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  1. 27 minutes ago, KartoffelKopf said:

    As someone who only half-watched most of E3, I have no idea what the lies actually were or if the big lie was that there was no big lies. I'm as intrigued for next weeks show as Elmo was at the end of this one. 


    I love the idea of people listening to the show and not realising how much we lied about. Brilliant.

  2. My SteelSeries Arctis 7x finally arrived yesterday, and I love it. Also bought the Atmos licence for Xbox and I'm really impressed.


    Turns out a brand new headset built for next-gen works a lot better than a 11 year old Turtle Beach headset built for the 360.


    Can't believe it.



  3. 58 minutes ago, AceGrace said:

    Nervous about ShopTo. All other items delivered last week with the console showing as 0 for Qty on the invoice.


    Probably just means that it is sitting in the warehouse until Wednesday.


    I was the same for the my Xbox Series X delivery last week. We didn't even get a dispatch notice until the day of release, but it still arrived on launch day. 


    That's just how ShopTo does things apparently, so I'm not worried.


    I do know that my PS5 is due to be delivered from ShopTo via DPD, and you tend to get an DPD dispatch email the night before delivery, so who knows. 

  4. 7 minutes ago, AceGrace said:

    Nothing from ShopTo yet. It has been processing for a couple of days now. Has anyone received any movement from ShopTo?


    Nothing yet for me, but just seen this on Twitter.



    So who really knows eh.

  5. 13 minutes ago, MattKB said:

    I don’t think so. It says the headphones are automatically paired to the dongle (pairing looks to require a pc) so I think you’d be constantly changing. 

    I wonder if it would work with a usb hub but not really sure. You’d still need to flick a switch between Xbox and everything else. 

    Just tried Switch. Works fine too. So that’s basically plug and play on Xbox, PS4, switch, pc and Mac. Have only tried Xbox party chat and the response was I ‘sounded fine’. 


    Cool. So worst case scenario is just swapping the dongle between the machines when I go to play them.


    The only question is whether these will offer the PS5's "3D Audio".


    According to Sony, we'll be able to get 3D Audio just by plugging in standard headsets into the DualSense controller, so fingers crossed this headset works that way too.

  6. 2 hours ago, MattKB said:

    With the 7x, yes. The dongle has a little switch for USB or Xbox mode. So flick that and plug it into your next device. 

    It’s a USB 2 to USB C cable. The benefit of the dongle being usb c is that it can plug direct into android or switch in portable mode.


    Tempted to get this headset with another two dongles so I don't have to keep swapping the dongle between Xbox Series X, PS5, and my PC.


    Reckon that would work? Kinda hoping that the headset would automatically pair with whatever machine is currently switched on.


    I'm still rocking a pair of Turtle Beach x41s (Yeah, I know) so I need something new.


    EDIT: Looks like the multiple dongle idea might not work: 


  7. 4 minutes ago, MagicalDrop said:

    It was a daily special but I can order you one for 32k. I should be online later this evening. 


    Oh ace. I'd love that if you don't mind. I'll send you the money obvs.


    Is there anything else you're after?

  8. 5 hours ago, MagicalDrop said:

    My Cranny actually had some decent stuff today

    - Neon We're Open diner sign in a different colour to the one I have

    - Rattan round table 

    - Video camera on a tripod (32k bells) 

    - Pears cardboard box

    - Black round mirror


    Just added you btw. I'd love to pop over and grab a video camera if it was't one of the daily special items.

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