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  1. Raytracing may be good, but they need to stop going overboard. Concrete that looks like a mirror can do one.
  2. Same on the Android TV app for me. Though just pressing the select button will skip to the next.
  3. First one down too. May not see any more until Sunday
  4. Season 2 starts today. Quite a short break between seasons.
  5. That’s what I thought, but then he specifically says it’s not that.
  6. You’ve got to have seen Michael McKean (Chuck) in other stuff. He’s even one of Spinal Tap.
  7. Ryan Reynolds is in talks to produce and star in a live action Dragon's Lair movie.
  8. Michael Biehn joined season 2 as another bounty hunter. It's expected to become available in October.
  9. If it’s like the phone app, it’ll be in the profile.
  10. I like that it let me log into the TV app by logging into the phone instead of having to put a silly autogenerated password in my TV.
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