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  1. I can't work out whether it's more Jackson or Mexico.
  2. I love the GBA version, but playing the DS Pods didn't evoke the same loving feelings. Hopefully when i get the full game that will change. Does anyone know if the PaperPlane game is in again?
  3. I agree, really good. Still miss Legend though!!!11!
  4. murray


    Idiot. Yes, me
  5. murray


    I haven't played it yet, but i think the % is the level of camouflage that your clothes have on the surroundings. Or something like that.
  6. God, i really wanna play this again. But.. [RANT] I played through it the first time, clocked up 79hours worth. Completed the main story mode, went to do the final Zero Mission. Saved it. Went to play it next day... ...[GAME FILE UNABLE TO LOAD. RESTARTING GAME]... So, i created two save files next time. Same thing happened. Killed 2 people in the resulting rage. Haven't played it since. That was December Twenty Ninth, Two Thousand and Four. I want to play. but something's not lettting me. [/RANT]
  7. unfunkingbelievable! Well glad this is getting the Live! treatment. Will it be '4 on one xbox' on live?
  8. Yes! As much as this joke may be over used - Fucking Sega's.
  9. i didn't think the demo was out till the 24th?
  10. Dunno why, but when i just logged onto XboxLive, all my clan stuff was gone. Has this happened to anyone else?! And, could you add me again please? It's: murray001
  11. Oooh, me too please Gamertag: murray001 I'm not totally crap, but still getting whupped. I'm Level 3 , what about everyone else?
  12. Hello, I want to anounce that i have just won £128million in 5 horse race bets. It sure feels good. But that Denise bitch still don't like me like she should. And another girl in the street said i need to smarten up. if only they knew! Anyway, where's the Pilot School?
  13. I just wanna start by saying hello! to everybody. I used to go on the EDGE forums, and have only just found this place. Well happy i have though. Anyway, my Live! Tag is: murray001
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