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  1. I think it's more relevant for the variety of different types of films for different tastes.
  2. U wot mate? The Master, Tabu, The Act of Killing, Moonrise Kingdom, Life of Pi, The Dark Knight Rises, Berberian Sound Studio, Beyond the Hills, In Bloom?
  3. Some of these years are ridiculous. Probably the fifteenth film on my list from a year like 2014 is better than my third pick for 2011. 2010 1. Four Lions 2. True Grit 3. Inception 2011 1. Melancholia 2. Tree of Life 3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 2012 (A year of unbelievable quality) 1. Amour 2. The Act of Killing 3. The Master 2013 (And another) 1. Gravity 2. 12 Years a Slave 3. Coherence 2014 (and another) 1. Two Days, One Night 2. Leviathan 3. Inherent Vice
  4. Sunrise Aaaaaaaah! Koyaanisqatsi
  5. Cinema Paradiso Amelie The Artist Rush Hour
  6. Watched the first three episodes, of which the first is probably the weakest and the second the strongest. Good fun with an overall shape to the series and each episode that is promising. Doctor Who format in a Game of Thronesish world.
  7. Hastily put together, undoubtedly wrong. 2005 1 Cache 2 Grizzly Man 3 A History of Violence 2006 1 Inland Empire 2 Shortbus 3 Das Leben Der Anderen 2007 1. No Country For Old Men 2. There Will Be Blood 2008 1 Wall-E 2 Of Time and City 2009 1 The White Ribbon 2 Up! 3 Une Prohete
  8. There were plenty of decent films but to nominate another film with some of the films that will have to be left out entirely in years to come (2007, 2012...) just felt wrong.
  9. Well, if it's the casting vote I guess I have to plump decisively for... Christmas Carol: The Movie.
  10. Ravern


    Great to see a thread for this, Played it, loved it - its sincerity and its clear intent to tell stories are great.
  11. A largely weak five years in retrospect. 2000 Beau Travail Memento Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2001 Mulholland Dr The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 2002 Punch-Drunk Love The Century of the Self (does this count?) Secretary 2003 The Return Swimming Pool Phone Booth 2004 Dead Man's Shoes Saw Super Size Me
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