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  1. I’ve got a spare Ironwood Cupboard you can have @Uncle Mike. Currently after these fossils if you have them: Eusthenopteron Pachycephalosarus Tail Pteranodon Left Wing Failing that, I’m after PC’s/Monitors, a TV and a camera.
  2. Yeah thanks everyone! What a ten hours that was eh. Thanks for all the donations and just coming for a visit. It's been KNACKERING.
  3. Oh, sorry. I thought you meant about sending something in the post. But use HDK48 as the Dodo and you can come over now.
  4. Sorry, it's actually HDK48! Whoops.
  5. Oh, communications crashed. Again. Here's the new Dodo Code for those 515 nips: HDK48 Edit: It's HDK48, not HFK48 as I wrote originally.
  6. Go to the airport and head over to where the letters are. Hugely appreciated!
  7. Gates are still open, and thanks for all the fossils and other donations. Just got five fossils left to get now!
  8. Looks like Turnip.Exchange is getting hammered, so let's do it the old-school way instead. Nips are 515. Dodo Code is: 3KR8R. Because I'm a walking cliche, I'm trying to build a podcast/streaming room. So I'm after PCs, monitors, TVs, video camera, etc. Also: Street lights in black Any living room stuff Any bathroom stuff Fossils: Archelon Tail Eusthenopteron Pachycephalosarus Tail Pteranodon Left Wing Triceratrops Tail Leave any donations on the bit of grass next to Nook's place if that's ok! I'll keep an eye on it throughout the evening, and hopefully enough of you got in earlier so tonight isn't that bad.
  9. The queue and island was empty, so I've closed the gate for now, but I can open it again later if people still have nips to sell.
  10. Cheers. I've accepted the request and I'll keep the gates open tonight.
  11. haha. yeah tbh this has been non-stop stress since 12pm. Beating Sekiro was easier.
  12. https://turnip.exchange/island/3583ffb9
  13. Sure! Island's quiet for the first time since midday
  14. Well it's the same code if you want to go again. Don't think anyone else is on the island either.
  15. Awesome. Thanks everyone! Things to learn for next time: 1. Don't make the link public 2. Don't then tweet said public link with an Animal Crossing hashtag 3. See 1.
  16. Anywhere near where I'm sitting next to Nook's Cranny will do!
  17. https://turnip.exchange/island/3583ffb9 There you go. Queue's empty, and it's a private link now. Stuff I'm after if you fancy giving something away: Office stuff: PCs, monitors, microphones, camera/video camera, etc. Street lights in black Fun stuff: arcade machines, pinball machines, etc Kitchen stuff Lounge stuff Bathroom stuff or nothing at all.
  18. Tell you what I'm going to do, I'm going to delete my public island link and make a private one so only you guys (and the TCGS discord) can join. Much better that way.
  19. Awesome, just accepted the request. I'd happily take the coffee cups, mixer, cream & sugar set and the cordless phone if they're going.
  20. And we're back. What a palava. Same link as before: https://turnip.exchange/island/f00a72c4
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