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  1. I'll probably back it and hardly ever play it. I love Lacerda. Probably my favourite designer. All his games are great. I like CO2 and love the game concept but of all his titles this is the one with a few issues that a new edition could clean up. The production quality looks great too.

  2. 14 hours ago, Mortis said:

    Just about to try a solo play of my first Kickstarter arrival of 2018


    so pretty





    Played this the other day (two player). I liked it although I think I might prefer some of the variants with the different ways to use the action stones. It's definitely very pretty.


    Jonny, think it's called Tao Long.

  3. 26 minutes ago, Stigweard said:


    Even if you see what they did with the tshirts as wrong (I personally think it was a massive mistake) it doesnt mean the club cant stand by their current players who have recieved racial abuse. What kind of utter nonsense is that? Ever heard of people learning from mistakes?


    Talk about our club officials reading his statement and being ashamed, you should be ashamed of what you've posted. Using someone talking out about the racial abuse he's received to score points. Bloody pathetic and so are those of you that pos'd it (the typical United shrills I see). Its cheap heat when the situation is above fan rivalry and cheap jibes which is what your comments comes across as.


    Have Liverpool Football Club made mistakes before? Too right they have, but doesnt mean they cant improve or still feel upset about something horrible happening to the players/staff/fans/club etc.

    It's not fan rivalry. I mostly quite liked Liverpool before that incident. It was a major and high profile step backwards for anti-racism in football and everyone involved: club, players, manager, and a large portion of the fan base who cheered it along should be ashamed.


    I take your point about learning from mistakes and I think you are right. But until there is some sort of apology from the club, rather than ignoring it and honouring some of those involved, criticism is well justified. It's bizarre to me that acknowledging the last high profile case of racial abuse involving Liverpool should still cause such an outraged response, not at what happened, but at someone pointing it out. It would be nice (if incredibly depressing that it should be required) if this incident made some people think about their past actions and attitudes to racial abuse. Fan tribalism being what it is, I think that might be the only thing that will reach some people.

  4. It's transparently bullshit that the players thought he'd been unfairly accused. The words used weren't in dispute. The t-shirts and players' statement weren't a response to the accusation, which had happened some time earlier, but the punishment.


    The article makes multiple references to Steven Gerrard, who was club captain at the time and must bear some responsibility for the officially released players' statement. The club has never apologised for their actions (happy to be corrected if that's wrong?) and have even gone so far as to name a fucking stand after the manager who participated in the disgraceful episode.


    It's not a cheap shot, I have the utmost sympathy for what Rhian Brewster has gone through and admiration for his willingness to speak out about it. I hope that some people at his club read that and are suitably ashamed of themselves.

  5. Rhian Brewster can certainly complain and I think that interview is brave and does him a great deal of credit. Good on him.


    Liverpool as a club, however, are in no position to complain, given their past response to racial abuse.

  6. Forgot about the wildcard rule change. Pretty annoying as I have 2 free transfers this week and would like to have 2 available next game week, but using the wildcard automatically cancels your banked free transfer. So I'll probably just burn the wildcard. :mad:


    Think the original rule was much better. Meant there was a real risk/reward to an early wildcard and put more pressure on good initial team selection.

  7. 16 hours ago, joeplus said:


    My mistake, I forgot about his bonus points from capping Rooney - I actually lost 49-42. And his team name is a short-lived Trump meme.


    (repeats to self while frowning) Marathon not a sprint. Good decisions. Long Term Strategy. Unlucky. Unlucky. Unlucky.

    I'm a few points ahead of you now, but I notice your squad value is much better and that will probably tell by the end of the the season.


    We should start a new league again next year, rather than just renewing it again. I'm pretty sure half the people have never posted here. And the guy at the top is a two-team cheat.

  8. Anyone able to link to a current, idiot-proof guide to adding games? Need Super Tennis and Pilotwings on there, but I have zero experience with this sort of thing. Ta.

  9. Two hours late, prerecorded when it was meant to be live, and the four big teams all kept apart. The only thing that makes that not look rigged is that you would assume if they were rigging it they would do so with a higher degree of competence.

  10. Yeah, and you could probably do most of the nightfalls without even bothering with voice comms. 


    Anyway, if you aren't playing some of the content, there is a limit to how much you can do each week, yes, but it's pretty high! You can get engrams that advance you for Call to Arms, Flashpoint, Clan XP, plus Clan ones for Nightfall and Cruicible at least, presumably. So five engrams at higher level minimum, even without NF/Raid or using an alt. If progressing past a certain power level had no restrictions than half of the player base would have been at max level within a few days of release and complaining that there was no point to the endgame because it didn't give any rewards.

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