
  4. So's mine, usually. This game's worth making an exception for though
  5. I went on foot with that tanks bit in the end and took them out with a guided anti-tank rocket of some sort. Anyone who buys this and plays the SP and never touches the MP is demented. Fact. It's the only online shooter ever to get properly under my skin, it's superb. With the different classes, and loadouts and attachments and vehicles and etc etc etc you can pretty much pick your own style of play. And with the maps being so large, every round plays out very differently. And £12 for the all-DLC version is a steal. That's LOADS of content, and some truly excellent maps. I want to go home and fire this up right now, but tiny screaming person says no. They're off staying with Nan in a few weeks though, so I'll be on then
  6. At this point, presumably his editor's job is very easy, since s/he will have given up doing anything except shouting 'JUST SEND ME THE FUCKING THING SO I CAN GET IT TO PRINT' over and over and over.
  7. I'll be up for that, subject to wife & newborn letting me near the PS4 Then Hexx can see that players like me are still terrible after many many hours of play Definitely fiddle with aim sensitivity controls for standard and ADS view, finding a setup that works for you makes everything so much better.
  8. That's a good call - the amount of guns I've barely used because I can't hit a fucking thing with iron sights a basic RDS unlocked with the gun would be bloody useful.
  9. Yeah, there's no 'best' load out, just stuff that suits your own play style. That's part of the beauty of BF4. Good stuff for starters are the AK5C carbine (early Engineer unlock) and the large medic and ammo bags for the Assault and Support classes. After that it's your preference for scopes and so on for your favourite guns, which are unlocked fairly quickly though getting kills with that gun or through Battlepacks.
  10. This is the point for me - I'm not fussed about 4K, but if the new machine turns out to be needed or significantly better for PSVR, I might as well cancel my preorder as I won't be affording a new machine this year as well. Concerned too about how a new machine would affect games such as BF4 where it helps for everyone to have the same hardware. Then the only differentiator is skill and connection. But suddenly if some players have higher resolution and faster framerate... I'm hoping this new machine is just to get 4K movies into homes rather than for gaming, if so I can happily just ignore it.
  11. I'd be up for a forum game
  12. This thread is like trying to teach a dog calculus, with the added vague suspicion that the dog is taking the piss.
  13. I've put PSVR, because if it comes out at a sensible price, I'll have to have it to try No Man's Sky and Rez on it. But my wife's having a baby in a few weeks' time so my gaming time will be even more limited and I can't see me sitting in the corner with a headset on for hours and hours going down well at all. And I don't think VR is going to replace the TV as the main gaming display, but I'm really interested to see what it brings in terms of new immersive experiences.
  14. I tried listening to the Milo episode of the Joe Rogan podcast the other day, I didn't even make 15 minutes before having to switch it off. What a thoroughly unpleasant person. I hope Rogan started to push him harder on his views later in the show, but I just couldn't bear to keep listening to find out.
  15. My only sliver of hope in all this is that I think he's known for a while where it's all ending up - I think he's given the show-runners a summary - and that he's written ahead and has most of the last book done because it's more interesting to write that. He's only struggling with this one because there are so many strands to start bringing together that he's either daunted or bored. And he probably can't resist going off on new tangents as he writes. If my forlorn hope is right though, the last book might be done and out relatively soon after Winter. I'm too optimistic, I wouldn't last 10 minutes in Westeros
  16. Saw it on Sunday and I really bloody enjoyed it. A lot of my criticisms are set out in K's post (and by others) but it had pace, humour, character and eye-candy to spare so I'm happy to set aside the odd logic issue and feeling that it's just an excellent remix of ANH. I'll spoiler this bit although I know stuff is out in the open now: Loved the way Kylo Ren's lightsaber echoed his half-finished training and his almost out of control mental state. Even before we saw the movie, we were thinking Finn as the name for our little boy that's on the way. Might be more popular in the next year or so now! All this talk in the last few pages about the Prequels reminded me of when TPM came out and I dragged my then-girlfriend to see it twice on the opening day. The poor poor thing. Dumped me not long after, unsurprisingly.
  17. I'm in. Was going to get the VR anyway, but this is a no-brainer. It's going to be lovely.
  18. We haven't done a rllmuk game in a while, we should get on that
  19. Ethics! Presumably, somewhere, a woman is getting blamed for this?
  20. Like the new community map - all the undergrowth really makes visibility a factor, I might try IR sights to see if they help seeing through all the undergrowth. The Temple capture point seems to be a focus for battles - lots of tunnels, trenches, sniping points and the access road for tanks meant it got a bit hectic. Lots of destructible buildings at the ghost village, it looked like a nuke had fallen by the end of the round
  21. I really enjoyed the games last night (with added Bonus Sweary Kerrraig ) but it's definitely lacking the depth of BF4 which I did kind of want from it too. No bullet drop and generous overheat does make it very accessible though.
  22. I was watching a Twitch stream last night and the guy playing was pretty much exclusively in 1st person and aiming down sights a lot, so a BF4-ish play style seems possible. That's certainly how I'm going to play it, although there may be a disadvantage if everyone else is in 3rd person. I keep wavering on this - I basically just want BF4 with a Star Wars skin. Hoping to get some time on the beta tonight, probably my only chance as I'll be away all weekend.
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