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  1. I hadn't twigged it, but it seems the cop that pulled him over in that trailer is the same cop that pulled him over in the first scene of the show.
  2. They (the UK distributer) don't seem to have said anything about new plans. Even their last tweet is from earlier in the month, before it was pulled, advertising the cinema release. They didn't even bother to pull the tweet or give an update about it being cancelled.
  3. I just read that he was a high rise window cleaner in between being in the two big Aussie soaps. Bit of a career swerve.
  4. It was a thing for a while. It’s even the reason for Voyager’s flappy nacelles. The result of some new way to overcome the problem. Further work on new technology let them forget the flappy nacelles and everything was back to normal.
  5. https://deadline.com/2021/07/jackie-mason-dead-rabbi-who-became-comedian-actor-author-was-93-1234799564/ Jackie Mason made it to 93.
  6. As bad as American employment can be, I'm not sure even they would tolerate the apparent hell Japanese studios go through for their results.
  7. That was nice. While I enjoyed the old cartoon, I wasn't really a regular watcher, just watching it when I caught it, so I've not seen it all or anything. But that final scene did bring back a memory of me wondering what would happen if and there it is.
  8. If that's the weakest, the rest are going to be great. Because I didn't think that was weak. Good to be back.
  9. It's got a release date of 22 July 2022, but not yet any information about the story Cast include Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun, Barbie Ferreira and Brandon Perea.
  10. Twitter people going to previews usually are.
  11. I just kind of assumed Activision was like this.
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