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  1. Yeah you get both versions of the game with everything. The Xbone and Series versions are separate, with their own achievements and no cross save compatibility. Pubs/Devs have to opt in to smart delivery and it seems Arise opted out, for whatever reason.
  2. I'm playing on Series X and there's a fair amount of pop in but I've not found it particularly noticeable or distracting. Lots of JRPGs have it so I just assumed it was a developer choice. Otherwise performance is excellent with the game looking great and running well. I agree with deerokus that it looks better than the demo did. It's also not a Smart Delivery title, for those confused as to why you get both versions of the game. I'm around 15 hours in now and I'm really enjoying this. It seems to be handling its central themes well and has a solid cast of characters so far. It's very much still a JRPG, but it's a good one.
  3. Symphonia takes place in Sylvarant, Vesperia in Terca Lumireis, while Zesteria and Berseria take place in the same world a number of years apart (called neither Zesteria or Berseria). The names are mostly all nonsense. Ironically Tales of Arise, supposedly being a story about a race of people who have been subjugated and enslaved by another, may end up being more directly related to the narrative than many previous series entries, despite making no sense grammatically. I liked the demo of this and am looking forward to the full thing. I replayed the definitive edition of Vesperia last year and it's still a strong example of a good JRPG.
  4. Yeah, this is a real mixed bag for me as someone who adored the original. It seems like an extremely faithful remake, but it's a faithful remake of a 21 year old game. I know they'd likely have been crucified for changing anything, but a few concessions to modern game design would have been welcome here. Also the UI is awful. It's unfortunate as I'd like to support Vicarious Visions, but life is short and I already have too much to play.
  5. Bit harsh talking about Kojima like that.
  6. It's like the next evolution of those countdowns that reveal the date of an announcement.
  7. Not sure whether I should laugh or cry.
  8. This looks great, can't wait.
  9. Finished this over the weekend and absolutely loved it. A really fun adventure with a simple but effective story and cool characters, it felt substantial without overstaying its welcome. A refreshing change of pace after Demon's Souls and Returnal and Mass Effect etc. and I'd gladly play more of these in the future.
  10. Thought that was a great showing, personally. Lots of stuff I can't wait to play.
  11. Full price plus battle passes is lolworthy. Classic EA.
  12. Just to balance things a little, it think Snowrunner is brilliant. It's certainly a niche thing, like a Euro Truck Simulator, where if you're into it you'll be very into it and if not then, well, you won't. I'd advise at least trying it if it's not costing you anything.
  13. Digital version stock has hit Amazon, still up at the time of this posting. See above!
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