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  1. Test it with a free to play game such as Fortnite or Destiny. I found that introducing any extra lag via Airplay, Chromecast or a HDMi cable wasn’t that great. However DS ain’t very twitchy so might not be that dramatic. I don’t think you’ll get 4k unless you pay for the super top tier tho
  2. I saved about £40 by buying the £90 Destiny expansion from the Hong Kong store simply by switching regions on console. I had a HK card but dunno if you can get credit or location ambiguous cards to do that anyway. Maybe switching regions means you don’t have to play around with VPN?
  3. me neither, but I’d imagine I can use the tip of the OG Xbox controller to rip a hole in the fabric of space and time and it’ll still not have a scratch
  4. Replacing controllers is wild. Do it 3 more times and it’s the cost of a Series S. I guess rinsing for a whole year until it breaks is fine but still bitter over the memory of the 5 Dualsock 4s I needed.
  5. My launch controller’s RB button is done dusted thanks for the memories, that’s what I get for mapping Halo melee onto it, but seems weird as it seems like the least mechanical part on the thing.
  6. after one of these? Maybe not spam abuse at people over Xbox live and the karma convoy may roll up and collect you too!
  7. Ah you’re one of those people! Cool guy. Must be nice to receive a message that you’re shit at a game you like. I got griefed on Destiny matchmaking once for apparently not pulling my weight so I told him to go fuck off and find some skilful friends if you can’t deal with playing with randoms in the matchmaking pool.
  8. Got this via PS digital for £30 ish with cheap credit. Only done about an hour but the backchat, environment and character models are polished enough to save it to be the Xmas period game. Already better than the way that dull Avengers started. One question, can’t seem to get any dialogue or subtitles when the characters are talking through comms. Did I wreck a setting?
  9. 3 points away from the series red McClaren but only have Horizon Arcade left available. You can imagine the fury when some rando joins your convoy and leaves you to clock up all the drift points on your own whilst they go off smashing cactus or whatever. Also, drifting sucks. Such a made up car thing.
  10. Haha this literally happened to me last night. I think @luckypierre thought he was using forza controls
  11. It’s the socialism of the guns too. Equal access for everybody. None of this losing a one on one because the other lad has a +8 range modifier and can jump higher than you.
  12. Yeah had a run on big team battle yesterday with some lads on here, was really good and absolute mayhem. So far removed from the 3v3 Destiny sweating meta guns I’m used to. Add me @mikeylrocks if you want invite spam
  13. The one I did had someone AFK for all the races, fuuuck! Luck of the draw.
  14. I would dress my fictional kids in Wario’s shoes and tell them not to take any shit ever.
  15. If you get in the Hall of Fame (dunno what the requirements were - getting all the stamps?), there’s an easy multiplayer off road championship which gets you 10 points. I may have been hard carried but still managed to finish ahead of most of the “unbeatable” drivatars that made it sound like it was gonna be hard.
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