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  1. Cool - okay, at least I now have a sense of scale. It's just odd for a shooter to have this kind of slow pace. I really think Far Cry 2 feels more like a real-time RPG than an FPS.
  2. Nope - not seen this either. I came at the game in a fairly 'vanilla' state - other than the 1up reviews I hadn't read or seen much and have steered clear of the 'pretension' debate thus far because I just don't see it as a relevant discussion. Sadly this means I've missed a lot of the hidden depth I think so maybe it is time to read up on it a bit. /hijack over
  3. Brilliant - didn't know about any of that, you've just made my afternoon. I loved Braid, totally loved it, and this makes me like it even more and convinces me I should fire it up again.
  4. Maybe you should just get blind drunk and do it all again - in the morning you won't remember, meaning that it will be like a nice surprise when you turn it back on (I think this tip came from a Brady Games guide).
  5. Okay, I got this for Christmas and am enjoying it (I think) but I just spend soooo much time driver from A to B, getting stopped, having a gun fight, trying to find a diamond which seems to be hidden 6 ft into a huge slab of rock etc. I've probably only done about four missions so far and have played for hours which makes me think that either: 1) there aren't many missions or 2) I'll be playing this for ever and eventually get tired of always getting jumped by fools looking for a bullet head-dress. Thoughts?
  6. Very tricky to remember, but these are definite: Silent Hill Origins Hotel Dusk Gears of War GTA IV Portal Braid COD4 Super Mario Galaxy (though I still want to go back and get all the stars) Rez HD Halo 3 Not many compared to some but I'm still fairly impressed I got all those done in between commuting to London on a daily basis. Ones I definitely still planning on getting finished (a lot of these are new, to me at least): Little Big Planet Far Cry 2 Dead Space Mirrors Edge Uncharted Bioshock Burnout Paradise Metroid Prime 3 Gears of War 2 Half-Life 2 Episodes 1 & 2 Wipeout HD Aborted: Dead Rising (sorry, the saving in this game is archaic and ruins all the fun). Stars?! Did I miss something?
  7. Gone apparently... Thanks anyway!
  8. Damn - meant to post this in Ask the Forum but somehow posted it in the wrong tab of my browser... Any chance it can be moved? Sorry...
  9. Hi all, I've just bought PlayTV at Woolworths for £35 so now I figure I should get a PS3 to go with it. I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for where I can get a PS3 deal. I've had a look around and so far it looks like the best deals are in HMV (but in store, they don't have them all online). I want the following as a basic minimum: 80gb or 160gb HDD Bluray remote HDMI cable Little Big Planet Dark Knight Returns / the Dark Knight/Batman boxset on Bluray Not fussed beyond that. It seems like I could get most of that in HMV for £299 (though I may have to buy the HDMI cable and / or Dark Knight seperately). Any good ideas on where else I should try? Particularly online?
  10. Back in the game... SE arrived from Amazon. Now if only I wasn't sat at work approximately 70 miles from home...
  11. Amazon have finally dispatched - delviery estimate is 29 April now (not even 29/30 April)... They are confident but I'll believe it when it hits my desk at work!
  12. That's weird because mine still hasn't despatched (despite ordering in June 07) and yet my delivery estimate is still 29-30th.
  13. Pfft... It's almost 10:15 and my ltd ed hasn't dispatched from Amazon. I pre-ordered this before GTA 3 was even a glint in the milkman's eye, let alone IV.
  14. This seems like the least appropriate use of 'pathetic' ever...
  15. Where can you pre-order this from? Anyone got any recommendations?
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