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  1. i am so pissed off with the ending of shadow hearts that i think i'm gonna kill the person who write it. i completed it on easter sunday (a week and a half after buying it. my quickest time ever ) and it ruined my day. problem is i don't know why i understood it completely and for some reason i hate it. anyone who knows why please tell me cos i'm gonna go nuts if i don't figure it out. ps. before anyone asks its not because the final boss was the easiest thing i ever fought or cos almost everyone got to live happily ever after (never written happily before its a bugger to spell)
  2. square enix should invest in a console. they rule the rpg world and if they merged with capcom (to form squarecapenix) and the company(s) who made the grandia and shadow heart series and fable then people would have to buy the console so they could play the greatest rpg's on the planet!!! or they could stick with the ps2 either is fine with me.
  3. yeah this game series is a complete waste of time. i played the demo of it on the ds and cube and both times i found myself asleep within seconds of starting. really is a crap series. and what the hell is the point of re-releasing mario 64? p.s i just heard that jigger_jay is back with a different name....
  4. play dot hack games. pretty much exactly what you asked for with the exception you decide the conditions depending on the keywords entered. (its not an online rpg even though its based on one). i cant believe i quoted his entire post. rpgs rule! (well most anyway ffViii and x2 are crap and about 6000 others which i dont know about are probably really crap too)
  5. the two perfect names: 1:that sh*t annoying c*nt that kicks my ar*e everytime 2:that f***ing sh*tty excuse for a bad guy (the reason for the ***'s is cause i don't know whether i can swear on here)
  6. and the award for the most idiotic thing (aside from anything ive ever said ) goes to that dude
  7. ps2: final fantasy x. although not as good as 7 it still was an awesome game. gba: final fantasy tactics advance (thought it was the ps1 version finally getting released over here. still good but very talkative and repetitive) and err.... pokemon saphire (don't laugh.) gamecube: zelda:windwaker. although i originally brought it with mario sunshine 2 weeks before zelda was released (big mistake 2 weeks later and i would've got the zelda bundle ) x-box: i don't have one cos i ran out of cash and its gone back to £150 in all my local stores. snes: got it for a tenner with zelda link to the past and super mario (i dont know which one cos there are too many) megadrive: sonic 1 & 2!! they ruled!! (although my dad brought it technically)
  8. i want an rpg! give me one now! and make it a good one or i will kill everyone with any connection withsony or anyone i want to kill in general such as the arsehole who decided it was a good idea to release a sequal to final fantasy X (unless hes the one who made star ocean in which case i'll spare his life)
  9. right so i'm looking through the topics and guess what i see. ANOTHER mario game. i got seriously annoyed. i thought "leave it and move on" (i know the game was announced ages ago but still i only just heard about it. (i'm talking about mario 64 for the ds)) then i remember that recently mgs3, zelda minish cap, halo 2, wario god knows what the hell the title was, mario v donkey kong, wwe smackdown vs raw, another sonic game, need for speed underground 2, burnout 3 and another spyro and crash bandicoot game. so i was wandering whether or not anyone else has had enough rehashes of old characters and old games. i think we need new characters with new missions or at least knew bad guys. what about you? N.B: i know some of those weren't recent and were bloody brilliant but i was trying to make a point
  10. friend is a bit of an overstatement, try mortal enimies (on here at least). now back to the topic at hand.
  11. i hope not. majoras mask was okish but i wouln't want to see a portable version.
  12. i never said it was. and as for you jigger jay (or jamie) as soon as i figure out if (and how) i can ban people from my threads you'll be the first regardless who you were talking to. oh and you are a lying cunt as well the only person who is a horse fucking thunder cunt is you.
  13. ah the rules. it was none of those it was just an innocent question... sort-of..
  14. if i understand u right then yes. yes it was. now back to christmas games. who said gta was christmassy and why?
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