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  1. Avatar Yes, I know, it’s Ferngulley. And yes it’s tropes are somewhat questionable, but it’s still a ridiculously good looking, technically astounding spectacle some 13 years on. I still enjoy what it has to offer. Damn shame he’s wasting a decade or more of his directing life on four more of them though. 3.5/5
  2. Oh, yes. Clearly Mando made a deep impression on me.
  3. Presume we’re gonna get one last dream flashback were he gets his armour back from some jawas. Except he won’t disintegrate them the way he should, he’ll shout a bit, then apologise, saying he’s only angry because he’s “short on time”. Then he’ll apologise again for the inadvertent heightism, and buy them all dinner. Edit: Doh. Oh well, no more flashbacks. Lots more time for the Vespas!
  4. Another annoying 4/6. Streak of 26 though. And y’all should select Hard mode
  5. I’d honestly suggest neither. Instead, just find a mirror and take a long, hard look at yourself.
  6. Hollowseeker with serrated blades (for DoT) and a portal gun (for carrying on the fight while you hide) tops it.
  7. Good to see they’ve at least put some effort in.
  8. “We expect that the playground bully who just took our lunch money will abide by the social contract and return it to us before lunchtime.”
  9. But in Ep 4 he actually says to Shand: “they left me on the sand to die, like you”. So he knows somebody left him there in the same state as his Tusken chums found him in, i.e. sans armour. Therefore he must assume he climbed out without it, which makes even less sense. I’m still going to go with shit writing.
  10. Must have missed that bit. I only remember the truly excellent exposition sequence showing the planet exploding.
  11. It’s their new ‘hero lighting’ tech, and it’s really over the top in that trailer. Makes it look like the characters are superimposed. They really need to dial it down.
  12. I’m also not really sure why Celestial Such a fucking shit film.
  13. Not feeling that at all... would be a significant understatement.
  14. Hellbound Loved it. Didn’t even mind the ropey CGI monsters. Intriguing world building and great writing. 5/5
  15. That was much better than last week’s farce. Few things: I loved the use of the droid from Star Tours (which I rode in LA in 1992) as the croupier droid. Thought it was him the other week, forgot to mention it. I also got a Michael Dorn vibe from Krrsantan’s eyes. But, why does Boba think his armour
  16. It's never bothered me before, but the 'hero lighting' was turned up to 11 in that and was proper distracting. Hope it can be adjusted.
  17. Nice. I think that’s the highest forum streak so far.
  18. On which note, share your streaks people. Currently on 23. Anyone on a 30+ unbeaten run?
  19. Re. Bobby’s exit: when will a deal of this size close? Read it could be a year or more. Think Bobby’s here for a while yet.
  20. Can I just contribute a ‘Holy Fucking Shitcakes’ to the debate.
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