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  1. I was just saying that's what your description sounded like. It features music from Seiken Densetsu 2 and 3 (Secret of Mana 1 & 2) as well as other stuff from the games composer Hiroki Kikuta. It's a brilliant album IMO.

    Ooooh... The mystery continues...

  2. Got something yesterday and I'm fairly confused... It is labelled 'Part 1', but there is only one disc.. Is there another somewhere?! It is one continuous track, a mix of ambient-ish sounds, most of which (especially the first 12 minutes) sound like they must be from Secret of Mana... Is it all music from Square games? Or all from SoM? It sounds like it's been remixed, are these taken from OCRemix or has the person who sent it done this all themselves? Can I have some answers please because I'm very curious.

    P.S. It's rather bloody good too!

  3. Ant73, got what I presume is your CD today (had nothing written on it, but the jiffy bag was open, maybe the postman stole something?!)...

    So far, so good... Listened to most of it (I've got to about track 11, don't know how many there are) and it is very enjoyable. Will post full comments soon(ish).

  4. Their website only has rubbish samples and the video is terrible quality and kept skipping (and it really is a rubbish site)

    They don't seem to be listed on purevolume, so anyone got a link to a track? I've heard them mentioned quite a bit now so I should probably check them out, even if I'm not a big fan of pop-punk

    You could use the iTunes Music Store, they'll have samples there.

  5. I have been shit.  Got my CD but not had a chance to listen to it, and have got a playlist ready to burn for my reciepient, but not done it yet.  It WILL go out on Monday.

    Sorry, sorry, sorry.

    Still not received this... Did you send it?

  6. No the most indepth comments as Ive not had a decent amount of time to listen to this (my mp3 and minidisk players both broke this week and I listen to music more on the move than anyother time)


    Really like this one, I like the way it starts out quite chilled, kicks in to a more upbeat style and then slows right back down..


    Cheesy 80's synths, fits in well between 1 and three


    SHOUT!  Great track


    another one I liked, especialy the fast part of the vocal.


    Not a big fan of this one but it fits in well with the other tracks


    Don't like this at all


    Quite slow but pleasing to the ear, im sure I recognise the vocal.


    This is the best track on the cd for me


    I like this one too.. again sounds familiar


    Enjoyed this one, the change of pace half way through works well


    Is the intro from Sonic?! This is a nice track, simple guitar riff, quite pleasant.

    12 - 15

    Didnt really like the last few tracks.

    Sorry I couldnt write more.


    Haha! More positive than I thought, wasn't sure you'd like the style. Shame you didn't like the last few tracks though.


    1. The Creepers - Baby's On Fire

    2. John Carpenter - The End

    3. Tears for Fears - Shout (US Version)

    4. Yello - Bostich

    5. Easy Going - Fear

    6. Bobby 'O' - I'm So Hot For You

    [didn't think you'd like that, but his stuff is always remixed into things by 2 Many DJs etc, just thought it was interesting to hear a song in its original form]

    7. Thomas Dolby - One Of Our Submarines (Salz Mix)

    8. Kraftwerk - Showroom Dummies

    9. The Passions - I'm In Love With A German Filmstar (Long Version)

    [this has been on a lot of 80s compilations recently so you might have heard it on those]

    10. Giorgio Moroder / Skatt Bros - Evolution / Walk The Night

    [i put this together, the tracks weave in and out of each other a bit. Giordio Moroder's goes all the way through and the Skatt Bros track is all the vocals and some of the guitars. I also dropped Tiga's 'Burning Down' into it for a laugh].

    11. Gang of Four - At Home He's A Tourist

    [No sonic... sorry!]

    12. Softcell - Memorabillia (Kill The DJ Edit)

    13. The Kills - No Wow

    [Think this has been remixed by Ivan Smaaghe, off his Fabric mix album]

    14. The Cramps - New Kind of Kick

    15. Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again

    [shame you don't like this, I think it is a lush end to the album...]

    So there you go. Fairly heavily inspired by the mixes of Ivan Smaaghe, The Glimmers and Felix Da Housecat.

  7. Absolutely awesome. I bought t of itunes for just over £6.

    I like Pull the Lever and What's Your Damage the most so far.

    You can hear the musical rule book being torn to shreds in the background /NME style wank quote

    "The end of the future sounds like this"

  8. Do!

    1: Jedi Mind Tricks - Sacrafice

    2: Jedi Mind Tricks - Blood In, Blood Out

    3: A Perfect Circle - The Nurse Who Loved Me

    4: Jimmy Eat World - Firestarter (Did you recognise the lyrics?)

    5: Less Than Jake - Just Like Frank

    Alot of 6-19 were similar.. theres another APC track at the very end, and a couple of LTJ and JEW tracks also.

    I'm afriad I couldnt get hold of alot of the tracks I wanted so theres alot there thats similar, it was meant to have a bit more variety.

    Any chance of some feedback Gaz?

  9. Count me in.

    But... I'm going to do a Christmas-themed one, which I'll send intentionally late in the month.

    Ditto that. Count me in please!

    I've not had last month's but i've been told it is coming soon!

  10. Just  a quick note, I recieved "the black album" a couple of days ago, Ive listened to and enjoyed it but I need to have a proper listen before I can make comments.

    Cool... I'm back from Iceland now and look forward to your comments!

  11. Running Down The Way Up - BT

    My love for BT started back in 95 when I first heard the many versions of Embrace the Sunshine. I loved his first album and the other releases/remixes he did at the time. The second album was also pretty decent, although you could see he was developing his style. I've not heard a full album since, just odd tracks here and there that seem to vary quite a lot in style and quality. This seems like a good one, Jan Johnston on the vocals by the sounds of it. Reminded me of the lovely Remember. I liked the second half best, plenty of fat bass and then that lovely ending with the guitar. Ended rather abruptly though ;)

    Wrong actually... Think its one Kirsty Hawkshaw actually.


  12. So I've given this few listens through now, and it really is good. Unusally the middle section of the album is really strong, with jingle jangle and the 2 or 3 after that being current favourites of mine. The album as a whole reminds me in a way of what the strokes' second album did; definately in the same mould as the debut but more relaxed, perhaps less immediate and more of a grower. Good job, HHH  :(

    I've been loving this since Ravern turned me on to Oh, Goddamit in June's CD Mix Club, forcing me to buy both albums. The middle section ('You Owe Me An IOU' through to 'Middle of Nowhere') is all killer, no filler. great stuff!

  13. 7. BT - Running Down The Way Up


    What a track...

    EDIT: And back on topic, I will be sending out my CD very soon, so the recipient should get it by the end of the week. I don't think it's their type of thing though. Be interested in their response. I've tried to edit it together but it's a little rough around the edges, and at one point kind of over the top. I'm off to Reykjavik next Tuesday, returning on the 30th so I won't be able to respond to any comments during that period, and if I don't get my CD soon feedback will be a little late...

  14. McNeillR, yours went in the post this afternoon.  Here's the tracklisting:

    Join My Stream - Popsicle

    Too Young - Phoenix

    When I Grow Up - Garbage

    Close Your Eyes - Chemical Brothers

    Mood Swing - Luscious Jackson

    Cannot Contain This - Moloko

    Down To Earth - Grace

    Dream Attack - New Order

    The Golden Path - Chemical Brothers

    Wild Horses - The Sundays

    Wasted - Mazzy Star

    Histrionics - Popsicle

    With Arms Outstretched - Rilo Kiley

    It's a bit of an odd mixture of stuff this month - mainly cos my brain is too frazzled from the week to actually put together something with a theme.  All good tunes though (or at least I think so, obviously!). 

    In fact, looking through it again, I suppose the theme is Stuff I Like To Sing Along To.  There you go, not quite so random after all.

    Hmmm... I like the look of that!

  15. I'll email it to you if you like. It's German techno and tip toes on a balancing beam between teeth shatteringly irritating, and being brilliant.

    Okay, I like it... But I've discovered I already have this on the Erol Alkan Bugged Out CD and the Freeform Five Misch Masch CD. Should really check out my collection before making other people go to effort!

  16. I think the DVD had some videos on and stuff.  Power Play have cancelled my order now, so perhaps it doesn't exist!

    Errr... Haven't seen it anywhere so that sounds likely.

  17. Tracklist:

    Boards of Canada - 1969

    FC Kahuna - Hayling

    Shuggie Otis - Island Letter

    Ulrich Schnauss - Monday Paracetamol

    Röyksopp - Sparks

    Roy Ayers - Searching

    Hood - The negatives...

    Common - Love Is

    H- Foundation - Tonight (King Britt's Sexy Mix)

    london electricity - 'Round The Corner

    Roman Flügel - Gehts Noch?

    Röyksopp - 49 Percent

    Well despite what Hairy Jesus says I think this looks ace. Hayling is great, as is anything Ulrich does. The Common track is the best thing off 'Be' and the Royksopp track has got great vocals by Chelonis R. Jones.

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