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  1. It's the PC version they've reviewed.
  2. It's been a long time since I played them all but I'd argue all three are comparable in terms of quality, each offering just enough of a twist on the concept to warrant its own existence. Personally I really enjoyed 3 and might say it's my favourite overall. It adds some new Pikmin types and scenarios to use them in, and felt a little more inventive than 2 did to me at the time, but I'm not sure how reliable those memories are at this point. All I can honestly tell you is that I have very fond memories of playing through 3, and even enjoyed what I played of the multiplayer stuff.
  3. Great news for those who didn't own a Wii U (everyone), because this is a cracking Pikmin game.
  4. I've not played it on a 4k screen but it looks great on a 1080 one. The resolution feels less noticeable than in XC2, particularly in handheld. It's a surprisingly good looking game.
  5. I finished this yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised, following all the scaremongering, to find it to be a relatively faithful retelling of the original story. Unlike the Advent Children era of FF7, this feels very much like an additive experience to the original game, expanding on key plot points, characters and themes to offer a slightly more detailed take on what came before. I've been particularly impressed with the handling of some of the characters, almost all of whom come off better in this than their 1997 counterparts. Above all this feels very FF7, which is something few of the thing
  6. Cheers, Sloth! Left a tip by your house.
  7. Thanks, Rikku! Managed to sell up with no fuss. Left some items by your hammock as a tip.
  8. This game is like a soothing balm in these troubled times. I've gone through and added as many friend codes as I could find in the thread. It's a lot of numbers for a Sunday morning! If I missed anybody and you need yet another friend, mine is: SW-1472-2146-4722 104 bells for turnips at mine. Decisions.
  9. I've finished the series and I feel like it's a remarkably faithful adaptation of content from the books, flaws and all. Overall I really liked it. It definitely gets better as it goes along and I'm looking forward to more. It's been a great end to the year for TV!
  10. I quite enjoyed the change of pace for episode 4. The show has a nice Man with No Name vibe, and I quite like that it feels like an older serialised TV show.
  11. I like this, it's one of those things where I look at it and think, "weird that I've not seen this before." Good work!
  12. I'm really enjoying this. It's very much a jack of all trades and master of none, but it's a well put together adventure in the Star Wars universe, which is what I was expecting.
  13. In chapter 3 at the moment and the game is opening up a bit. I've got tools that allow me to deal with BTs now and it's made those sequences a lot more enjoyable. New traversal options and fast travel have made getting about a lot easier. I'm having a great time moving stuff about and working with other players on big building projects like roads and stuff. It's such a weird game, but I'm having a good time with it!
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