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  1. Take out the lunge, so you actually have to run right next to someone before the reticule turns red - job done, balance restored.
  2. I couldn't believe how full of glitches/bugs this was, one the most glitchy console releases ever, surely? Does the sequel have the same issues? I loved it too, but none of the bugs I suffered were fatal to my game saves, thankfully.
  3. My little brother got a ds for xmas, so I spent yesterday trying out the wireless multiplayer. Pictochat was better than I was expecting, as was mario 64 multiplayer. Everything would really benefit from more than two players though. I have now vowed to try to convince anyone I know to by one. It worries me that they will never be ubiquitous enough to make the most of the multiplayer potential.
  4. Mince pies are best consumed with cheese.
  5. Is this the same as the Devonshire Cat, or somewhere different? If it's somewhere different, then the Devonshire Cat do several fruity beers, which are lovely, and where is the Fat Cat? If it's the same, then you already know, obviously...
  6. My favourite Master System games that haven't been mentioned are all ports. If that doesn't matter, then Speedball 2, Rampart, Bubble Bobble and R Type are all great, although I've never tried to play them on the gba. The SMS port of Double Dragon is really bad, I wouldn't bother with that. Sonic 2 is good as well, don't know if you were including that. I like California Games 2, but it never caught on in my student house the way the original did.
  7. No, no no... The best chocolate bar ever was the limited edition Crunchie Explosion. Like a Crunchie, but with popping candy in it. I ate a vast number of them in the time they were on sale, and was gutted when they stopped. Although admittedly a lime kit kat sounds hideous.
  8. Ok, here's my list, thanks to Bojangle for the typing I'm missing out Luigi, because I can't be bothered with his games: Yoshi Mini-Games Wanted! - 33 Hide and Boo Seek - 4 Puzzle Panel - 3 Boom Box - 13 Toy Box Shuffle - 12 Which Wiggler? - 10 Mix-a-Mug - 7 Puzzle Panic - 8 Mario Mini-Games Mario's Slides - 13 Bounce and Pounce - 34 Sort or 'Splode - 199 Trampoline Time - 69 Shuffle Shell - 1,900 Bounce and Trounce - 104 Connect the Characters - 9 Shell Smash - 38,490 Trampoline Terror - 48,900 Wario Mini-Games Bob-omb Squad - 97,600 Snowball Slalom - 19"40 (i'm not getting this one at all) Bingo Ball - 3,800 Coincentration - 24 Psyche Out! - 13 Slots Shot - 54,800 Lakitu Launch - 28 Intense Coincentration - 11 Giant Snowball Slalom - 0 (Not Played) Some of these are shit, but i will update if I get better scores. EDIT: scores updated.
  9. Is this the same bit where Clive (think it was him) was refereeing a boxing match between Des and someone else, and get's hit and knocked out? There was definately some type of weird dream-type sequence after that. I think they were fighting over Daphne.
  10. Arrgghh, fucking network problems, won't let me join you, sorry. Good luck guys, do us proud, whoever does manage to get on.
  11. I want to join the love-in, it is fantastic. The story is told with a subtlety that is rarely seen in videogames. Really liked the long walk down the path right at the start, fills you with foreboding, excellent way to start a game.
  12. I am definately trying that next time I have pie and chips, that sounds amazing.
  13. Cheers guys, really enjoyed it despite the lag. Unplayable at times, but it varied a lot. Highlight for me was cattle prodding Beertiger, then forgetting to move before his VT exploded, taking me with it. Yeah, that game went on far too long, but I felt like I was starting to find my feet by the end of it, and will definately be playing again. Jairus, if I see you on I may well join you, failing that, next tuesday.
  14. I should be able to play if you still need people. I would hope though that even the nubes would have plenty of people better than me to represent them
  15. Jairus/Monkey, will send you friends requests in a minute, as i said before i have never played loc before, only the original, so i really don't know where to start, but if you don't mind telling me what to do, I am up for playing. Where do I start? Do i need a game invite from you?
  16. I can't disagree with this, but things like them buying out criterion piss me off a lot more.
  17. It's not really, is it, I mean I quite like american football games, and I'm actually watching NFL at the moment, but I don't give a toss about the real player names etc etc. (See also FIFA and Pro Evo). It may not help the competing titles, but it doesn't have to kill the completely. It's more just a depressingly unsuprising confirmation of EAs approach to the industry. You're right though, I bet it was a shed load of money.
  18. Worked with FIFA, it's actually a surprise they haven't done this before...
  19. I have the D.J. one, and it's fantastic, the other ones I've heard have been great too. They are much nicer on vinyl. Box set CD = meh Box set vinyl = loveliness Much more point to a box set if it's nice and big.
  20. I've never played this online, as I didn't have live when I bought it, and since then I haven't played due to the set-up hassle and imtimidation at how bad I'm likely to be. But I've been thinking for a while it's a shame not to be playing it. So what I'm saying is, as long as you're going to be relatively nube friendly, please add me for Tuesday. Gamertag as per username, do i need to send friend invites, or will some nice person invite me?
  21. The first four Black Sabbath albums are essential listening for anyone who likes rock, utterly seminal. Bad Religion are the forerunners of the modern melodic punk scene, so if you like anything like pennywise/screeching weasel/millencolin/NOFX (all of whom I recommend) you should check them out. They have a huge back catalogue (formed in 1980 iirc) so their All Ages compilation may be a good starting point. For modern punk particularly I would suggest buying label samplers. Fat Wreck Chords and Hellcat and lots of others do them, they are cheap (£5?) and have a selection of different bands from their roster on them. They give you a cross sample of a genre(s), and help you to work out which bands you want to hear more of easily. Oh, and listen to Jack, The Wildhearts are the best rock band the world has ever produced.
  22. I used to love feeder years ago, from when I first heard stereo world, I bought swim and polythene on their release and went to see them 12 times, i kid you not (they toured relentlessly at that point, so fair play to them for their eventual success and everything). Then I just sort of lost interest in their new stuff and then when I heard this verse it was the final straw: He's got a brand new car Looks like a Jaguar It's got leather seats It's got a CD player (player, player, player...) Worst lyrics ever, unforgivable, and a dire, dire song as well. Their early stuff still gets the occasional play however, and is still good even if a big part of the appeal is nostalgia. I like cement.
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