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  1. Yeah right. Fucking rubbish. In my defence I wasn't wrong. There was no evidence that could happen and if Aru's team was competent, it wouldn't have. Very disappointing.
  2. Pfft, nonsense. Sky do stuff far more cheaty than that all the fucking time.
  3. On the evidence thus far Froome is unlikely to be able to take time on Aru anywhere else. Why do you think he's a cheat?
  4. Someone doesn't remember watching Djamolidine Abdoujaparov.
  5. Bullshit decision. By all means disqualify him from the stage but ejection from the race is completely disproportionate.
  6. I'm moving house so I've filled one wall of the little bedroom with Kallax to store my games. Hard to get an angle to photograph it all but I now have a dangerous amount of spare board game space.
  7. I will come to this if I can get someone to look after my bunnies.
  8. I'd like to try an 18XX. Have you played Chicago Express? That's a nice train game, if you like auctions.
  9. Oh, and Gaviria is frightening. 22! What a career he could have ahead of him.
  10. It's been, as usual, a great Giro. My favourite grand tour. Surely Dumoulin will win it if he performs anything like to his standards in the TT? I hope so. He's living proof that you can be a TT specialist GC rider and not be tedious to watch. Whatever hat is in Italian to him.
  11. That's me, yeah. You guys will all have to come over and game once I've moved. I'm not going to know anyone else in Derby so will need the company. Club is called Derby on Board. I've been told they're a good group, and I've stalked their Facebook page a bit. They certainly seem active. They have a weekly night at Alchemy, the newish board game cafe, which will be within walking distance of my house. Then another biweekly night, and a couple of monthly ones, at various venues. I'll probably still try to head back to the Sheffield club from time to time as well, they are (mostly) a great bunch.
  12. Excellent. Definitely go to a club. I started going to a Sheffield one about a year ago and am so glad I did. I've been able to play so many different games as a result. I'm happy and interested to play most things once but I have a pretty clear idea of what I dislike now (most coops, I hate Pandemic, and I have a general dislike for the whole 'dudes on a map' genre). You only get to know that by trying different stuff out. I'm moving to Derby shortly and will be going to the club there. Hope I will find some heavy euro lovers there too. I would say that trying to teach a game alongside reading the rulebook is a bad idea. Fine if you're just reminding yourself/making sure you haven't missed stuff out, but if you're the one teaching, you need to have a decent grasp of the game to make it work well. Who the other players are makes a huge difference too. I like playing with people that are happy to treat the first game as a learning experience. I dislike playing with those guys that have to analyse everything to see if it's the optimum move. Lots of games can't be played optimally the first time. You need to not worry about that too much or everything drags to a standstill.
  13. Nice guide. I don't know, all I can say is that I played a couple of rounds against the Chronobot, then taught it to three others, then another new player the second time a few weeks later. On both occasions everyone was comfortable with what they were doing and cracked on at a reasonable pace. The universal consensus was that it was very good, and not as heavy as they thought it was going to be. YMMV, obviously, but there are loads of games where you can't have any chance of knowing what you're doing first time through. I think that's fine, and I love some of those (FCM, Agricola) but Anachrony isn't like that. It's two tier worker placement with a loan mechanic and very clear iconography. There's nothing too tricky there for people that have played a few worker placement games before.
  14. I've played Tzolk'in twice and found it impossible to get a strategy going both times. Easy to understand, very hard to play well. I think that might be a blind spot though. Might have a go of the online version before trying it again. Yeah, weight is a weird one. Like, Food Chain Magnate is in some ways not that heavy. But it's absolutely brutal and totally uncompromising to new players. I love it to bits though. All the Lacerda games are heavy not so much in terms of a rule set but in terms of how tightly integrated the mechanisms are. Everything affects everything else. That makes them burn brains in a wonderful way. Can't wait for Lisboa! I've played Twilight Imperium 3 a couple of times, 8 and 7 players. That takes like 8 hours. Does that make it really heavy? In a way. In another way, nothing is heavier than Go, and that has like four rules! I don't know. Weight means so many different things to different people that I'm not sure it's a useful measure of anything. Weight to me is probably more about how a game feels when I play it. Does every decision feel agonising? On this measure, Anachrony isn't terribly heavy. By the way, I'm not a miniatures person at all but I do think they add something to Anachrony. The way the workers slot into them is really cool. The non Kickstarter version without them will still be a hell of a game though.
  15. Played this for the second time this week. Confirmed that I really like it. Played with three this time which tightens it up in terms of worker placement slots and maybe changes the balance of strategies somewhat. I smashed the winning scores from game one with a strategy that really paid off (loads of time travel, extra points from being nice to my workers, waiting to evacuate and scoring loads despite the minus three penalty for being last to leave). I kind of disagree about the weight. Obviously theres a lot of stuff going on but it flows really nicely and seems fairly straightforward in terms of decision making. Certainly less of a brain burner than Trickerion, or some of my other favourites from the likes of Lacerda and Splotter. I definitely recommend going with the asymmetric side of the player boards, by the way. I think they balance out some of the leader abilities. I tried the solo game for a few rounds when I was trying to learn it before a first proper play. I was pretty impressed. One game that I would actually want to play solo. There's very little else I would bother with on my own. I really want to give some of the add on modules a go. The doomsday module in particular seems really cool. Probably needs four though. And there's enough going on in the base game that you need everyone to have played before to add stuff, I think. Just to stop the rules explanation from dragging, apart from anything else. Great game, anyway. Fantastic production quality. Really solid mechanics that actually tie into the theme and story really nicely. Near endless replayability. So glad I backed it.
  16. Race is really simple. Great game with two. I think Roll is much harder to get your head around, but that might be because I was taught it by a terrible teacher, whereas I just read the rules for Race.
  17. I have also backed Brass for both versions and will be sticking with it. And I also don't think I can back Deadly Premonition, despite a deep love for the video game.
  18. Mint Works is nice for what it is. Super quick, nice package you can keep in the bottom of your bag to whip out any time you have ten minutes for a game. Or, yeah, if you want to explain to someone what worker placement is you could play this in as much time as it would take to talk through an explanation.
  19. I love Concordia. Bought it from Germany before SUSD reviewed it. Really lovely game. I got the Britain/Germany map too, so it works really nicely at any player count. I want the Salsa expansion but £25 odd seems a bit much.
  20. Yeah, that is basically the tutorial track and works well for that purpose. Don't know why they picked it for a trailer. I like the rest of the soundtrack more. Your mileage may vary. Check out the rest of the soundtrack first, I guess?
  21. This first got my attention at EGX 2015, and I've been looking forward to it ever since. Been playing it for a while now after backing the Kickstarter and it hasn't disappointed me. It's taken a while mainly because it's been made by a three man team, but it has an excellent licensed soundtrack and lovely production values. Funded by the Greenshoots programme set up by Microsoft and Creative England. Obviously hugely influenced by Rez but different enough to have its own identity. For one thing it's less relaxing, with shorter, more intense levels (15 of them). The major new gameplay mechanic is the ribbon of light you have to trace with the left analogue stick, which follows a part of the track - usually the bass line, sometimes the vocal. This drops out, Guitar Hero/Amplitude style, if you aren't in the right place, and in this way the gameplay feels very connected to the music. So yeah, it's dead good and you should all probably buy it.
  22. It definitely was. I grabbed it for £16 this morning. Was going to post but saw retroed had already.
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