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  1. They've confirmed they're filming in New Zealand. The other option was Scotland.
  2. Marilyn Manson is joining season 3. He's playing Johan Wengren, blood-thirsty lead singer of the Viking death metal band Blood Death. Apparently a Norse beserker in service to Odin/Mr. Wednesday.
  3. Timothy Olyphant is in now, as Dick "Deafy" Wickware.
  4. NBC has long been known as "the Peacock network" in the US. Due to its logo being a peacock.
  5. The little clips in the credits may be better than the main short.
  6. They made a bit of an early announcement. Seinfeld is coming to Netflix, worldwide, in 2021. Includes 4K.
  7. Not played a flight sim for many years and it’s probably a bit niche, but networked flight sim communities with people being real air traffic control and the like.
  8. From the Brawn quote I saw, he seems to be up for trialling more than one alternative next season.
  9. There's a story doing the rounds about qualifying, though I don't see it on perhaps more reliable sources, mainly tabloids. Mattia Binotto being quoted as telling an Italian publication that qualifying will change next year. Teams have apparently voted unanimously for it. The current format will be gone, replaced by a "mini-race", presumably meaning a sprint race. Brawn had already said he would like to try something different.
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