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  1. Nice treat to get another 6 months of Ted Lasso. I don’t think I’ve paid for Apple TV in two years. Obviously the first thing I did after signing up was to fire it up on Xbox seeing that the PS5 still hasn’t sorted out Dolby.
  2. The story is amazing and the game has a beautiful heart. It could do with progressing it’s subquests and stories with a quarter of the text it needs to get the point across though.
  3. Gotta say this is some next gen madshit, having the controls mapped out on screen for you on the iPhone. Works really well on Yakuza LAD as you only ever need to use one button (skip cutscene).
  4. they sold more xboxes rather than using them all up on powering clouds
  5. Because its fucking childish always listing the Xbox, despite being 6 months into a new generation, and taking into account Steam deck sales, still being the forth most popular console out there.
  6. Have one lined up one for q3 2022 because I didn’t wanna feel left out. A year away, which is such a LOL concept I can’t get my head around, that the world will still be standing, or the tech has moved on, or if Nintendo announce another desirable colourway. Think I should’ve got the cheaper q1 version just to get the latest shiny thing ASAP.
  7. Play it with again but with different guns with max unlocked traits. There won’t be any new fights to be had but the game plays completely different if, like me, you were standing outside rooms showering them with red anarchy traps to completion first time around.
  8. Having a wonder through MSGV at the moment. Every single mission starts off with “Written and Directed by Hideo Kojima” just in case you missed it on the title screen. There’s like 50 missions.
  9. Also, those complaining about nothing happening of consequence, everything happened…
  10. Yeah they will be dealing with these consequences for the entirety of the next phase of marvel movies so lol at the “nothing happens on marvel tv brigade”
  11. You can do something better on PC? First ever PC user to mention that!
  12. You’re resource rich and got every god roll available though. Think of the poors like me who need every shard and shit rolled False Promises they can get their hands on. Honestly doesn’t take that long though, I flipped about 2000 including going back and forth to the postmaster in about 15 minutes.
  13. Keep everything which is higher and you’re not using in your inventory or vault, means the next drop should be higher.
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