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  1. I also thought Laura wasn't real on account of her being pure evil, locking him in with the monsters and stuff.

    But thee are no monsters, or not to her anyway... they're james' personal demons... Laura is playing with James, being nasty because he is vile towards her.

  2. I don't think the plot is written well enough to hold up to this kind of scrutiny, but I definitely got the impression that Laura is a part of the illusion in Silent Hill. Maybe Eddie can see her because she's another person that makes fun of him a lot.

    Hmmm... I've played the game through six times (and got all six endings) and disagree with you here...

    I think the plot IS up to that level of scrutiny... see the analysis on gamefaqs by president evil. I personally believe Laura is there to represent what truly happened. I DO believe that Mary only died very recently, but the terminal illness she suffered from began three years ago. Laura was in hospital with Mary up until recently, and she does really exist, although James' preception of her may be somewhat skewed by the town/his mental state. I am also of the opinion that whilst there is no 'right' ending, 'leave' is the most satisfying, offering the greatest insight into what actually is going on.

    Now my best bits:

    Click For Spoiler

    SH1: That bloody cat in the locker :)

    SH2: The teenage girl (name amazingly escapes me) walking up the stairs near the end

    SH3: Finding your father dead, or possibly finding your *old* room... or the bit with the subway train!

    SH4: Not sure... have to have a think... the scary look in the eyes of the small boy :(

  3. Haven't got time to read all five pages at the moment but I just want to say SH2 is my favourite game of all time... Not the best, but MY favourite. It's just a perfect, lonely, spooky (in a non-conventional sense), emotional, clever, intricate, deep peice of work...

    All the references and imagery (see piramid head 'making-out' with the mannequins and killing them)... When you stop and think about what the game is trying to say it's fantastic.

  4. I had a game on a really old Atari (can't remember the model) where u were santa on his sleigh and u dropped presents down chimneys and then had to go in peoples houses and leave pressies... I don't remember what it was called though... that wasn't 'Special Delivery' was it?

    Oh, and Sol Guider, the Spectrum is a bit more than 'a website'...

  5. Best GC Game

    1. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

    2. Harvest Moon: It's a Wonderful Life


    Best NDS Game




    Best PC Game

    1. Half Life 2



    Best PS2 Game

    1. GTA: San Andreas

    2. Burnout 3

    3. Forbidden Siren

    Best Xbox Game

    1. Halo 2



    Best Online Game (PC/PS.net/XBL)

    1. Halo 2 (XBL)

    2. ()

    3. ()

    Best Technical Achievement (software)

    - Source Engine (PC)

    Best Technical Achievement (hardware)

    - Slimline PS2 ()

    Best Developer

    - Rockstar

    Best Publisher


    Hall of Shame

    3. Edge redesign (paper)

    2. ()

    1. Driv3r (PS2)

    Most Wanted Game Of 2005

    - Resident Evil 4 (GC)

    Best Overall Game of the Year

    1. Half Life 2 (PC)

    2. Halo 2 (Xbox)

    3. GTA: San Andreas (PS2)

  6. My first post:

    My copy of Secret of Mana for the SNES (not even mine really but a friend lent it to me in 1993 so I guess it's mine under squater's rights now);

    The 'limited edition' (even though you ALWAYS see it for a tenner second hand in game) SH2 original release including sticker and making-of DVD.

    Oh, and Ico... Lovely Ico in it's cardboard box with its post cards and all.

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