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  1. Finished this last night. Absolutely loved it. The Xen chapters are SO well done. I didn't finish this back in the day, but considering that people widely regarded the Xen chapters as the worst bit in the game, what they've done here in the remake is an absolute triumph.
  2. It's Dave's turn this year, and too late now.
  3. I got this 10ft/3m cable Amazon for £31.99 in the end. Before that I bought a 16ft/5m Partylink cable from Amazon.com, but that didn't work via my USB-C port on my graphics card. I could've got a USB-C to USB-A adaptor to test it, but I just sent it back instead.
  4. Monday booked off. Oculus Quest ready to go. 10ft USB-C cable ready. Body is also ready.
  5. Good question. I've also got the day booked off, and had hoped it would unlock at 00:01 our time. Also, I've never pre-ordered something from Steam before, but can we pre-load this before launch?
  6. Was trying to hold off from watching those gameplay videos, but couldn't resist any longer. Fucking hell it looks so good. Loads of neat little touches, the interactivity, the environmental storytelling, the atmosphere, the music, etc, etc. PUMPED.
  7. Thanks! And here's our first impressions in video form.
  8. Holy shit yes. In fact, get Jeff Green and Shawn Elliot back from games development and you're onto a winner.
  9. Our Game of the Year 2019 episode is out now! Available to listen on all podcast services and YouTube. Strap in.
  10. I could have done it last night, but I held back. FOR THE STREAM.
  11. I'm Mat. Hey. And yeah, this Sunday's stream was much better. He'll be gone next week for sure.
  12. PSN codes to download the game are currently live in the Fan Gamer Backer Survey codes section, but Backer Codes don’t appear to be live yet(?)
  13. Hmm, I’ve got nothing. After the PSN installation instructions there’s a red button to go back to the management page, then the standard website footer. How many characters is the backer code?
  14. Apparently once you’ve entered your backer code, you can press Square to quickly scroll to your name. Which begs the question, what and where is the backer code? It’s not in the Fan Gamer backer survey area. The game is downloaded and starts without it, but I don’t have a backer code yet. Anyone else?
  15. Shenmue 3 codes are available in the Backer Survey!!!!
  16. murray

    The Valve Thread

  17. murray

    The Valve Thread

  18. Go to 'Digital Items' in the My Account section for the code.
  19. Mine's just arrived from ShopTo!
  20. Wonder when the digital PS4 codes will be sent out. Anyone know anything?
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