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  1. Is that figure his team salary or does it include sponsors and shit? They would be willing to give him more than they would Grosjean too.
  2. RB protesting the DAS on Merc. https://www.skysports.com/f1/news/12433/12020565/red-bull-launch-protest-against-mercedes-f1-das-wheel-system
  3. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is in talks to join season 3. They're just trying to organise it to be compatible with him also on Walking Dead.
  4. New trailer doesn’t make it seem that good to me
  5. In Android and iOS, there’s a 3 dots button under the show in the Continue Watching list. It’s an option when you tap that. Probably need to make sure you have the latest update. Even at that, I read it was rolling out, which suggests to me it may not be something everyone gets at the same time, but goes out gradually. All I know is I got it
  6. JohnC

    The Crown

    Shit, sorry. Princess, not Thatcher
  7. JohnC

    The Crown

    Lesley Manville will be the new Margaret.
  8. Android TV app. Tried iOS just now and it's proper too. Maybe they somehow have a different copy in different countries and the UK one is shit.
  9. Subs weren’t like that for me. They just translated the foreign bits. I think they were in by default too. [edit] Just checked now and it's still working as it should for me.
  10. Apparently 2380. Nemesis is supposed to be 2379.
  11. Renewed for a fourth, final, season. Expanded from the usual 10 to 14 episodes. But will apparently air in two 7 episode blocks.
  12. Would it even need one? I've never used a stand for 2, 3 or 4 and had them all vertical.
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