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  1. I just uploaded my score and came in 16th!

    2 places below striderUK.

    btw I`m pretty crap as well.

    I'm one place above you (we're now 18th and 19th) - set to plummet though I think.

    Pootle - the scoreboard automatically ranks people who didn't use as many continues ahead, regardless of score, so for live purposes you just want to do the best you can without continuing, and upload that. Any score at all will thus move you up to at least 34 (at the moment) as long as you don't continue.

    From the looks of things, most people haven't realised this (which is why I'm at 19).

  2. It looks like those of us who had ours shipped on Thursday wont be getting them on Monday. My order tracking still puts mine in Cincinnati. If I was to get here on Monday, I think it would have had to be in the UK by now.

    There may still be hope, mine still said it was in Cincinnati at 12:45 am on thursday night yet arrived this morning (as in friday), it must take them a while to update their website.

    It's lovely, by the way...

  3. Hodge, Kev, mine is exactly the same as yours, which means we should get it to the same schedule as MikeF, so tomorrow!

    I'm with all you guys, is there still the possibility of tomorrow? no change yet on the dhl site.

    I'm filled with childess excitement. :)

  4. Thunderfuck by The Wildhearts. A strange one but it was very poignant(sp?) being the last song on their last album(till they reformed <_< )

    The Wildhearts are my favourite band evah...

    I pick 29x The Pain and There's Only One Hell, but for very different reasons.

    Also the entirety of Alice in Chains: Dirt.

  5. Right...

    Just tried to sign up the group at Bungie, I somehow managed to register once as MalevolentPanda, without giving a password at any point. When I tried to sign back in I 'reset my password my email', logged with the new password and was then told that MalevolentPanda was already taken.

    Not sure if it's just me but that site is confusing. Anyway I am now MalevolentPandas, (plural) and have asked to join the group again. Could you add MalevolentPandas, and if possible, get rid of MalevolentPanda? (On the Bungie Site, my gamertag is still the singular version).

    How some of that makes sense, sorry to mess you around,

    Oh, and do I still need to add all the gamertags to my friends list, or does the group thing avoid all that?

  6. Kelham Island Pale Rider won best beer in Britain recently, and it is lovely, not sure how available it is elsewhere, but there's lots of it in Sheffield.

    Black Sheep is great too (in whichever variant), Yorkshire is good at making beer.

    This thread has made me think, are there any good lagers made in the uk at all?

  7. If you're still looking for more people, please add me.

    I've never played halo multiplayer, and I find Legendary mode frankly scary, so I'm probably just the kind of stat-boosting canon fodder you're after. Unless you only want people with higher post counts <_<

    My gamertag is: MalevolentPanda

  8. I'm failing to understand why even real casuals haven't bought outrun 2 in their droves, I have a lot of mates who only play the odd game and all of them recognise the outrun name, and those that have played it have loved it instantly.

    It's pretty much got the accessibility/depth balance down as well. It's really easy to pull nice big impressive power slides straight away, but there is near unlimited scope to get better (for me at least).

    Whats wrong with people, really...

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