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  1. Cool - okay, at least I now have a sense of scale. It's just odd for a shooter to have this kind of slow pace. I really think Far Cry 2 feels more like a real-time RPG than an FPS.
  2. Nope - not seen this either. I came at the game in a fairly 'vanilla' state - other than the 1up reviews I hadn't read or seen much and have steered clear of the 'pretension' debate thus far because I just don't see it as a relevant discussion. Sadly this means I've missed a lot of the hidden depth I think so maybe it is time to read up on it a bit. /hijack over
  3. Brilliant - didn't know about any of that, you've just made my afternoon. I loved Braid, totally loved it, and this makes me like it even more and convinces me I should fire it up again.
  4. Maybe you should just get blind drunk and do it all again - in the morning you won't remember, meaning that it will be like a nice surprise when you turn it back on (I think this tip came from a Brady Games guide).
  5. Okay, I got this for Christmas and am enjoying it (I think) but I just spend soooo much time driver from A to B, getting stopped, having a gun fight, trying to find a diamond which seems to be hidden 6 ft into a huge slab of rock etc. I've probably only done about four missions so far and have played for hours which makes me think that either: 1) there aren't many missions or 2) I'll be playing this for ever and eventually get tired of always getting jumped by fools looking for a bullet head-dress. Thoughts?
  6. Very tricky to remember, but these are definite: Silent Hill Origins Hotel Dusk Gears of War GTA IV Portal Braid COD4 Super Mario Galaxy (though I still want to go back and get all the stars) Rez HD Halo 3 Not many compared to some but I'm still fairly impressed I got all those done in between commuting to London on a daily basis. Ones I definitely still planning on getting finished (a lot of these are new, to me at least): Little Big Planet Far Cry 2 Dead Space Mirrors Edge Uncharted Bioshock Burnout Paradise Metroid Prime 3 Gears of War 2 Half-Life 2 Episodes 1 & 2 Wipeout HD Aborted: Dead Rising (sorry, the saving in this game is archaic and ruins all the fun). Stars?! Did I miss something?
  7. Gone apparently... Thanks anyway!
  8. Damn - meant to post this in Ask the Forum but somehow posted it in the wrong tab of my browser... Any chance it can be moved? Sorry...
  9. Hi all, I've just bought PlayTV at Woolworths for £35 so now I figure I should get a PS3 to go with it. I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for where I can get a PS3 deal. I've had a look around and so far it looks like the best deals are in HMV (but in store, they don't have them all online). I want the following as a basic minimum: 80gb or 160gb HDD Bluray remote HDMI cable Little Big Planet Dark Knight Returns / the Dark Knight/Batman boxset on Bluray Not fussed beyond that. It seems like I could get most of that in HMV for £299 (though I may have to buy the HDMI cable and / or Dark Knight seperately). Any good ideas on where else I should try? Particularly online?
  10. Back in the game... SE arrived from Amazon. Now if only I wasn't sat at work approximately 70 miles from home...
  11. Amazon have finally dispatched - delviery estimate is 29 April now (not even 29/30 April)... They are confident but I'll believe it when it hits my desk at work!
  12. That's weird because mine still hasn't despatched (despite ordering in June 07) and yet my delivery estimate is still 29-30th.
  13. Pfft... It's almost 10:15 and my ltd ed hasn't dispatched from Amazon. I pre-ordered this before GTA 3 was even a glint in the milkman's eye, let alone IV.
  14. This seems like the least appropriate use of 'pathetic' ever...
  15. Where can you pre-order this from? Anyone got any recommendations?
  16. I'm a bit gutted... I actually got this from Choices yesterday (had it on pre-order since I ordered my Wii a year ago!) and yet I've not played any further than the first cutscene due to work :-( I'm quite excited about playing it extensively tomorrow morning!
  17. I guess somewhat inevitably she was a little underwhelmed... As princesses go I guess she's a little pedestrian.
  18. That takes me back to my playthrough of Zelda: TP. At first my girlfriend hated it whenever it was on... By the end she made me promise I wouldn't complete it without her being there. The reason? She wanted to see this 'Zelda' woman. She was absolute bemused that a game named after someone would feature them so infrequently... /Completely of topic rambling over.
  19. My copy still hasn't slipped into my drive yet... ...Like a sap I'm still ploughing through Echoes. Can people stop saying how pretty it is now please? And now I've got the spin attack, am I almost done yet?
  20. Okay then, "Whatta you sellin'?" Seriously, who doesn't like that? And if it gets annoying you can just shoot him in the face. If you want story play Silent Hill 2 again (just make sure you have your Jacob's Ladder radar turned off) - Resident Evil should be enjoyed in the same fashion as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Dawn of the Dead. It's a b-movie, basically.
  21. Sorry it's taken too long - Christmas and all that! Feedback for lfj: 1. Amy Winehouse - Rehab never really liked this much on the radio... Sounds like Nina Simone done badly. On CD it sounded much better, I think the production lifts it a lot on a decent stereo. Enjoyed it and as such I've pretty much had an about turn in terms of my opinion on this song. 2. Kelis - Trick Me Another one that has never really floated my boat, but again, through a decent stereo it sounds much better. Think she's done better, but this is certainly enjoyable. 3. Don't know who this is... This is certainly the album highlight for me, lovely smokey, jazzy hip hop / soul. The vocals almost sound like they could be Beth Gibbon from Portishead. This also sounds both old and new at the same time - if it's old it has aged well, if it's new it's exceptionally well produced. I've noticed that channel 5 seem to be using in their ads at the moment, making me think it might be new? 4. Christina Aguilera - Not sure which song This is obviously off the latest album. It's enjoyable enough, tightly produced but I prefer Outkast's take on the same style... 5. Rihanna - SOS Guilty pleasure - I've liked this since it came out but then I'm a sucker for a nice eighties riff. As rip offs of eighties tunes go, this is great. 6. All Saints - Rock Steady Not really feeling this, it's alright I suppose, but lacks the unique style that made them successful in the late 90s and is frankly not as well produced as Girls Aloud... 7. Beyonce & Jay Z - Deja Vu Refreshing to here the original rather than the dance version radio 1 hammer. This has got a nice punchy bassline although I don't go for Beyonce's vocal. 8. Girls Aloud - Swinging London Town I've had this knocking around my computer for a while since it was posted on Fluxblog but haven't listened to it in ages. You have to give them credit - they're good at what they do and the mainstream music press love them - I believe The Guardian have said Biology is the best pop single in six years or something! Another guilty pleasure... 9. Nelly Furtado - Maneater Probably my favourite pop single of the year, it's just perfect. Brilliantly produced hip-hop / R&B with traces of rock. 10. Busta Rhymes - I Love My Bitch The production's alright but the lyrics are so inane that I find it a struggle to enjoy this... It's also way too long. 11. Not sure what this is although I definitely know it... Heading a bit more towards a soulful tip. I can't think what it is but I know it (sounds a bit like Dilated Peoples?). Bit more my speed than Busta anyhow... 12. Nina Simone - Feeling Good Very nice close to the album and links back well to the beginning of the album where the first few tracks have quite a 'Nina' feel to them. A classic. Overall I really enjoyed the album, it was a pleasant change to have a fair amount I knew but wouldn't normally listen to. I also thought it hung together really well. My girlfriend loves it too because it features some of her favourites (especially the Nina Simone track). Cheers!
  22. Don't really know anyone on the list but like others am keen to get some Mii Plaza action unfolding...! My code: 2867 5233 8606 8938 Please feel free to add me people :-)
  23. blackplastic

    Mix Club 2007

    Surely this reduction in quality is negligible? One of the best things about the mix club is it's tangible quality.
  24. Cheers for all your effort MW_Jimmy, feel free to pass on my details to lfj (although he'll have them from this month's club). lfj - I've received your CD, listened to over half and enjoying it. Will have more of a listen and post thoughts soon... Toblerone - heard nothing. At all. In weeks. Did you get my CD? Are you alive?
  25. Tumbleweed... I'll take that as a 'got it, hate it so much I've abandoned the forum' shall I? Still not had any from lfj... Still running late?
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