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  1. That's Droopy McCool ! From the second best band in the Star wars universe.
  2. Real nice! I'm also guessing the Amstrad version is going to be rarer than the Spectrum one. Has anyone tried Shpok yet? It seems a bit rubbish from my first glance, stuff from over a year ago still listed and no postage prices or posting even given as an option.
  3. Another vote for Skies of Arcadia! After achieving everything you could on it I haven't played a JRPG since, as nothing else has been as good.
  4. . It's looking real good! Did you use a starter set like this? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BARTOP-ARCADE-MACHINE-2-PLAYER-DIY-FLAT-PACK-KIT-12MM-MDF-/151895910653?hash=item235db3a8fd:g:8uEAAOSwVFlUITqn I'm seriously considering having a crack at building one next year, that link to the side art seller makes one less hurdle, as I would have no idea where to get it printed otherwise!
  5. . My nephew got this recently, I don't know how good it is but seems a decent pricehttp://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00RSLBK8U?ref_=cm_sw_r_awd_visowbEFWTNJW
  6. Great, now I have the pacland tune in my head, and I didn't even watch that video.
  7. Thanks SeanR, There used to be really good collector/comic fairs like this in London, but then I think they got too frequent, and seem to get smaller each time. I definitely want to get to one of these while they are still growing and there are bargains to be had!
  8. Is the london one being organised by the same people? I fancy going to one but probably won't make it until March next year
  9. Does it? I have one sitting around somewhere.
  10. bloody hell! That's early! Hope you get something to make it worth it. bloody hell! That's early! Hope you get something to make it worth it.
  11. Good work! I often feel people should post the time they got up/got to the boot to make me feel a bit more motivated to get out of bed and get those bargains!
  12. I use WD40 never had any problems with it
  13. I'm always suprised at how well tapes hold up considering, nearly all the speccy originals ive tried to load have worked. Like you though floppies not so much, but this might be due to the disc drives being mostly full of dust. Can you get edge protectors for catridges? Might be handy if you can.
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