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  1. Looking forward to spinning up one million dusty old generators using pressure triggers in this coming generation.
  2. Couldn't get into the art style, except the moon from Majora's Mask looking awesome. My favourite game ever is Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 but would have to hand in my gamer pass if I said that out loud.
  3. Give the demo a go, I’m sure the Dynasty Warriorsness is going to get dull after clearing your millionth hoard, but it has a hot young grandma Impa in it.
  4. Age of Calamity is a sequel in the same way that Metal Gear Solid V is a sequel to Metal Gear (same storyline different playstyles)
  5. Kind of, I’m counting Age of Calamity as a sequel because of the LORe and the settings. The demo is banging by the way
  6. That is true, it’s been diminishing returns since then (but I’d say Switch is next gen in purpose as it was something you’ve never seen before) and there’s nothing wrong in objectively pointing this out
  7. Well that’s the point, it feels like an iteration, not next generation. Launch week I’m playing Destiny, Halo 5, A Forza and probably a Gears (and I hate Gears). PS5 launch week and I’m playing Destiny and goty, Zelda Breath of the Wild 2. It’s not exactly the leap from SNES to N64 Agreed, but you gotta do the same for the drive bys on the PS5 thread too.
  8. If Halo Forever launched next week guaranteed you’d all be singing a different tune. It’s not unreasonable to try sell someone a new console on the promise of a new experience. In the case of Spider-Miles, doesn’t matter if its cross gen or not, it’s still New Game, Best Graphics. That’s what Halo would’ve been and it would’ve been solid HYPE to the casuals. Xbox SX’s hook is still, Old Game, Best Graphics. That’s not exciting, regardless of preorder sell outs.
  9. Fireplace last gen now there’s an XBox in the house
  10. If going vertical, it doesn’t really matter how tall the thing is, so was looking at the heights when laying flat and the clearance you get when inside a cabinet. A PS5 is no more as clumsy as a VHS player and most cabinets are designed around VHS players since ever. I keep getting anxiety about getting the S instead of the X (latest being the ssd capacity) but every time I go pull the trigger am reminded that I have simply no where to put it.
  11. The ps5 has to be so big to fit the world of Astro’s playroom/smuggle small children inside via a qanon conspiracy. Still maintain that the XBSX is bigger and less practical in a living room situation though.
  12. why so defensive? Isn’t it true that because gamepass is supposed to be so good is the reason that Sony have to give away nice looking freebies so they themselves don’t look like complete dorks? Competition (except in public utilities) makes everything better
  13. https://stockx.com/air-force-1-low-playstation get stuck in. Will cost you the price of your next graphics card
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