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  1. Totally brute forced the end credits first time on the boss. Had some ridiculous hangover shakes and fell off the last platform on the way there because my nerves were so shredded. Reports that this game is too hard were exaggerated. Amazing story too.
  2. It definitely needs a save system. The PS5 is just now just a Returnal rest mode machine and have to do everything else on the Xbox at the moment.
  3. It’s like mobile phone contracts too. I never understood why people would go monthly, and not drop a G straight up, and get half your money back a year later when you flip it. But you wouldn’t berate someone for it, people just see the initial outlay and think it’s too much.
  4. By clearing out everything, you’ll eventually get some OP powerup which will put you in good shape for level 3. Level 3 is the biggest hump, after that you’re getting some wild perks and guns. Breezed through to the end of level 6 on the second restart after. For those disheartened or intimated, everything is totally doable. You can either Get Gud or Get some time to invest on buying enough vials to brute force the thing.
  5. I basically clear out the biomes before moving on. Due to minor OCD and cowardice. About 40 minutes a biome maybe. I don’t mind as the core gameplay and exploration is so good and in no rush to complete. Definitely didn’t need half that bar tho, got a lucky run which turned damage into health so every pickup was a health extension and was jizz lobbing the tie fighters with one shot.
  6. Basically had everything I needed to brute force level 3. Did it easy and then level 4 happened! Absolutely traumatised.
  7. wait, what?? also, I agree, Gamepass is better value than two full priced 3rd party Assassins Creed games
  8. Yeah, the lad could’ve just said “it costs less than buying 2 games” and that’s a normal un-warzy statement to make. I do have anxiety about what’s gonna happen in 2.5 years time when the GP runs out, I will either fail to pull my finger out and just pay a direct debit or MS will change the rules. Bloody Netflix is like £15! Swear it was a fiver when I first signed up.
  9. “Ps5 games aren’t £70 only some are and then if you load up on cheap credit or shop around it brings the price down etc etczzz” let’s play fair!
  10. The character is bland but not in the giving her a mohawk, a big chest and generic space marine swearing is bland. They could’ve done that and got at least 1 extra sale off a bored horny teenager.
  11. Saying that 2 ps5 games cost £120 is as factually correct as saying Gamepass costs £1 when it’s actually £10.99 a month tho
  12. Their support page is quite cool, just set up a notification for when they sort it out so can get on with my day. https://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-live-status
  13. Apparently disc based games work eg Destiny. So the S is F’d
  14. Nothing but love for Xbox. Except right now
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