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  1. JohnC

    Avenue 5

    Starts Wednesday on Sky, apparently.
  2. JohnC

    Avenue 5

    First episode seemed more enjoyable than the trailer suggested, I think. And I only saw Silicon Valley for the first time last week, so it’s kind of nice to have Jared back. See if you can spot the subtle nod on Laurie’s American accent (since House) to make the US audience more comfortable.
  3. I'm not sure how much of a celebrity he was, but I'm posting more for how he died. David Olney, musician, died on stage with minimum fuss
  4. Only a couple of episodes in, but I like it. Love the musical bees. The show in general seems quite musical so far.
  5. Johnny Marr is joining Zimmer for the score. They've worked together before on Inception and Amazing Spider-Man 2.
  6. https://deadline.com/2020/01/the-simpsons-hank-azaria-says-no-longer-voice-apu-1202834294/ Hank Azaria says he's no longer voicing Apu. Took a while.
  7. Tarantino now wants to make Bounty Law, the western show in the movie. He says he's written 5 half-hour episodes and wants to direct them all.
  8. They've begun the process of removing Fox from the studio titles. Fox Searchlight Pictures is now just Searchlight Pictures and 20th Century Fox is 20th Century Studios. The logo and fanfare remain, just adapted with the changed name.
  9. https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/304593-the-watch-new-discworld-series/
  10. I've done plenty of work in retail and seen consumers get completely baffled by the simplest of things. Much simpler than similarly named consoles that they know nothing about. One example is times I supervised self-service checkouts. If they spend too long doing nothing (while digging through bags or chatting with someone), it asks "Would you like to continue?" with a simple option of Yes or No. This stumps people. About 50% go straight for No and then get even more confused that their transaction is being cancelled. About 25% just stand there trying to decipher the difficult question. About 25% manage to decipher it successfully. So while Pete may know his Xboxes, he shouldn't assume everyone can, if they can't even figure out if they want to continue shopping or not.
  11. It's been renewed for a 6th season, which will be its last.
  12. https://deadline.com/2020/01/green-lantern-greg-berlanti-details-hbo-max-series-tca-1202831967/ The show is going to span several decades and cover two stories about Green Lanterns on Earth and a space-based Sinestro story.
  13. JohnC

    Apple TV +

    Servant is being hit with a copyright suit. The maker of a 2013 Sundance film, The Truth About Emanuel, says Servant copied way too much from it.
  14. I’m sure I saw a PS4 design leak that was just like that before that was unveiled.
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