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  1. First game of Anachrony last night. I love it. Very glad I backed it.
  2. Both excellent games. Yeah, the production values of Castles of Burgundy are pretty fucking bad. Very drab. Paper thin player boards. Just generally feels cheap. On the plus side, it is actually cheap. Always available for £20, sometimes a good bit less. And mechanically it is totally excellent. It's crying out for a special edition reprint.
  3. They showed more than half an hour. You know it was yesterday, right?
  4. Great month. I'm well happy with Evolve. Always thought it was interesting but obviously flawed. I was never going to pay for it after it bombed on release and was potentially going free to play. When they announced free to play wasn't coming to consoles I thought that meant I'd never play it. Now I get to give it a go, and there will definitely be populated servers for a while because everyone will have it.
  5. Yeah, I can't get excited for Qatar and Oman and that, but I am very much looking forward to the spring classics. I subbed to Eurosport too, only to discover that they seem to have removed their Xbox app.
  6. This almost reads as if you think Nuts and Bolts is a bad game. The way I look at their development history and what it might mean for Sea of Thieves is the last two times they've been allowed to develop a new, non Kinect game they've produced a classic unlike any game I'd ever played before.
  7. Maybe one of those games journalists could actually, you know, do some journalism?
  8. I can't imagine how it could possibly take seven hours. The first time I played it, with mostly new players so full and repeated rules explanation, the game ran as long as it possibly could have, with me as Drac winning by running away. That was still under four hours.
  9. There aren't any straight progression achievements/trophies in TEW, apart from the completion ones. I know because I was chatting to someone about how few people had finished it the other day.
  10. Over $12m for Kingdom Death Monster. Don't have any interest in it personally but that is quite something for a board game Kickstarter.
  11. I quite like Spyfall but it's better played (for free) via phone browsers at Spyfall.crabhat or whatever it is. Also, shout out to A Fake Artist Goes to New York, which is basically Spyfall crossed with Pictionary, and great fun.
  12. Yeah, obviously Codenames. I played this with some very sceptical colleagues in the pub a while back and two of them have since ordered their own copy. I'd also suggest Ghost Blitz. I bought the 5 to 12 version for my brother for Xmas and we all loved it. Very silly fun times. The original version will be less good but still provide laughs. Pandemic is shit.
  13. Oh I see. It was just in my recommended section. Try searching "Patchwork The Game".
  14. You need to download the Amazon Underground app and get it through that. It has a bunch of stuff for free. The versions of apps from there will show you one advert on start up but then are totally free. Lara Croft Go and Deus Ex Go are there too at the moment.
  15. The Android version of Patchwork is free on Amazon Underground, if anyone is interested. Very nice implementation. Twilight Struggle is out on Android now too and also seems like a nice app. It's nearly £5 but apparently that's just an introductory offer and it will be double that normally.
  16. I hate Dead of Winter, so you can tell him you didn't buy that because it's shit.
  17. I backed TEQ. The two I'm looking at but can't afford are Lisboa and Feudum. Both look gorgeous but are pricey.
  18. FCM is amazing. The most brutal game I've ever played, but amazing.
  19. I played it a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed it (especially with the app outputted to a projector with speakers), but I definitely wouldn't buy it even if it was a lot less than £60. The guy whose game it was was distinctly underwhelmed as well (he was a big fan of the original version). It's fun enough to play occasionally I suppose but the mechanics aren't exactly amazing. It kinda feels like it should just be a videogame (albeit it one with very little depth) but then they wouldn't have a way to charge you loads of money for miniatures. Maybe if you really like miniatures, I guess. I couldn't really care less about them generally.
  20. It's a shame, I'd happily pay for a not fucked NSS. I don't see why you can't do two versions: one that's actually a proper game that you pay for and a broken exploitative edition for the 'free to play' crowd.
  21. I was going to ask whether NSS was ever fixed as I have a new phone to play games on. I'm guessing not as the only version I see in the Play Store is free?
  22. It's not cross platform in that you won't be put in instances and be able to form wings with PC players, but it's all one galaxy so you can affect the same world events and help the forum player faction just the same. Lots of us are on XBox.
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