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  1. On the Consolevania site, there is a God Hand competition running. Oui, it says this: "THE CONSOLEVANIA IRRESPONSIBLE GODHAND FIGHT SCENE COMPETITION Email us a link to a video file that YOU HAVE MADE of YOURSELF in an amazing fight scene. Shoot an incredible FIGHT SCENE that will blow all of us at Consolevania away. You could use your phone, and film it this weekend while you’re out on the piss with your mates. You could film it on a webcam, and if you’re alone, you could just punch yourself in the dish. AMAZE US WITH YOUR FIGHTING SKILLS and we will send the best few entries a PAL promo copy of God Hand. We’ll even get TEAM to sign it. Or not do that if you don’t want the artwork ruined by the signatures of no-marks." We're looking for your best videos of you hurting yourselves and others in the beautiful art of the square-go. Please be trying if you can, oui? Merci.
  2. One would imagine that will never happen. Thanks for all the nice comments. The team is pleased you enjoyed it as much as we did.
  3. The same thing that happened to all the online plans, oui. We waited 5 weeks for a Yes/No poll button to appear. Or not.
  4. Non! The boys are delighted! They're very proud of the show, and having seen the last episode have said "If this is the end, it's a good way to go." Stay smiling! I must also stress - please can you use spoiler tags when discussing this week's show, for the sake of those waiting for downloads, etc? Merci!
  5. As much as the BBC are delighted with the show, (they DO love that "unprecedented level of feedback" thing) I think the situation is that the boys (and the production team) would be unlikely to do the show again unless it was being broadcast on a bigger platform, with greater exposure and promotion. And that won't happen unless the bosses at BBC Scotland pitch the show to other areas of the BBC. Future in doubt, then. Oh, oui. Also, we have been assured by the BBC that the show will be online at midnight on Sunday, at the time of the TV broadcast. (This is despite the lack of online last week DOUBLING the TV ratings.)
  6. Please pay your last respects, if you can. Thanks for all the support.
  7. Would it be possible for those of you who have logins for other forums to go and tell others about this, and post this image? The BBC would like to see some more debate about this, in case we decide to use any comments. Remember to mention that it is the BBC's first videogame awards, and that a press release is due shortly. And what do you think should be in a videogame Time Capsule?
  8. A BBC press release to this effect will be going out in the next couple of days. We'd be interested in your opinions, and speculation about the 4 Time Capsule inductions. Merci!
  9. Please do not miss. And please...spoiler tag any moments you think may be nice surprises for the lovely viewers. Merci!
  10. Please do not miss the visual review of Guitar Hero II in tomorrow's videoGaiden: Merci!
  11. Indeed So far, this series, the viewers have told the BBC that the series should be shown outside Scotland, and that the streaming video on the BBC site is "shit."
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