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  1. Lol oh no, it was the one porn star that came to mind. Cool tho.
  2. Based on searching my own name, Google gives me me as the first result whilst Bing points to some dweeb in Leicester so it immediately fails on that. But I guess I think I trust Google to comb over the internet more thoroughly because they’ve been doing it longer, no one ever tells you to Bing something. Plus it’s integration with stuff like Google Maps, like if I’m looking for a restaurant, it’ll give me the result, the reviews and how to get there in one go.
  3. Forgot about this but just clicked on my day late link and preordered. Lol will probably be away at the time and unable to take delivery so will likely cancel.
  4. And the people telling you to do 100 searches on Bing a week obviously don’t need to actually use a search engine for real otherwise they wouldn’t be using Bing.
  5. I can’t believe this man spent half his career prancing about as CGI goblins when we could’ve seen his beautiful expressive face. What a fucking waste.
  6. he literally just gave you hard data as evidence to why the “rest of the world” didn’t think it was “shit”. A lot of entitled and loud manbabies and MAGA cranks thought it was shit though and won’t stop telling you about it.
  7. Robocod. £40 pocket money that cost me off the back of a 95% in Mean Machines. And then you play Super Mario World… Sonic is mostly hype too. Goes to shit when he stops running.
  8. Are we all ignoring that thing that happened two years ago that made everyone sit at home and play games then
  9. But literally never recoil on m&k, you can put up shelves using the steady lasers of the point and click FPS adventurers.
  10. Keyboard and trackpad for Football Manager because it’s a pile of spreadsheets and reminds you of work. Keyboard and mouse for absolutely nothing else because it reminds you of work. Actually have a hatred of M&K players who keep popping my brains in FPSs. Oh look, you’ve swung your pointer to my head in the same time it takes the touch typist in the admin pool to hit Reply All, CONGRATULATIONS. So good.
  11. a banger! Seriously never heard anything so contemporary in all of the Star Wars. For the first few bars I was wtf are they putting in pop music #notmystarwars, but then the hook comes and suddenly, yes! This is exactly what a shit space Ibiza would sound like. Like everything else in this show, perfection.
  12. It’s the fucking weapon crafting. They must’ve seen the metrics of how much longer they can keep people glued to their screen constantly popping Thralls just to get their poxy extra +1 range on an Enhanced Firing Line and went, lol, we’ll make them do it three times a week.
  13. Wait? RE8 in 3rd person?? Finally! This is all I ever wanted. Skipped 7 and 8 because Resident Evil in 1st person is just way too much anxiety. I’m getting 8 but do I need to play 7 to know the story?
  14. Been joining the master versions via the Destiny app. Totally anti-social, no one talks and maybe some people will have the right champion mods. It’s great.
  15. Activision HR when challenged on her Union busting activities being a bit right wing wild that there isn’t a million anime avatars calling for a boycott like what happened over at Bayonetta….
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