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  1. These came in our weekly veg box and legit don’t know what to do with them except for that one thing.
  2. Thanks for the add! I was too busy hunting out the desktop for the sig!
  3. Yeah that's quite cool looking. I really want to fill up the museum but the lazy owl can get F'd if he thinks I'm giving him a Mona Lisa for free.
  4. Coolio not sure what’s left as been afk for ages
  5. Pirate dog is here and open to friends. Selling a legit fruit man. May be afk/asleep tho
  6. had the same nonsense reading up on Final Fantasy 7. You want to come in and checkout some pre-release positivity but nope, the edgy boys wanna prove how on top of things they are, phrasing their posts like a clickbait headline for some provincial local news website. So now we are all gonna spend the entire game anticipating The You Won't Believe This One Thing That Will Shock You. Like that time I had WrestleMania 6 ruined by the spoilt boy with Sky TV and was allowed to stay up late. Thanks lad, you're cool as F.
  7. Ha that’s a bit pay-to-win. Nintendo are missing a trick by making it so easy to pick villagers like some sort of FIFA ultimate team. Now if they put a replacement for Midge, the no-banter, low imagination, no effort bird as DLC, I’d probably be heading straight to webstore.
  8. Spent 70,000 Nook Miles on trying to get an interesting villager via going to deserted islands over and over again. Ended up with some Okami looking MF after a series of lame crocodiles and bears. Is there an easier villager cheese because I’ve been to islands with some mad looking majestic creatures
  9. It’s probably a basic DIY one then (make me a Gundam @Lyrical Donut)
  10. Got a DIY bench earlier, was furious that i’d never get rid as thought that’s the most dupe of dupes?
  11. Don’t forget the banging Leona Lewis theme song. Wanna play 13.3 but cba messing around from the start and on a Mac. Is it worth it?
  12. No worries, one island at a time!
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