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  1. The best solution would be offering a choice of difficulty options but also offering a choice to turn on/off dynamic difficulty, or to simply go down the "Would you like to temporarily turn down the difficulty?" prompt that you find in numerous games. What's the point of offering different difficulty settings but then not respecting what the player wants from the game?
  2. Did he write that for Inception? I thought it was Captain Phillips... or was it The Thin Red Line no no no, it was 12 Years A Slave...
  3. So basically we're still in the speculative territory that Kerraig was when he started the thread.
  4. Remind me when else this happens?
  5. Any examples? I stuck a few titles from Kerraig's long list into google and found them all for streaming via Amazon and Google Play.
  6. I understand this, but I still found him a difficult character to sympathise with. The necessity of his existence is nothing more than testimony to how rotten to the core professional football has become.
  7. Absolute knock out episode. Makes last week's tour de force look average. The "road" conversation between Mike and Jimmy was devastating, and summed up the tragedy of all four major characters of this programme, lifting this series to The Wire levels of tragic fate.
  8. Does anyone else always give things to Blathers in multiples to avoid the guilt of saying that you don't want to hear more about it?
  9. Dodo code: 0S7X0 Have oranges to take too. edit: gate closed
  10. Turnips selling for 154 here this afternoon. Anyone interested?
  11. @David Heath The best way to get answers to most of those is to read item descriptions, if you don't want easier direct explanations from us! None of those would be massive spoilers to explain, but it would be a more authentic experience to try to figure them out/discover over time/read descriptions.
  12. I think it's more relevant for the variety of different types of films for different tastes.
  13. U wot mate? The Master, Tabu, The Act of Killing, Moonrise Kingdom, Life of Pi, The Dark Knight Rises, Berberian Sound Studio, Beyond the Hills, In Bloom?
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