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  1. Just completed The Pedestrian. The game it reminds me of most is probably The Witness. Short 2d puzzle game about a stickman with a cool meta later to it. It's brilliant and should have way more love on rllmuk than it has currently. Perfect post-Elden Ring fare for me. Check out The Pedestrian on Xbox Game Pass! https://www.microsoft.com/store/productId/9NTX07HR22TG Thread here:
  2. King Arthur and the Knights of Justice https://youtu.be/USUucZVnno0 Lyrics in case you want to sing along:
  3. Yeah, it's the best thing since at least Chet and John's Ephemeral Gaming Spongebath. I can't afford to increase my outgoings this month but having all of that to binge over Christmas as a small treat to myself sounds glorious.
  4. It going subscription based presumably means we will get a show every week, rather than school term time only, which feels a bit odd now their kids aren't at school.
  5. I 100% agree with Jeff's opinions on Psychonauts 2 but he's being such a pissbaby about it I want it to win. Other than Jeff G they are being brilliantly positive about the games. Would love a version of this without him on it. Jan's defence of Guardians of the Galaxy was genuinely amazing. If anyone has the premium feed I wouldn't recommend listening to the whole thing but skip to around 1:40 on day 3. It was incredibly heartwarming and honest.
  6. The budding romance between James Farley and Jägermeister across GOTY and last night's stream is a rare thing of beauty in this world. I've added some to the shopping list and checked if I have an appropriate coffee cup.
  7. What is it that he does? I couldn't work it out.
  8. Am I allowed to vote for the Official Game of the Year 2021 'The Forgotten City' in the A category or does it have to move to B? It was originally a Skyrim mod so it vanishes in some black hole in the middle of the A/B rules.
  9. Game of the Year A1. The Forgotten City A2. Guardians of the Galaxy A3. Death's Door A4. Hitman 3 A5. Halo Infinite Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. Halo Infinite Z2. The Ascent Z3. Twelve Minutes Sound Design of the Year S1. Forza Horizon 5 S2. The Ascent S3. Halo Infinite Visual Design of the Year V1. The Ascent V2. The Artful Escape V3. Unpacking Writing of the Year W1. The Forgotten City W2. Psychonauts 2 W3. Unpacking Format of the Year F1. Xbox Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Annapurna Interactive
  10. Sexy Christmas is becoming an annual tradition in our house. Not actual sexy Christmas. The mother in law is here. It would be deeply uncomfortable.
  11. Brilliant telly. There's hammy shit in there, for sure but it works with the really dark stuff. It did depress the shit out of me that the main twist in episode 2 Is the kind of thing that happens in this country Every. Fucking. Day.
  12. Do we know if this remastered version will work on single core CPUs?
  13. Been absolutely loving Atomicrops. It was kicking my ass and feeling really messy for quite a while but I wanted to get at least one achievement from it. It's really clicked now and the ramp up in the progress you make and damage etc is huge and really satisfying. It gets a lot easier once you unlock the second character for getting past summer as the gun doesn't usually break at the end of the day with them.
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