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  1. Let me clear, I wasn’t referring to any of the C**ts when I was talking about a chill group.
  2. That’s fair enough and something you can’t guarantee lol
  3. I can see where you’re coming from, know lads who just don’t like the stress from the roles and responsibilities of it all. The key thing is having a chill group who aren’t militant and don’t get excitable or stressed about fuckups, roles, loadouts or whatever cos you’re decent enough to not worry about it. Then you can just shoot and super what you like and it’s just so fun.
  4. It’s still lockdown in March so you have a chance but maybe monthly subscriptions (as well as being pricier) are not the best medium for accessing sprawling JRPGs.
  5. But if I cared so much about FF7 to be outraged about not getting access to the best version of FF7, I’d have simply not waited for FF7 to come on PS plus.
  6. FF7 costs us £65 seven months ago so I’m on board with them throwing me the tiniest of bones that it’s only the paid for version that’s getting a free upgrade. What’s the problem?
  7. Love all the links to 4 follower Twitter accounts demonstrating a divisive victory for the above-all-this nonsense so mature PC gamer brigade. It’s an absolute banger of a game (min 10 hours in) but they literally can’t give it away on PS5 right now. No one cares.
  8. Snyder fans, Snyder fans, does whatever Zach Snyder can, likes bad films, any size, all just weebs, in disguise, watch out! Here comes the Snyder fans
  9. How much of the game is left after it is “finished”? Feels like it just getting started? Also, what’s the point of having a rage about losing currency? What’s stopping you from lowering the difficulty or making yourself invincible if it’s that much of an impediment.
  10. All the PC comparisons really miss the point that you’re playing on PC. Hunched over your WFH desk, on a tiny screen, in a lower resolution with your point and click RSI’d crab hands. Anyway, playing this on 30 with the shiny rainbow traces. Just as the developers intended. FPS is a myth.
  11. Other than a little squeak on power on, in situations where I absolutely have to not make any noise, the rumble on the Xbox controller puts me at way more risk than the PS5.
  12. Wasn’t Vision about 90% backed up on an SSD anyway? That would solve a lot of problems (unless she played Mike Morales first and it crashed).
  13. Like I said, I can’t stop myself, and I blame those pricks for manipulating my dumb mind so easily
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