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  1. Hey! Just like we did for Life is Strange 2, we're doing spoilercasts for Tell Me Why. Our spoilercast for chapter one is live on YouTube above, and all podcast services: https://plink.to/thecomputergameshow?to=page And our spoilercast for chapter two will be out next week. Let us know what you think.
  2. That also works for the 6,000 point Madden 2021 card too btw.
  3. Oh ace. I'd love that if you don't mind. I'll send you the money obvs. Is there anything else you're after?
  4. Just added you btw. I'd love to pop over and grab a video camera if it was't one of the daily special items.
  5. Anyone got a camera/camcorder on a tripod?
  6. Thanks for the offer but I’ve just managed to get hold of them miraculously.
  7. I’ll take the desk @Uncle Mike! My gates are open now if you want to come over. I’ll PM you the Dodo.
  8. What colour is your office desk? I might be interested in that.
  9. I’ve got a spare Ironwood Cupboard you can have @Uncle Mike. Currently after these fossils if you have them: Eusthenopteron Pachycephalosarus Tail Pteranodon Left Wing Failing that, I’m after PC’s/Monitors, a TV and a camera.
  10. Yeah thanks everyone! What a ten hours that was eh. Thanks for all the donations and just coming for a visit. It's been KNACKERING.
  11. Oh, sorry. I thought you meant about sending something in the post. But use HDK48 as the Dodo and you can come over now.
  12. Sorry, it's actually HDK48! Whoops.
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