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  1. Looks to be one amazing piece of kit and a new WipEout is sure tempting, as is a new Everybody's Golf. However they should've swapped the position of the left analog stick with the dpad. I reckon it would be far more comfortable to use as Nintendo have done with the 3DS. Actually holding the unit will tell me all I need to know I suppose, but even from those videos I can see the slightly cramped left thumb of the player when using the left stick, something I hated from the original PSP's design. I take it we're looking at the completed design then?
  2. AG Systems

    Dead Space 2

    Sorry if already asked but does anyone know if the PS3 version includes southpaw controls? The demo didn't and it was basically unplayable as a result. Deal breaker for sure... Cheers!
  3. Loving the fact that southpaw is supported on the PS3 version, but why on earth did the dev decide to swap the actions of the buttons too? So if you need to play like me you'll need to use L2 for primary fire and R2 for secondary, which is so counter intuitive it's not funny. Why couldn't they just swap the sticks over and leave everything else? It probably sounds so trivial to the majority but it's a deal breaker to me.
  4. You have made my day and I thank you kind sir. Plastic hugger ye shall be mine!
  5. The scariest prospect for me concerning the game is the probable lack of a southpaw control setup. Please, for the love of god Rebellion, don't make it unplayable for me before any motion trackers get to work... If anyone has any inside info to this end I'd be eternally grateful.
  6. Sounds like the bit in the bogs in SH2. That was a proper brown cord moment and it's good to see that the new version hasn't left these classic moments out. Far too engrossed in KZ2 currently, but I'll get Homecoming as soon as possible for my PS3. Also I can remember turning to the wife during SH2, it was in the hotel section IIRC, asking if she too heard the whispering voices. She commented that I should take a break. Looking forward to more of these in Homecoming then...
  7. AG Systems

    Wipeout HD

    Can't believe the day has finally arrived! A new WipEout will soon be with us all! Would love if Sony put 2097 and Wip3out up on the euro PSN for download also, but I'm guessing that's a long shot (R Types and RRT4 too please while I'm here). Custom soundtrack on PS3's HDD? Check. All WipEout related goods n' merhcandise within easy reach? Check. Cold Storage's tunes ringing in my ears? Check. It truly is the day of champions. BRING IT.
  8. AG Systems

    Wipeout HD

    Group hug as we creep ever nearer to launch day? I'm currently listening to the ageless "Cardinal Dancer" amongst other golden tracks. I reckon Xpander is up next.... Also giving myself a quick reminder of how brutal the original WipEout is without a neGcon, on the PSP. But Karbonis still has that magic..... Tomorrow is the day that never comes but by christ it had better this time!
  9. AG Systems

    Wipeout HD

    I've still got that Res Evil one too IIRC. Back to the days when a mag lasted a month eh? Headsets as in bluetooth? If so then some better than others. My Plantronics one is quite good, although the new official one from Sony that's coming with SOCOM looks very nice.
  10. AG Systems

    Wipeout HD

    It's not just me then. There's still nothing to beat listening to Cardinal Dancer when driving, just wish that every car had a port for a neGcon.... I may need to dig out my old copy of Maximum with the WipEout feature in it. The hype meter may just about implode at this rate. ONE MORE SLEEP.
  11. AG Systems

    Wipeout HD

    It sure is mate. I can vaguely remember ordering a blue one for the wife too, kinda like the one worn by Sara Cox in the flyer that came with the game (or was it the shitty WipEout album?) Sure that was Sara Cox. Picture of a couple sitting with bloodied noses IIRC. Christ even at 36 I can remember some crap from the good 'ol days! Wearing yours with pride on Thursday then? Might have to be the Cold Storage CD on in the car too.....
  12. AG Systems

    Wipeout HD

    Two more sleeps. Anyone heard anything about merchandising? I've still got my AG-Sys t shirt and bobble hat from back in '95, through Million Dollar IIRC. Seeing as how we'll not get the box to drool over on Thursday a nice new WipEout t shirt would sure fill the void... Hopefully Cold Storage is hard at work mastering the new EP in time for Thursday too!
  13. AG Systems

    Wipeout HD

    I'm still hoping for it to look stunning in good old 720p, although my mate will no doubt be shoving the 1080p version in my face as a comparison..... Don't know if I could justify a new 1080p panel to the wife just for this game. It can't look that much better, can it? Anyway, roll on next Thursday, as now confirmed by Eurogamer!
  14. AG Systems

    Wipeout HD

    I can't imagine they've included support, more me mentioning it out of pure nostalgia. I adored the neGcon, it transformed both WipEout and RR and gave me endless hours of gaming heaven. My mate rated it for Moto Toon GP also. Cracking piece of kit. Must've bought loads over the years, with the latest coming from a Game bargain bin I think. The very thought!
  15. AG Systems

    Wipeout HD

    It's been a long wait, but now the day is finally set in stone. Even at the tender age of 36 a new WipEout still has the ability to ignite the passion... As the release date draws near, I reckon the WipEout bobble hat, AG-Sys t shirt and neGcon will be getting some daylight. The same t shirt drew big Phil H over as I talked to him about the good old days back at the PS3 launch event at 3Rooms so I feel the need to air it once more... Now all we need is Tim Wright to release that Cold Storage HD ep for custom soundtrack made of win and it'll be a day to long remember. Happy times indeed!
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