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  1. 2 hours ago, CheekyLee said:

    This shows just how stupid it is to put Oddball into the playlists. I adore that clip, but what the hell is wrong with those 2? They KNOW you're behind them, and yet they're busy trying to shoot irrelevant targets...



    Why are the targets irrelevant? If they are in front of them they are probably going to kill them if they ignore them and turn around. Even if they know the ball carrier is behind them, they may not have realised he's immediately behind them. Generally speaking the ball carrier is a less immediate threat than an opponent in front who is shooting at you. It is often better to remove the immediate threat then target the objective carrier. Playing the gametype well isn't about solely focussing on whoever has the ball.


    Regardless I don't really see why people playing a gametype badly is a reason to not have the gametype in a playlist. Plenty of people play Slayer badly too. Sure it can be annoying if people don't seem to care about the objectives, but it is equally satisfying to triumph against a team of people who are better at shooting through superior teamwork and coordination. It's one of the things that makes Halo great.

  2. The standard of opponents seems a lot lower in BTB. Must be where the more casual players go. Which makes sense, I would only play 4v4 if I have teammates because it's a much, much better game, but if I'm on my own I might jump into BTB because teamwork doesn't matter as much, because no one can properly coordinate in 12v12.

  3. 5 hours ago, MrPogo said:

    So it is literally that we’re shit at taking penalties. 79% is bang on the average for penalties scored, over all top flight football globally. We let in exactly as many as you’d expect, but fail to score too often.

    That's the average for all penalties or shootout penalties? I presume the average is lower in shootouts.

  4. 30 minutes ago, jonamok said:

    Anyway, perhaps now the English sporting media can start properly celebrating some actual home-grown sporting success by finally giving Mark Cavendish some fucking headline coverage!

    Cavendish isn't English!

  5. Kingdomino £12.29

    Kingdomino Duel £6.99

    EXIT: The Sunken Treasure £9.99

    EXIT: Cemetery of the Knight £9.99

    Unlock 8! Mythic Adventures £21.79

    Tinner's Trail KS £43

    Ghost Blitz mini £4.67

    Ganz Schön Clever £7.68


    Bunny Kingdom £31.67



  6. Kingdomino £12.29

    Kingdomino Duel £6.99

    EXIT: The Sunken Treasure £9.99

    EXIT: Cemetery of the Knight £9.99

    Unlock 8! Mythic Adventures £21.79

    Tinner's Trail KS £43




    Kickstarters we paid for last year don't count, right? If so I should be able to keep things sensible this year, given that I have Kanban EV, The Gallerist, Fruitticola, and Venice due to arrive shortly. Plus Perseverance and Wibbel at some point. If I count them my total would look a lot scarier.


    EDIT: oh and a LOT of Railroad Ink, but also paid for last year.

  7. 1 hour ago, Nate Dogg III said:


    I don't buy it. You don't spend a generation repairing your image, bringing down walls around platforms and talking about games being available to everyone, everywhere, then turn round and go 'fuck you, we bought it'. Minecraft is everywhere, MCC and Grounded are on Steam, they publish games on Switch. They've spent the past five years portraying a certain image of themselves that I think would be enormously undermined by suddenly taking one of the most revered RPG series off other platforms by brute financial force.


    This deal is about getting Bethesda's back (and future) catalogue on Game Pass, all its IP in the Xbox filing cabinet, and an immensely talented and respected network of studios in the family. It's also just an enormous statement of intent. I honestly think Microsoft is comfortable enough in its own skin at the moment to let Elder Scrolls, Doom et al go on whatever platform because they get paid either way — and really, there's no finer advertisement for Game Pass than a PS5 copy of Skyrim with a £75 price sticker on it.


    I dunno. I'm not betting a bollock on it (though I've got two kids and that's at least one too much, so I've nothing really to lose) and I can see it going either way, really. But it would seem a bit off, given what they've spent the Spencer era doing, to suddenly start throwing up walls again. Especially when they're going to win the generation at a canter.


    EDIT: Also, if the idea was for these things to be exclusive once existing agreements are met, you'd expect Spencer to come out and say it, what with preorders going live tomorrow and all.


    So why aren't all first party MS games released on PlayStation?

  8. 5 minutes ago, moosegrinder said:


    I'd put diamonds on it being the predominant factor on anything Microsoft do these days. It takes in their could streaming service, their online service, the game library, everything.

    No doubt, but the discussion was why MS would spend $7.5bn and not make their games exclusive, and you suggested to get them on Gamepass. Clearly they want their stuff on Gamepass, but presumably that could have been achieved by using a pile of money that is big but not as big as $7.5bn. Basically I am agreeing that buying ZeniMax outright suggests their games will not be on PlayStations in the future.

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