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  1. Yes. If you really want to make it as cheap as possible you can also buy MS credit from CDKeys and get a slight discount on the cash element.
  2. Thinks best: Sonic 2 (Megadrive) Is best: Sonic 1 (Master System)
  3. I'm probably in for it. It's an all time classic Euro, in my opinion, and stands up brilliantly still. It's always been crying out for a proper nice edition, although the £20 I paid for the old edition new was unbeatable value.
  4. Daily Quordle #22 quordle.com Proper skin of my teeth. Guesses 6, 7, 8 and 9.
  5. I watched Threads for the first time a few years ago when they did a special outdoor screening at the Park Hill amphitheatre, with night time Sheffield as the backdrop. It was great.
  6. Taj Mahal was one of the Works £10 specials a few years back. I got it then. It's a nice game.
  7. Why are the targets irrelevant? If they are in front of them they are probably going to kill them if they ignore them and turn around. Even if they know the ball carrier is behind them, they may not have realised he's immediately behind them. Generally speaking the ball carrier is a less immediate threat than an opponent in front who is shooting at you. It is often better to remove the immediate threat then target the objective carrier. Playing the gametype well isn't about solely focussing on whoever has the ball. Regardless I don't really see why people playing a gametype badly is a reason to not have the gametype in a playlist. Plenty of people play Slayer badly too. Sure it can be annoying if people don't seem to care about the objectives, but it is equally satisfying to triumph against a team of people who are better at shooting through superior teamwork and coordination. It's one of the things that makes Halo great.
  8. The standard of opponents seems a lot lower in BTB. Must be where the more casual players go. Which makes sense, I would only play 4v4 if I have teammates because it's a much, much better game, but if I'm on my own I might jump into BTB because teamwork doesn't matter as much, because no one can properly coordinate in 12v12.
  9. Genuinely no idea how you could have played Halo 5, and have thought 343 are 'trash merchants', and yet like this. Unless you didn't play the arena multiplayer of Halo 5.
  10. I'm with you one most of this but why is it surprisingly good? Halo 5 arena multiplayer was incredibly good. Easily the best Halo multiplayer ever, and certainly a contender for best multiplayer shooter ever depending on your taste. This is very similar. I'd say it would have been much more of a surprise if it wasn't really good. I'm glad people are enjoying it but it is weird how many people seem not to have been expecting to. I wonder how many people just never played 5 properly, and to what extent the negativity about the campaign just blinded people to the qualities of the multiplayer. The general anti-xbox narrative at the time presumably contributed too. Seems a very good decision to split out multi and launch it early anyway. Regardless of how the campaign turns out, it's nice to see 343 get a bit of well-deserved praise for once.
  11. I would like Trambahn and LH Inland Port.
  12. Who's that guy? Is he credible? He's certainly annoying. Awesome news if true.
  13. Anyone doubting the health risk potential should read about EPO era cyclists having to set alarms to get up in the night to check their haematocrit levels weren't going to mean their hearts literally couldn't pump the blood round their body because it was too thick.
  14. Without antidoping a lot of sports become "who is willing to risk dying/long term health the most?"
  15. Played Kanban EV again with the wife last night. It might be the best game.
  16. That's the average for all penalties or shootout penalties? I presume the average is lower in shootouts.
  17. We've moved into a new house. It's a lovely mid 18th century farmhouse on a country estate provided by my employer, but the important thing is we now have a games room, and I can actually step back far enough to take a photo of my Kallax.
  18. I reckon maybe Timmo knew it was more than four polygons but was using exaggeration to make a point.
  19. Belated thanks @Mortis @Munkienut, I inevitably caved on the last day of the campaign and pledged all in.
  20. Do I want to commit ~£200 to go all in on the Everdell KS? On the one hand it seems a ridiculous amount to pay for one game. On the other people seem to love it and I am very much tempted by all the cute animeeples. Opinions please.
  21. Kingdomino £12.29 Kingdomino Duel £6.99 EXIT: The Sunken Treasure £9.99 EXIT: Cemetery of the Knight £9.99 Unlock 8! Mythic Adventures £21.79 Tinner's Trail KS £43 Ghost Blitz mini £4.67 Ganz Schön Clever £7.68 Bunny Kingdom £31.67 £148.07
  22. Kingdomino £12.29 Kingdomino Duel £6.99 EXIT: The Sunken Treasure £9.99 EXIT: Cemetery of the Knight £9.99 Unlock 8! Mythic Adventures £21.79 Tinner's Trail KS £43 Ghost Blitz mini £4.67 Ganz Schön Clever £7.68 £116.40
  23. Kingdomino £12.29 Kingdomino Duel £6.99 EXIT: The Sunken Treasure £9.99 EXIT: Cemetery of the Knight £9.99 Unlock 8! Mythic Adventures £21.79 Tinner's Trail KS £43 Ghost Blitz mini £4.67 £108.72
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