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  1. if anyone has a premium preorder lying around...i would kill for it! (well, not literally, but you never know ) please PM me!
  2. had a go on the 360 with call of duty 2 demo....quite frankly, i was very disappointed...with all the hype surrounding it, i thought the graphics would be close to real life, but all it was, was a beefed up PC and not even that. the environment looked like standard xbox, and it was only the gun which looked 100% life-like. the controller is very comfortable though. i just hope that the demo wasn't running at the 360's full potential!
  3. pro evo is out in dec (japan)...so that means spring for uk/usa! tooo long a wait!
  4. both have the official names (teams, players, etc)??
  5. another guy on ebay selling it well cheap..shame not real http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...5547031105&rd=1
  6. how did you get to that screen? also, ive asked for more photos....no reply yet
  7. woah!!! i wonder if any of them "will" receive them 2moro...will check his feedback
  8. and what's more, he is selling psp with ridge racer for £195 and he bought the same thing for £400???!?!?!
  9. this guy really puzzles me, now he has 3 more on auction btw, did any of you guys get a reply about collecting the units?
  10. is there any way to override the stupid, you die, restart thing??
  11. got it today! just one question about packaging for all you guys who got it sealed, were the polythene clear bags for the controller sealed?? (jst asking cos mine werent and he said it was brand new)
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