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  1. Good move for Sony who are expanding into multiplat and online. This provides little to no direct benefit to them with Bungie remaining multiplat, but Bungie have a lot of experience in areas Sony want to grow into. Lots of potential value there.
  2. Really enjoyed that episode. Anyway, loved the episode. Top Star Wars. Hope they keep it up.
  3. To be fair to Blizzard, they've undergone a leadership change and swept a bunch of trash out the door. They've been more pro-active in implementing changes than Activision at large or Ubisoft (in the sense that they've actually done something), and with former Xbox corporate vice president of gaming Mike Ybarra in charge, Microsoft is effectively already running it. Where you draw the line is a very subjective thing, but Blizzard have at least done a good job of looking like they're moving in the right direction. In terms of the news, it's nice to see Blizzard announce an unannounced game that is genuinely new. The survival genre is very busy, but it feels like there's still some room there for someone to come in and become the big survival game. I'm not convinced Blizzard will be the team to do it, but it feels like more fertile ground than making, say, a battle royale or whatever.
  4. For me Souls games are all about exploring strange, new worlds and uncovering all the mad lore therein. I can take or leave actual boss fights, though bosses in Souls games are usually excellently designed and have plenty of mad lore associated with them. Even the Bed of Chaos, one of the worst bosses ever designed by man, has a cool backstory.
  5. This is why MS is aggressively pursuing mobile and PC in addition to consoles. GP ultimately works best at scale - while a price rise eventually is likely, I'm not certain that we'll be talking about huge price hikes, because it's not the cost of the sub that should be bringing in the money, it's the scale of the service. The gaming audience is thought to be around 3billion people, with the majority of the money made being in the mobile and PC spaces. Through their growing mobile business, and dedication to traditional "premium" games being playable on PC and mobile via the cloud, MS is hoping to expand GP way beyond the console market. That's why it's slightly amusing when people laugh at MS because you "don't need to buy an Xbox to play their games" - the console market is just a piece of the pie that MS actually want to be eating. Activision is already well established in these areas and on that level, the purchase makes a lot of sense even if you ignore the "exclusive console games" angle. It's a broad strategy that, so far at least, appears to be working well for them. At 25million subs, GP will already be bringing in billions a year - if they get to 50? 100? 200 million? You're talking ridiculous sums of money even without fee increases. You're potentially talking about more money than PlayStation currently makes in its entirety from one service. It's all to play for and MS are playing hard. On the topic of MS eventually turning evil, it's almost a guaranteed thing. Even if you trust Spencer, he'll eventually move on or retire and things will change, but this is true for all of the big three and we've seen it from them all time and time again. My advice is to just enjoy things while things are good.
  6. "I don't play [one of the biggest franchises in the world] therefore it is dead and a waste of money," is a very amusing take. In terms of business, even if you ignore the absolute mountain of IP MS will get in this deal (there's loads, including all the old Sierra/Vivendi stuff - I think people forget how much Activision owns because they use so little of it), ABK brought in 8 billion dollars in 2020. 70 billion is a ludicrous sum of money but there's little to no doubt that MS will make every penny back on it and then some.
  7. I can barely process this news, what it means for the companies, how internal dev will function moving forwards, what this could mean for future games from those teams. This is a spectacular boost for Game Pass just as Sony are gearing up to announce their thing, too. Flabbergasted.
  8. I'd go for the Series controllers, generally, as I find them to be the best this gen. I'll give a shout out to the 8bitdo Pro 2, though. It's an extremely capable and flexible pad and I find myself using it more and more.
  9. Yeah I enjoyed Lake, cruising about delivering packages and moving the extremely low stakes story along. It's just a nice time.
  10. I wouldn't worry about Halo SP not receiving support - it's a game pass seller and that's one of MS' primary concerns right now. They'll want to keep the content coming.
  11. Kiwi Cake

    The Gunk

    I really enjoyed this, just a lovely time exploring a world and then it's over and you can move on. Reminds me of Kena in that sense.
  12. It does seem like it'll end up being a slightly divisive entry, which in itself is a big improvement over the near universal dislike of 5's campaign. I was positive on it before, but after some time to reflect I think I like it even more. I think a lot of the complaints are relatively fair, but other than the bad bosses they didn't really bother me personally. I had a great time bombing about the open world fighting the Banished. I'm even thinking about replaying it, which isn't something I was particularly keen to do with 4 or 5.
  13. All done and I had a great time on the whole, despite some annoyances. It's clear that this isn't the game they dreamed of making, but they've made something brilliant anyway, despite all the issues they had during development. The biggest issue for me was the bosses - there are too many of them and they're just not that fun to fight. On a few of them it felt like pure luck that I didn't get one shot during the successful attempt, with my actual performance being irrelevant. Please stop doing bosses in Halo. Bosses aside the combat feels great and I enjoyed the story well enough. Chief is portrayed well and there are some nice character moments for long time fans. Overall it functions well as a closing of the loop that Halo 5 left open, clearing the way for new adventures in the future. Unlike the last couple of games, I'm excited to see what comes next.
  14. It's notably tragic that the voice actor behind Chips Dubbo, the famous Australian marine who appears in most of Bungie's Halo games, hasn't returned since ODST. Get clear, Chief!
  15. I was wondering how game publishers would get around the need to generate thousands of unique assets to sell as NFTs (asset generation is expensive, which is why NFTs are mostly incredibly bad looking palette swap situations). Ubisofts solution is to create 1 asset and number a limited amount of them. Smart! I've seen a lot of crap ideas in tech over the years but NFTs are absolute top tier shite.
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