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  1. Yeah I'm eyeing a massive old Panny plasma that's currently sitting unused..
  2. Excellent it even works on my crappy work PC with no graphics card I can see this is the tip of the iceberg now.. I wasn't even looking for a new project either! (looks at MiSTer & PiTrex)
  3. This thing looks amazing! Does it have the T2 machine?
  4. Which of the 4 options should I choose (genesis, mini, gift)?
  5. Yeah I want to use it with my MiSTer so gonna need to do the faff
  6. I just picked up this beauty (Beovision mx 4002) for a bargain £35! Apparently there's something wrong with the Beo4 remote but sure I can do something with it.. it'll look good in my hoard of retro tech anyway
  7. PGMA6F3 should also get 5% off
  8. I've got one you can have.. pm me if you still need it
  9. Xenon, Rainbow Islands, Spindizzy Worlds
  10. Yup, null modem.. quite a few Stuntcar Racer sessions were had round mine using that. See also soldering your own external floppy drive adapter for 'backups'
  11. Aww I thought I was oot on this but that's cute
  12. There's a guy building one of these on the Uber Vector HW Nerd Facebook group, here's the schematic
  13. I now am the proud owner of such a thing Behold the PiTrex! I finally found a good use for the old Raspberry Pi Zero sitting in my drawer The Baremetal software distro put together by Malban and other Vectrex enthusiasts is getting pretty good - lots of homebrew games and demos to play with, 'speedy vectrex' makes all the original games seem much slicker, plus there are working emulators for arcade vector games! Some are a bit clanky still , but it's great fun to play Atari games like BattleZone on the Veccy!! Just need to try and get Star Wars working now
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