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  1. Wow.  Now that's how to do Christmas music.  Such a beautiful selection of tunage, soft and elegant voices/singing to most of the tracks.  I liked track #5 best.  I feel I should probably know #14 but don't and track #16 rounds the CD off nicely.  I'm going to put this on full-blast Xmas day, I reckon.  It's nice enough to not be intrusive but also nice enough to fill that silence just once in a while.

    Ta man, I like.

    magic lord, I thought you might be mildly amused hear that I gave a few of my nearest and dearest a copy of the CD I sent you to get them in the festive spirit and I edited the cover to include your feedback. I've posted it on my blog but the full size image is here.

  2. Hmm... This might be pushing it a bit, but how about Juan Maclean's Dance With Me. It's the last track and whilst it is dance music it seems to put a real full stop on the album and is so delicate and considered in comparison...

  3. What do you guys think? I tried to give it some kind of flow but it is quite varied so I found it reasonably difficult.

    You should have put it in next month's mix club! I'm doing a best of 05 CD next month... It includes at least one song that is on your list!


    I don't watch the programme but I just happened to dig the Sia CD out on Monday for a listen... The first five tracks are glorious!

  4. That's a good track too.  Wasn't sure if it was crazy lady or not (she's b-a-n-a-n-a-s).  Good mix though.

    It's all good though.  I would have slated it if there was any 'rawk' music though, I was kind of fed up getting those the last few times I took part.

    Heh, good stuff... I'm glad you liked it, I was a little concerned given your comments on Christmas music :lol:

    Sorry it took so long though, I just thought it would be better to get it in December...

    EDIT: And the Richard X mix of Gwen samples Heaven17's Let Me Go, which is great!

  5. Tracklist, go on.  I'm not one for pondering things for long :)


    Okay, tracklisting:

    1. Gwen Stefani - Cool (Richard X Mix)

    2. The Raveonettes - The Christmas Song

    3. Johnny Boy - You are the Generation Who Bought More Shoes and You Get What You Deserve

    4. Eels - Christmas is Going to the Dogs

    5. Architecture In Helsinki - What's in Store?

    6. The Go Team - The Ice Storm

    7. Sigur Rós - Glósóli

    8. Gemma Hayes - Helen

    9. The Concretes - Warm Night

    10. Aim feat. Kate Rogers - The Girl Who Fell Through the Ice

    11. Jóhann Jóhannsson - Flugeldar II

    12. Au Revior Simone - Through the Backyards

    13. Ladytron - All the Way

    14. Danny Elfman - What's This? [FYI: Taken from the soundtrack to The Nightmare Before Christmas]

    15. Mojave 3 - Bluebird of Happiness (Ulrich Schnauss Remix) [Admittedly knicked off of Acidbearboy's CD to me, but I'd heard it before and I think it fits in well]

    16. Vince Guaraldi - Christmas Time Is Here (Vocal) [FYI: Taken from the awesome album, 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' that is currently doing well on emusic]

  6. Wow.  Now that's how to do Christmas music.  Such a beautiful selection of tunage, soft and elegant voices/singing to most of the tracks.  I liked track #5 best.  I feel I should probably know #14 but don't and track #16 rounds the CD off nicely.  I'm going to put this on full-blast Xmas day, I reckon.  It's nice enough to not be intrusive but also nice enough to fill that silence just once in a while.

    Ta man, I like.

    Cool, glad you're enjoying it... I wasn't sure you would! Do you want the tracklisting now or are you happy to ponder it further for a bit?

  7. Anyway, overall very good, mostly works nicely together as a whole and is a great summer album that I would definetly stick on with a barbecue. Now, who did it all?!

    Any chance of a tracklist Ant73?

  8. :)

    Sorry... That's me... It is coming very soon, I burnt it a week ago but the CD didn't work properly... Will try and send out soon. I hate to tell you this, it is inspired by winter / christmas, but it isn't obvious christmas stuff, but nice laidback snow-y vibes that is as much inspired by my recent reykjavik trip as Christmas.

    EDIT: Now, now acidbearboy... You could just like it... Possibly.

  9. Tracklisting for part 2:

    1. Innerzone Orchestra - Manufactured Memories

    2. Rez OST - Creation the State of Art [full option]

    3. Jan Jelinek - Sessie Vuile Toon (3voor12)

    4. Plastikman - Kink

    5. The Orb - Blue Room (7" edit)

    6. Madvillain feat. Quas - America's Most Blunted (acid edit)

    7. Eels - Susan's House

    8. David Holmes - Don't Die Just Yet (don't chant just yet) played at +8

    9. The Theme of PSO Episode III - Let the Winds Blow (choir version)

    10. The Killers - Mr.Brightside

    11. Mojave 3 - Bluebird of Happiness (ulrich schnauss remix)

    Ahhh... I know the vocal on The Orb track from the Blue Room album (as in the Radio 1 show). Would never have guessed the David Holmes track... I never have properly listened to his pre-'Bow Down to the Exit Sign' stuff, except 'Gone' and maybe 'Gritty Shaker'. And the Mojave 3 track is an Ulrich Schnauss mix? Brilliant... I fucking love Ulrich, and if you don't lke him there's something wrong with you.... :)

  10. Okay acidbearboy, here is your feedback:

    Part 1:

    Already said most of what I can say... So is this the CD you posted the cover of, or part of it, or what? It's great anyway... My brother is going to like this when he gets back from uni. And did you take a guess that I'd know some of this or have you seen me comment on my extreme love for Secret of Mana?

    Part 2:

    Track 1 - A dubby, hip-hop track with a sample I really recognise in the background. Sounds like a mix between an old chillled out Timo Maas song I forget the name of and Bt or something. It's good, but sadly loses it's way just a little bit towards the end.

    Track 2 - A track from Rez... I can't remember which area, I think it might be the one with all the green, but I don't really remember. This is great, although it is strange hearing it removed from my actions.

    Track 3 - Veeeeeery loooooong. A slightly jazzy, glitchy piece. It almost sounds like it could be old Aphex Twin or Autechre, but I don't think it is. Quite enjoyable, but at 25 minutes it does rather little for rather a lot of time. The soulful bit in the last 5 minutes is nice.

    Track 4 - An abstract techno piece, with a train and a funny noise going through it. Much shorter, but still almost seven minutes long. Again, sounds like Autechre or something (although I've never really listened to Autechre). Quite pleasant but couldn't really be classed as music!

    Track 5 - This is good. Ambient again and I REALLY REALLY know the awowaawawaa vocal from somewhere... But I'm not sure where!

    Track 6 - Hip-hop... Quite cool sample based breaks and scratches fun.

    Track 7 - The Eels - Susan's House. Brilliant track. I used to love the Eels, and stopped listening after I was put off by the second album. I've decided I might have been wrong though and as such bought the last album which is good. This is still great.

    Track 8 - Sort of ambient breakbeat. A recognise a sample in it... This sounds a bit like someone like Backini or something.

    Track 9 - Sort of classical piece that sounds like it must come from a film or a game. Quite Final Fantasy-esque. Stirring stuff, I feel I need to be slaying some evil force to get the most out of this.

    Track 10 - The Killers - Mr Brightside. One of my girlfriend's favourite bands... The Killers are alright, and this is definately their best song. The Jacques Lu Cont mix is fantastic too btw...

    Track 11 - This is brilliant. I used to have it but lost it when my hard drive crashed a while ago. I could never find it on my iPod because I couldn't ever remember it's name, and no-surprises, I can't now either. I think the title has something to do with birds, or the colour blue, or something... I have to admit I discovered this in an episode of the OC much to my embarrasment. I hope you don't mind but I like it so much and it fits into the sound of the CD I'm sending this month so I've stuck it on <_<

    Overall, some good stuff, no particular theme but the spookiness of the mystery sender combined with the fact that it contained references to two of my favourite games and had a song I loved but had lost (plus that vocal I recognise) maintained an elation throughout.


  11. 1 - Can't remember exactly what this is called but it's about "I go through all this before you wake yadda yadda". Very slow acoustic version.

    7 - Annoying voiced woman sings that one that goes "Hey now hey now, don't dream it's over"

    9 - Really, really dour acoustic version of Hit Me Baby One More Time. The kind of thing that would only appeal to dead inside musos.

    14 - A mauling of Feeling Good by Nina Simone. For shame.

    Thought you might like to know a couple of the originals whilst you wait for the proper tracklisting...

    1. Must be a cover of Bjork's Hyperballad.

    7. That'll be a cover of Crowded House's Don't Dream It's Over

    9. Could this be the Travis cover that was rather big a few years back?

    14. This might be Muse's cover version. If it is, it's shocking and I command the sender to stab pins in their own eyes.

  12. No problem man, thanks for sending it. I'll look out for that Roots album.

    blackplastic, have you had chance to listen to my cd yet?

    Things Fall Apart is fantastic. Easily in my top 10 favourite albums...

    Anyway, will endevour to post some feedback within the next five hours. Watch this space.

  13. There was a clue with the stamps I used and the cd should have my name as the artist if you put it in your pc. I was hoping you'd post some comments first but seeing as you keep on asking, I'll admit it was actually from me. Sorry to play games with you, I do like to have a little fun ;) Hope you like it as much as the first cd?

    Haha... Just got the clue!!! I've only listened to the first two tracks of part two tbh becuase it came this morning and I've been busy... So far though, so very good. Enjoyed the Rez track! More comments soon!

  14. Okay Ant73, feedback time (sorry about the delay):


    Tried to work out who this is, it should be easy given the intro, but I can't get it! Anyway, a nice soul piece.

    2. Be Thankful For What You've Got - ???

    Love this, William DeVaughn does a nice version and the Massive Attack one is also alright, but I think this might be best (not sure which is the orignal though... Obviously not Massive Attack). Really, really like it.

    3. ???

    Nice soul work out. Enjoyed driving in my car to this one!

    4. ???

    Very funky and I recognise it but don't know what it is... Is it always an instrumental? Sounds like it could be James Brown but I'm clueless.

    5. ???

    This has been sampled by something I'm sure what which is annoying... Nice though.

    6. Call My Name - Charlotte Church

    I new I recognised this but couldn't think what it was until my girlfriend told me. Anyway, I hate Charlotte just because of who she is, but I have to say this is quite catchy. It also has a very subtle bit about 1:25 in that sounds like Silver Screen Shower Scene by Felix Da Housecat.

    7. ???

    I know this, but can't think who it is. Good Motown-esque stuff.

    8. ???

    Doing badly working out the artists! I know this, normally it has vocals though and I can actually hear them in my head, but I still don't know what it is. Lovely piano and drums. Very summery, much like the rest of the album.

    9. ???

    A bit of a switch in styles, 60s pop stuff. Still summery and pretty enjoyable.

    10. ???

    Another one I know but I'm not sure what it is or how I know it... Good though.

    11. ???

    A funky track, no idea what it is.Quite like it, but not as memorable as most of this... Probably a grower.

    12. ???

    This is cool, a lot of this actually sounds like the sort of thing David Holmes (whom I love) would DJ with actually. Nice minimal drums.

    13. ???

    Funky track about having a party. This made me laugh as I was pulling up into the carpark at work. Good stuff.

    14. ???

    Love the brass. Freeform funk/jazz piece. No idead what it is, but it's good.

    15. ???

    Love this, very funny and the guy's voice is cool. Interested to know how recent this is, it's obviously deliberately trying to sound old.

    Anyway, overall very good, mostly works nicely together as a whole and is a great summer album that I would definetly stick on with a barbecue. Now, who did it all?!

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