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  1. To be honest I had no issues with the airport level... not because I'm some psycho... but because it's just a bloody game. It's no different than half the stuff you do in the GTA series. And to be honest that level looks very arcadey too... not really realistic at all. Loved the bit out on the runway... great stuff! Think the whole game feels very arcade like... seems to have lost a lot of the realism of the first one. Almost like a modern day Operation Wolf!!!
  2. Late to the party with this one but loving Gay Tony. Did the stealing the chopper one last night... so so good. Stole it at night... then decided I wanted to see more of what was about to happen... so flew to the top of a skyscraper... landed on the roof. Then waited till the sun rose... watched the sun break over Liberty City... jumped back in the chopper and proceeded to blow the shit out of the yacht! Did my first dance in the club... so bloody funny. Then came out... and watched two people chucking their guts up and staggering around pissed. So... had enough of them puking on the doorstep of the club... and decided to push the pair of them in front of the next passing car. Lol... only in GTA... Had a quick sniff at TLatD... what's with the frame rate?... much worse than the original and TBoGT...?
  3. All good... got all of em except Borderlands... Uncharted 2... One of the best games of this gen. Just a joy to play and look at. Simple as that. Batman... very good, especially if you're into Batman due to all the info and stuff in there. Forza 3... wasn't blown away at first... but it is very good. Maybe the best game yet for it's handling model. Is quite sterile tho. Borderlands... tried to buy this at the weekend. All three stores had sold out so that kinda says something... I'd prob go for Uncharted 2... simply because once you start playing it you'll wanna play till you finish it... then I'd go get either Forza or Borderlands...
  4. Went into Game to get this on Sun... sold out... went to another Game... sold out... went to Gamestation... sold out. WTF??? Must be bloody good! trying the supermarkets tonight!
  5. With the cost of games these days and so much crap out there I find myself finding out as much as poss about a game... mag reviews, you guys thoughts on here, which platform is best etc. Nothing worse than shelling out £30-40 on a shite game. Also think we had much lower expectations back then... recently I'm finding myself becoming so complacent with even really good titles. Keep reminding myself just how bloody good some recent games are. So... no... don't really miss discovering a gem.
  6. Cheers RFT! Currently drawing the logos myself so shouldn't be a prob.
  7. No worries! Will finish it off and give you a shout when it's ready!
  8. Wanted to do a E30 M3 motorsport from the mid 80's. Bought a couple of the main logos but the rest is my handy work! (should really have white wheels but couldn't get proper white wheels!)... simple I know but quite pleased as it's my first attempt. Just a few more logos to put on it and it will be complete! Addictive stuff this!
  9. Loving that... well done mate!
  10. Thought I'd have a go at creating a version of one of my cars in Forza... not quite the same but not far off! My car... My Forza version!
  11. Is it the No More Heroes dude?
  12. Agreed. Forza would be the 'complete' racing experience if they'd achieved some of the stuff Shift does. Still nice title to have alongside Shift! Def Ridge Racer feel to the palm tree courses (crap remembering names!)... although kinda expected it to look nicer?!
  13. Wasn't really feeling the love for this a few days ago... starting to now tho. Handling model is exceptional. Still think they could have done more with the environments tho. Really gripes me that even simple stuff like tyre walls that come apart when you hit them aren't in. NFS Shift really has highlighted how little things like this can add to the overall experience. I know Forza is all about realistic racing... but surely that extends to the environments too?
  14. Just started playing this. Like others, thought the first few levels were a bit 'meh'. Didn't like all the sneaking around in the dark... then got to the jungle level... and thought hmmm... kinda nice but not a bog leap forward from the first game. Then got to my first stop and stare moment at the top of the cliff before going inside. Wow. Fantastic sense of scale. Loved the blue torch bit... now just arrived in the town and I'm blown away. Simply fantastic level of detail. Lovely environment... One thing tho... they've really messed up the womans eyes haven't they... kinda freaky looking... too many highlights going on! Can't wait to discover more...!
  15. Hey guys... are all the courses race tracks are or there some more arcade style ones too?
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