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    It is legit. All officially licensed and that. Even getting involved in production with the studios now. Not so legit at the start, however many years ago that was now, but they’ve turned it around. Also recently bought by Sony.
  2. Wait, what? This one off movie, not to be continued, will end on a massive cliffhanger. This deal keeps getting worse.
  3. This is currently filming in that London and, well... (probably just a cameo though)
  4. I kind of hope he's one of Shatner's deleted rock people.
  5. A look at the crew. No details. not even names, yet though.
  6. Those have much bigger budgets than a normal TV show. They're even made by movie studios rather than TV studios. They're really movie quality products masquerading as TV. And a very limited run rather than potential multi year series.
  7. The TV and movie stuff is separate. Both have several of the same characters, but with different actors. Plus, imagine having to make a TV show on a TV budget, but having Henry Cavill's paycheque to pay. And his availability.
  8. Probably best to not expect everything to be answered at the end too. This is supposed to be feeding directly into Doctor Strange 2.
  9. No sign of him directing it. It basically means his Bad Robot company is making the movie for WB.
  10. No audience this series. The restrictions ruled out the drive-in setup they used last time. Instead they shot all the links at Television Centre over a couple of nights. There is a video here which I can't embed.
  11. This is finally starting to get real. Two cast so far, Austin Butler and Callum Turner. Supposedly costing well north of $200 million to produce.
  12. Plus a seemingly rather more important mid-credits bit!
  13. Netflix are making a movie out of a videogame. Originally to be directed by David Leitch, he dropped out due to scheduling conflicts with his big Bullet Train movie, so Rawson Marshall Thurber is taking over. It'll star Jake Gyllenhaal And Jessica Chastain.
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