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  1. So, if you’ll pardon the expression, who do we think is
  2. It’s Nintendo, the adjustment to egg frequency probably means they’re now more common.
  3. Such a good morning on Calypso... Put up a lighthouse on a spit of land on the west coast - hopefully help Gulliver and his crew to stay safe out there. Then bought a tonne of turnips on the cheap from the missus’ island. She’s local play only I’m afraid. Then I cleared away some trees and built a lovely wind turbine and solar panel farm on my highest bit of land, with an incline going up to it, and a nice enclosing fence. And finally I used a QR pattern creator and the nooklink app for the first time to create a custom design from a photo of my lovely Sheltie Harry, and now I’m wearing his cheeky chops as a tee-shirt. Best. Game. Ever.
  4. Great idea for a thread. Need to get those ace @Melon_Bread designs in here too. I’m rocking his space invader shirt at the moment.
  5. I’m not crafting shit with these fucking eggs. It’s all garish shite. Just gonna shove the lot in my wheelie bin. I hope to fuck all those recipes fuck off from my crafting menu on the 13th.
  6. Just watched Ep 1. Superb. Lovely tale, beautifully played, nice effects and otherworldly design, subtly done for the most part, and that soundtrack (Philip Glass amazingly) was utterly wonderful. If the rest is this good, I can’t bloody wait (not bingeing it though), and I hope it drives many more people to Simon’s visionary work. Only gripe (spoilers):
  7. Is there a way to place inclines so they are along a cliff face (parallel to it) rather than just stuck out at 90 degrees taking up precious space? I’m trying but it just doesn’t seem to want to know, despite me being sure I’ve seen it somewhere.
  8. The accent is his own superpower, and his delivery of it at least explains why he’s called the Butcher.
  9. Yes, forgot this was on today! Right, that’s tonight’s pizza and wine accompaniment sorted.
  10. Let’s just change the thread title to “Better Visit IMDB!”
  11. @Nate Dogg III I’ve been an Edge reader and subber for an age, and the mag has been at its very best under your stewardship (well, aside from the Destiny overload). Very best of luck with your future endeavours.
  12. I hope both are delayed for a year. The current consoles (plus Switch) are more than capable of keeping everyone entertained for at least another 18 months.
  13. Never time skipped before, but can I set my Switch clock to April 13th and have this fucking egg bollocks over with, then roll it back to the right day two weeks later? I mean, I won’t, but nice to know that I could.
  14. Visited my missus’ island and did a spot of wildlife gathering while she was planting flowers. Got a She’s never seen any of them before and was livid. I fucked off to the dodos sharpish. I made it up to her by dropping the utterly lovely Which I had just got from Saharah. It looks amazing in her living room - regretted my peace offering instantly, probably could have got away with a bag of pansy seeds or some such.
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