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  1. Thought that was very tedious. All the boat stuff was dull. The only good scene in it was with Carl Lumbly. And re. that toy spoiler for next week, can I be the first to coin him:
  2. I doubt it spoils plot elements, but I think it does give you access to weapons and stances that you mightn’t have yet. I’m leaving it until I finish the campaign.
  3. FUCK ME Major end of Act 2 spoiler: Edit: So, a little further on (early Act 3 spoilers)
  4. I know. I’ll likely need to nerf those bits too. If it gets too easy, I’ll just un-nerf it a bit. But as I lack the reaction times to progress any other way, and there’s no multiplayer, for me it’s the only solution. By the way, I assume we can all agree that me seeing the rest of the game in this way is absolutely fine and does not in any way affect anyone else’s enjoyment of the game one iota? And thus the argument around difficulty options in From games was finally settled. Good job everyone.
  5. The Earth stuff looks nice, but flying a hang glider through alien environments just looks daft to me.
  6. I also parked it by Genichiro. If I ever go back to it it will be when it’s dirt cheap in a Steam sale so I can nerf the fucker with mods first.
  7. Been watching the Snyder cut on Sky. Took me five separate sittings to get through all 232 minutes of it. It has a few nice moments, but it’s mostly pap, and worse than even the worst of the 23 MCU films. Not sure what all the hoohaa was about getting this version made.
  8. I’ve put 20 hours into the final EA build of this and can reassure you it’s superb, and comfortably recaptures all of the wonder and terror of the original.
  9. I honestly don’t think it looks much better. Just brighter and different.
  10. jonamok

    Disco Elysium

    Are the dodgy controller inputs fixed?
  11. If you can I would, as at 4K60 on PS5 it’s the best looking game world I’ve ever seen, and the combat is super smooth.
  12. Glad that screen zoom is included in the PS5 OS update. That should let me play Disco Elysium from my couch. Once they patch out the other bugs of course.
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