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  1. You are C.J

    You are from 'the hood' but can drive every type of car, boat and plane/helicopter imaginable and use every weapon under the sun.

    Last time I played a lot of those things were debatable. Maybe it's just me being shit, but CJ can't even drive from on side of town to the other without a couple of light-medium crashes. And when armed and under fire insists on pointing the gun at passing pedestrians before anybody who is actually slowly killing him.

  2. I must fight the temptation to download the new album.  Sugar is brilliant, and so is Tender Talons.  So I'm looking forward to the album!

    I'm currently waiting on a potential promo copy... Quite excited (although I still think 'Seventeen' is their 'defining moment')!

  3. Just heard about a possibly cool PSP promotion involving Coca-Cola and Wipeout Pure on the PSP. Sadly the Coke site is in Japanese so I have no idea what the deal is. Here is a bit of english for those that are curious and like me, not remotely fluent in Japanese.

  4. Way to hijack a thread guys.

    So, how many forumites are lurking in the badlands of Suffolk?

    Should we take this to off-topic?

    Is there a meet a-brewing?

    All these and more probably won't be answered soon.

    Sorry, my excitement got the better of me... Real people... In Sudbury!

  5. ok, I've just ordered a few of the limited edition packs. once received, I'll get my mates at backbone to personally autograph the packages and then offer them up for sale :P

    Severely tempted Jim... Just wish I new if it is any good...

  6. I wouldn't get Tourist, as apart from 'Wires' and 'Modern Mafia' the album is rather bland, and I can't abide Joel Pott's Mockney singing accent.

    Get 'Now Here Is Nowhere', an exceptional album.

    My $.02


    Buy it. If you choose 'Tourist' over 'Now Here...' you're dead inside.

  7. Cheers guys,

    Just updated and put Cyhwuhx Resi 4 wallpaper on.  Total quality.  Thanks.  Think I'll be changing them every day.  Impressed with the PDO one.  Any chance of a Halo 2?

    Now just need to find some free wi-fi spot in the depths of suffolk... ;)

    Ditto... Where in suffolk are you?!

  8. PS2 - SOS Final Escape - 66% (I completely disagree with this.. I own far worse... State of Emergency for one...).

    XBox - Mad Dash Racing - 65% (the shop gave it to me for free, I tried to give it back... They wouldn't let me).

    GC - Mario PArty 4 70% (more than generous... I'll concede defeat there).

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