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  1. It's listed as track 14 on the download I've got. It's 9 minutes of what seems to be silence, but replaygain says that there's a peak of 0.000185 somewhere in it, which leads me to think they've just mastered the track incredibly quietly.

    Ahhh... I'll try turning it up next time. Lets just hope I don't crash when my car stereo loops back to track one!

  2. Track 10

    Quite trance-y, reminds me of the stuff you used to get on Platypus records.  Quite nice but I’ve generally stopped listening to this type of thing.

    Track 11

    Tracks ten and eleven seem to be mixed, yet most of the rest don’t (sounds like tracks 7 & 8 are faded in)… Did you mix these?  Trance-y again but with a more interesting synth line.  Almost sounds like it wants to be Jean Michael Jarre with the laser-style noises in the background.  Like the bassline too but it could be lifted in the mix.

    Faith and Technology Parts 1 and 2 These two tracks should be joined, I put them on a previous cd but like them so much...

    Generally my guess work was poor then... :ph34r:

    Who's the artist on these two tracks above, or am I missing something?

  3. It's only 13 tracks long. 14 including this (very well) hidden track at the end. I think it's a strong album - it's certainly darker and more mixed and oblique than the other two.

    What is the hidden track? Think I went straight past it, finger on the fast-forward button while driving home last night...

    EDIT: I reckon L&M is probably darker actually, but maybe that's just because I haven't listened to it in ages and it has an awesome black cover.

  4. Too true.  Movement In Still Life is an ace album.  Someone needs to tell him that doing his own singing and putting embarassing pictures of himself on the covers of his albums is NOT the way forward.


    I mean really, what was he thinking?

    Haha... definately... I hated it when they ditched the baby pic from MISL and put the stupid picture of him on instead.





    Hmmm... I wonder?

  5. Coo, can I have one of those?

    Farley good sir, feedback on your CD:

    Track 1

    Nice chilled out sounding track with motorbikes at the beginning and weird stuff about Oxy10 at the end. The guitar reminds me of the cheery music from Final Fantasy X.

    Track 2

    I know this, but can’t think what it is. A first I thought it might be early GusGus (maybe something of the Vs. T-World album), but have since decided that it’s probably Orbital or something. Quite nice anyhow!

    Bjork – Play Dead

    Good stuff, I like this. Only discovered a year or two back that I actually really like bjork, having thought for years that I hated it (mostly due to ‘It’s Oh So Quiet’).

    Sub Sub – Ain’t No Love (Ain’t No Use)

    Haha, Sub Sub… My girlfriend liked the fact you included this, although it did almost start an argument as she didn’t believe me when I said that The Doves used to be Sub Sub.

    Track 5

    Quite liked this. Was worried it might be a little boring at first but the vocals swung it for me, keeping this interesting.

    Track 6

    Unfortunately this skips a bit. A nice enough old-school/chilled song with nice breaks, but not as good as the previous track.

    BT & Tsunami One – Hip Hop Phenomenon

    Not heard this in ages but absolutely love it. I used to love the Movement In Still Life album and haven’t listened to it in ages so will have to re-visit. Unfortunately BT’s latest stuff isn’t quite up to par. As an aside, Movement In Still Life is surely the album with the highest number of different releases. Three in this country (initial release, then a version with a bonus disc, then a version of remixes etc.) plus a different version for the US. Crazy.

    Track 8

    Is this Brown Paper by Roni Size (if not, is it LTJ Bukem)? Nice chilled DnB. Used to be quite into Drum and Bass (although more liquid, less intelligent) when I lived in Sheffield due to the clubs up there (Drum and Bass Arena, NY Sushi and Tuesday Club…) but stopped listening a couple of years ago because the scene seemed to stop moving… Maybe I shall dig out my old Movement mix albums!

    Track 9

    Darker Drum and Bass, still good though. No idea who it is…

    Track 10

    Quite trance-y, reminds me of the stuff you used to get on Platypus records. Quite nice but I’ve generally stopped listening to this type of thing.

    Track 11

    Tracks ten and eleven seem to be mixed, yet most of the rest don’t (sounds like tracks 7 & 8 are faded in)… Did you mix these? Trance-y again but with a more interesting synth line. Almost sounds like it wants to be Jean Michael Jarre with the laser-style noises in the background. Like the bassline too but it could be lifted in the mix.

    Track 12

    Ooooh, it’s a long one! Again, sounds like it could be Orbital or Leftfield but I’ve never really got into so I wouldn’t know for sure.

    Overall I like you mix, it works nicely as a cohesive whole. It all sounds quite cold and ice-like, which is quite cool because I’m planning on going to Iceland at the end of the month! Woohoo! Worth the wait too, although the case is knackered because when I received the CD it was in one of those royal mail bags that says “we kicked the crap out of your post and almost lost it… Sorry! (p.s. if it was irreplaceable you’re fucked)”. The envelope was basically torn in half so I’m amazed the CD didn’t get lost!

  6. Count me in. My selection is pretty much already made, I just want to edit it all together. It's going to be a relatively dark 80s style mix this month, and I think it's pretty good (even if I do say so myself), but if you don't like 80s stuff or any dance music the recipent is unlikely to get into it.

  7. I finally finished mine, will post tomorrow. Apologies for the delay, it is good though. Didn't quite have room to fit I Need Your Lovin on so next time.

    Got this yesterday. Have listened to about a third. Will give it a proper listen over the weekend and one the drive in on Monday and post thoughts. So far so good, cheers!

  8. The mp3s all came out fine (with the 'Paranoia' option on CDex :huh: ) so it's not a problem.

    It's a nice CD, quite laid-back with lots of interesting tracks. I'm guessing they're all covers given the title of the CD, but to be honest there were a lot I didn't recognise (but enjoyed them as songs on their own, anyway).

    I particularly liked the aforementioned Pulp cover, the nine-minute version of Tainted Love and the cover of Come As You Are (which is so different that I didn't recognise it until right at the end, despite hearing the original very recently). Also the last track, because it's funny. :P

    I didn't like Ladytron - Oops (Oh My). I'd heard it before - I bought the Evil single to get it since it sounded really interesting, but it's a much better in concept than execution, I think.

    Also, I thought track 16 was the proper version of the Fruity Track (or whatever it's called) so I'll have to get the original to see what that's like.

    One thing that did bother me, though, was that I thought 'Marilyn Manson did this better' twice when listening to the CD, which can't be right :(

    Okay, tracklisting as follows, and yes, they are all covers (with the possible exception of 'The Fruity Track' depending on what you define as a cover):

    Track / Cover Artist / Original Artist

    1. Common People / William Shatner & Joe Jackson / Pulp

    Suprised you've not heard this, it got a fair amount of radio play. It's quite jolly though and the fact it features BVs and guitars by Joe Jackson means it's alright with me.

    2. Oops Oh My / Ladytron / Tweet

    Shame you don't like this, I saw them perform it live and think it's great! Oh well... My girlfriend hates it too.

    3. Ain't That Pretty At All / Pixies / Warren Zevon

    On the whole I tried to avoid songs where I heard the cover before the original because I wanted stuff where you were more likely to have heard the original than the cover (sounds like I failed there). This was the exception. I know very little about Warren Zevon, but this is a cover of him (you can get the original up in the iTunes Music Store if you want to hear it). Recorded since the pixies re-formed this is so great I find it hard not to put it on every CD I ever make.

    4. I Heard It Through The Grapevine / The Slits / Marvin Gaye

    I think Marvin Gaye did this originally but someone else might have got there first, I can't remember. Anyway, classic cover.

    5. Seven Nation Army (Harry Potter and George Bush's Severed Head Army Mix) / The Flaming Lips / The White Stripes

    This is quite cool if a little tripped out. My girlfriend told me I had to put it on.

    6. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger / Uminski / Daft Punk

    A funny rock cover of DP's original. It was a toss up between this and the fairly similar Whomadewho's cover of the Benny Bennasi's Satisfaction. This won on the basis you're less likely to have heard it.

    7. I Wanna Be Your Dog / Dakar & Grinser / The Stooges

    There are several dance versions of this song (another good one is Archigram's Doggy Style). I went with this one because it is more a 'cover' and less a remix.

    8. Miss You (Les Rhythmes Digitales' The Thin White Duke Mix) / Mirwais feat . Craig Wedren / The Rolling Stones

    The second cover of this song I've featured on a rllmuk mix club CD (see June's).

    9. Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go / Softcell / Gloria Jones/The Supremes

    Two for the price of one. Tainted Love was by Gloria Jones and Where Did Our Love Go was The Supremes. Softcell rolled them into one glorious 9 minute epic. Sorry, but I disagree about the Manson comment :( .

    10. Blue Monday / Flunk / New Order

    Nice chilled cover.

    11. Just Can't Get Enough / Nouvelle Vague / Depeche Mode

    One of two Depeche Mode covers on the CD.

    12. Come As You Are / Dani Siciliano / Nirvana

    As you mentioned, a very different take on Nirvana's original.

    13. Personal Jesus / Johnny Cash / Depeche Mode

    The other Depeche Mode cover. Again, a toss up between this and Cash's take on Nine Inch Nails' Hurt. I thought this is a bit more quirky and you were less likely to have heard it. Once again, I have to disagree and say both this and Depeche Mode's versions are superior to Mr Manson's, but that's personal preference for you :( .

    14. Number of the Beast / Zwan / Iron Maiden

    I think this cover really puts a lovely dark spin on the original, with lots of druggy overtones.

    15. Lay Lady Lay / Magnet (with the delightful Gemma Hayes) / Bob Dylan

    A cover of a classic that really works. I love Gemma Hayes and her vocals here are so sultry it almost hurts.

    16. The Fruity Track / Lemon Jelly / The Presidents of the United States of America (song originally called Peaches)

    Not technically a cover, since it doesn't maintain the title and is more of a remix. Still, it's a really really great track.

    17.Money (That's What I Want) / The Flying Lizards / The Beatles (that's the best known version I think, but they weren't first)

    As featured in the film Empire Records. It took me ages to find a copy of this. It's a bit barmy, but I love it.

    18. Short People / The Wannadies / Randy Newman

    I can't help but sing this in the shower if I have to lift the shower head up because some short person has lowered it before me.

    Anyway, I guess it was a pretty varied selection so I wouldn't expect many people to like all of it but I hope you found some stuff there you liked!

  9. blackplastic - I had problems playing the CD (lots of skipping) but I've ripped it to mp3 now, which seems to have worked ok. Will post comments tomorrow.

    sandrarichards - I think I've got the tracklisting for your CD worked out now. Will burn it and post it tomorrow (probably)

    Oh, sorry, I meant to listen to it before I sent it off but ran out of time. I've been having problems burning CDs since I upgraded to iTunes 5, but I think it's a problem with my computer rather than anything else so am looking at buying an Mac :angry: .

    Let me know if you continue to have problems and I'll mail you another copy.

  10. Ill post a list up of who supposed to send to who in the next couple of days. If they don't make an effort though then they will be blacklisted.

    If you've made a commitment....

    Sorry, mine is coming this weekend. I've had a bit of a mental month but it is sorted, just need to put some fades in and burn it. Don't think I'll get the chance to do any artowrk this month though :P

    Still not received anything either... That'll be karma then.

  11. This is all scary bright colours on my computer at work using Windows Media Player. Is this a codec problem? I have a DivX codec, and this looks like a wmv file anyhow... Anyone got any ideas?

  12. The Delta pack is available for download.

    Haven't played it yet but its all Puma sponsored.  Still its free.

    My 32MB stick is starting to bulge.  Time to exorsise some ghosts.  :angry:

    Hmmm.... Can this be downloaded via USB if you have the US version or is it UK only? I don't wanna have to buy another copy!

    EDIT: And has anyone managed to get the Coke stuff running yet? Will that only work on Japanese copies? Beginning to think I bought from the wrong region... :angry:

  13. My download must have been mislabelled then - you know - the one with the oompah band and Paul McCartney's Cats' Chorus

    The frog song?

    Anyway... I think this is aces. Music you make your head explode. Tracks two, three and six are perfection.

  14. Not surprised by this, but disappointed. Never seen Miss Kittin DJ but her CD mixes are great (check out Radio Caroline if you don't believe me). Have heard she's got a bit of a tendency to be a twat though, she's slagged off Felix loads.

  15. That's exactly how I described it to my sceptical brother after finishing it. He bloody loved it.

    I really want a next-gen sequel. I also really don't.

    I agree, I completed it, but I just think I'm too scared to go back to Carcer City again.

    And Pigsy better stay dead.

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