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  1. 1 hour ago, Wahwah* said:

    There was a radio programme about this on Radio4 yesterday, afterwards  my girlfriend  announced that she would like to play it even going as far as looking up the price. As a result, I bought it, downloaded it, created a profile for her on the console and surprised her with it last night.  She likes it, and I thought I'd  have a go just now.


    I can't believe Nintendo are trying to force sales of extra consoles by limiting each console to one island. I'm  sure this is old news and as such everyone's  over it, but honestly, what a shitty move.  



    ...or have I missed something? 

    You haven't missed something but it's quite nice playing on the same island together. It's kind of in keeping with the point of the game. You can leave gifts and notes and surprises for each other.


    It is shit that you aren't given the choice though. But anecdotally people annoyed by this have indeed bought extra consoles and copies of the game. Probably more people than have refused to buy it at all in protest. So I guess they're vindicated.

  2. Last time I played Secret Hitler I noticed the back of one of my tiles was damaged. I'd only played my copy a few times, as I'd played it a lot at my old gaming group but bought my own to introduce it to other people, and I didn't think I'd damaged it. Anyway, being able to identify a tile from the back would potentially ruin games.


    I tried to forget which tile it was but couldn't, so I emailed the makers the other day to ask for a replacement tile. They replied to say they were unable to do this so they've just sent out a complete second copy, free of charge instead. Amazing customer service.


    It's my favourite social deduction game. People should definitely try it if they haven't and social deduction doesn't automatically turn them off. Some of my best gaming memories involve successfully hoodwinking people into electing Hitler. Obviously you wouldn't be able to play it for a while, but you know, when you can.

  3. On 12/05/2020 at 17:40, Orion said:

    I was going to moan "just 1 and 2 so no revert". Then the first thing you see in the trailer is a revert lol. I'm in and hoping for THPS3 maps as dlc.

    Whereas I was thinking "oh good, just 1 and 2 so no revert". Doesn't the fact that it's in the trailer suggest they've fucked with the gameplay in a really significant way? I know some strange people liked the revert but it totally changed the game and the first two games weren't even designed to have it in. Aren't people worried about that?

  4. 2 minutes ago, jonnyalpha said:

    I have CO2 Second Chance but haven't attempted it yet. Lacerda games have a scary reputation for rules and we've not played one before. Having said that we've coped with Agra and it can't be much harder than that. 

    The rules are a bit of a nightmare for the semi coop mode, because the rulebook is presented as explaining the coop, then a section at the end for the differences if you play it competitively. This makes for a lot of flicking between sections and cross referencing unless you are pretty familiar with the game. It's not that bad really though.


    I'm really looking forward to the new edition of Kanban. I added The Gallerist too. At the time it seemed recklessly expensive to get both, but given the amount of boardgames we've played in lockdown/furlough, and the lack of other stuff to spend money on, it now seems eminently sensible. Provided we keep our jobs...

  5. 15 hours ago, Mortis said:

    CO2 Second Chance


     I picked this up just before lockdown to try and entice one of my friends who prefers co-ops to play a Vital Lacerda game :)  as luck may have it though it’s got a really decent solo mode. 
     The premise is simple - the world is in crisis because of global warming and the players have to work together to develop green energy and meet UN goals by the end of 4 decades - keep the CO2 levels low enough and don’t run out of points (you sacrifice these for not fulfilling goals and to bring the CO2 levels down) and you win. 
     It’s got a ton of bits and looks overwhelming but after watching a decent rules vid it turns out it’s like most of the other Lacerda games I’ve played - a handful of actions you can take but every one needs to be well thought out and planning is essential. 
     One that will hit the solo table a fair bit till I can game in a group again. 
     It also looks great - even though in the picture we failed with CO2 levels becoming too high in the 2020’s. 




    Funnily enough I played this (competitive/semi coop mode, which is more similar to the original edition) with my wife yesterday. Twice we hit the 500 ppm threshold above which we would both lose, but we just about survived. I won by a decent but not huge margin. I think next time we might either try the pure coop mode, or try a designer suggested variant which removes some of the coal power plants. As it is, it's very hard to not lose, and requires a lot of coop, which detracts a bit from the competition. Thematically it makes sense that you'd lose most games, but I'm not sure that such a result makes for the most satisfying gameplay. 


    Not my favourite Lacerda, but it's a very interesting design. There's a few niggly issues with the second edition which there really shouldn't be, but it does looks lovely, and is definitely an improvement on the first version. The interlocking project tiles/infrastructure markers/power plants are great and help to bring the theme out, and for the three stage building process to make more sense than it did before.


  6. When your have a workbench in your house, is there a way to craft stuff straight from your storage, or do you really have to get everything out and into your pockets first? It seems ridiculous, but I wonder if I'm missing something given how wardrobes work.

  7. On 03/03/2020 at 20:40, therearerules said:

    The Ell deck is fantastic and Bez and Tom are super people who helped me with Forks (originally an Ell deck game). Lovely little deck of cards and deserves to fund

    Hey, I know Tom! Can confirm he is super. I've actually played this game with him, a long time ago. Just checked BG Stats to confirm. And I beat him at it. :)

  8. On 23/02/2020 at 20:56, Mortis said:

    So despite loving "heavy" games I've always been slightly intimidated by Vital Lacerda titles - something I have now rectified after a mate picked up Kanban recently.

     You play a worker in a car factory, picking up designs, parts, making cars, upgrading cars and having the odd meeting - sounds simple and considering you only have 1 worker and 5 locations to place it on a turn it should be a piece of cake. What follows is maybe one of the best games I've ever played - the basic puzzle of taking actions at the right time to get cars into your garage with a few upgrades and make a few points is constantly frustrated by the other players and it takes clever planning to make it all come together.

     On top of the other people around the table getting in your way you also have to contend with Sandra the factory manager who constantly patrols the board and either hands out points (nice Sandra) or deducts points (mean Sandra) depending on meeting certain criteria and being 1st or last on the training level for the area you are in depending what mode you play.

      It's not often these days a game jumps into my top 5 but this has and it may climb higher over time as at every player count it has proven to be an immensely enjoyable couple of hours.


     If anyone is interested it also has a pretty wonderful online implementation at http://www.boiteajeux.net mortis316uk is my username if you want to invite me to a game :)


     Next up On Mars by the same designer and maybe Vinhos as well - if they keep up the quality I can see a new shelf in my collection expanding over time.

    Lacerda is my favourite designer. I think I've played all his games, apart from Escape Plan, and I own CO2 Second Chance and Lisboa. I backed the Kickstarter that's just finished for the deluxified Kanban. It's a great game but pretty ugly in the old edition. New one looks lovely. Not cheap though.


    All his games share a density that comes from very tightly integrated mechanisms rather than the way a lot of more complex games go, of having loads of stuff or being really long. Lacerda games don't outstay their welcome, and each decision is really meaningful. He also manages to tie the theme into the gameplay far better than most euro game designers. He's a genius.


    I persuaded my wife to play Lisboa the other week and she said she hated it, but she liked it when we played it again a week later. There is an obstacle to overcome to learn his stuff I think because they aren't like other games, but once you know them the playing time is quite reasonable. 

  9. On 10/09/2019 at 17:07, shirubagan said:


    I think we go Best friends in a seven days (kerumba) – let's keep an eye out and coordinate eggs :)


    Also is Malevolent Panda still posting here? I'm guessing it's them... pogo name is Meurig Panda. We've gone lucky and I need to try and concoct a Lucky Trade plan.

    Just seen this, sorry! How can I help?

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