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  1. I'd struggle to have the energy to read on if I saw faithless on a line-up too.
  2. You should be able to get all the bottle caps just by shooting all the targets (bar ashley) with both weapon types. If you're not then it might be worth checking you are getting *all* the targets. Not meaning to be patronising, but have you tried standing a little bit further to one side? Sometimes you get a target hiding behind an ashley one so you can't see it.
  3. nasty shading on the font
  4. None of those look quite as great as Gondry's sadly... Still, will probs get a couple of them.
  5. Get Now Here Is Nowhere. My favourite album of last year. It is gloriously sublime. I love it. Buy it. Hal is quite good, but not as good as I had hoped. Get Behind Me Satan is good but feels more disposable than Elephant. Funeral is good, not reallt given it much time yet though. A Certain Trigger is very catchy and (whisper it) actually a bit of a throw back to britpop. I bought 'Chutes Too Narrow' by The Shins last weekend, it's very nice (but very short). Get the Secret Machines LP. If you don't already have it you're clearly barking.
  6. Best video in the world, ever...!: The Whitestripes - Fell In Love With A Girl Also rans: Unkle - Rabbit In Your Headlines Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar I used to like Radiohead - Just, but I've not seen it for ages... Have to think of some more...
  7. blackplastic

    Psp 2.0

    Why stagger the release then, given that the internet is GLOBAL!!!??? This shhhh... is bananas.
  8. Dunno actually... I've not heard one either. EDIT: I think it might just be an age thing actually... I don't think they do the Hang All DJs ones anymore, but I could be wrong.
  9. I say shoot its creators creators, thus denying their existance all together.
  10. EDIT: It's got a rawk soundtrack too... Just like the film (hasn't). And the whole point of the film is it's anarchistic and Palahniuk is sposed to be a nihilist for fucks sack. If I think about this game too much it just might destroy everything I believe in.
  11. There seems to be some confusion amongst people here... There are only 10 'As Heard On Radio Soulwax...' albums (one of which is volume 2, which has been officially released). 'Radio Soulwax' on the other hand are mixes done for the radio as opposed to albums, and there are thirty of those, and 5 of the 'Hang All DJs' mixes. As such the torrent is complete, in that it offers all ten of the 'As Heard...' ones.
  12. You mean the trees look like two bitmaps slotted together?
  13. They should put that qoute on the box art.
  14. Errrr.... It *has* been confirmed as backward compatible though hasn't it (hasn't it?) so he does know.
  15. Going North or South? Or East? EDIT: Sorry, from Kendal, that'll be North then.
  16. It's being sold in Woolworths so I doubt it...
  17. blackplastic

    Killer 7

    Lynch's stuff might sometimes have curveballs and red herrings but on the whole there IS meaning, and most (if not all) the stuff in his films means something (at least in those I've got to grips with). For example Mulholland Drive has some fantastic symbolism when you start thinking about it. Without doubt in my top ten favourite films.
  18. blackplastic

    Killer 7

    Well they could have added it as an additional option post-completion I suppose, but I really don't see it as that big an issue (I am only at level 2.2 though).
  19. blackplastic

    Killer 7

    But some of us haven't done normal mode. I went straight in on deadly because I felt that was the way to get the best out of the game. I don't want the gimp missing because of that. His surreality adds to the atmosphere. If he bugs you just don't talk to him!
  20. I would definately agree with Amplitude... I've only ever seen it once, and I was too skint to buy it then.
  21. Hmmm... they have that in a little shop in town... can't be arsed to shell out for it though.
  22. Leave it on sleep mode, I've played Lumines for about 5 days before!
  23. Is Jem english? I thought she was probably a yank? And KT Tungstall... What a twat.
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