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  1. That was class. A slow miserable space Ken Loach/British crime drama giving off a great #acab vibe that I’m sure the right wing fanboy weirdos are totally gonna lose their S over. Has to be about Star Wars though and that’s why it’s lovely, liked his little story about dressing up as an Imperial Officer - gonna come in handy in the future when there’s some Death Star plans to lift.
  2. Think it’s only the last two that has hard modes if I remember correctly.
  3. mikeyl


    Which version is better? I seem to have it downloaded for both. PS5 for the controller shakes right?
  4. My Mars bars and toilet rolls have been hiding price increases by making them smaller and smaller and smaller. Maybe they can do that with the PS5!
  5. Actually bricking it (not really) at the thought of the annual iPhone upgrade. Also the PSVR 2. Put an extra £50 on that. Have to follow currencies closer than I like and it’s a total joke how worthless the pound is. If this was a South American country we’d be calling it a failed state.
  6. Good idea, except i’ll just end up getting quarterly FIFA dlc packs lol
  7. Hi! I have a Series S gathering dust. Can I give it to my bro with my Gamepass logged in on it and he sets up a separate account to do what he likes with it?
  8. Lol good on them. In the Miles Morales thread here there was a chap moaning about the BLMness of it all. Perhaps it was him. At least no one has modded the Spider-man clone into the game yet. That’ll be the pinnacle of evil.
  9. Saw the mod that takes out all the Pride flags in Spider-Man. Confirmed, PC gamers ruin everything.
  10. If you don’t think it’s cool to run around in a glowing gold chimpanzee outfit then what is life
  11. I’ve never seen the season pass ornaments in the store. Think it’s a grind la grind time. Getting to 100 in a week is doable tho, seen people do it at the cost of a life. Try get in a fireteam with someone who’s maxed the pass when you cash in the bounties and quests for a big xp boost (32%?) and do Gambit a few times as there’s at least 4 seasonal quests you can bang out simultaneously (same with the castellum). All this for a skull hat.
  12. Oh yeah forget it’s supposed to work like the old PS now. Tbh I have no idea which games are in which tier now and which ones I can digitally hoard and never get around to playing. Probably the 1st party ones are safe.
  13. I dunno about this Gamepass thing? Did they say explicitly? As all PS+ games used to be downloadable and yours to play till you unsubscribe. Even something like Persona 5 they took off their PS+ collection but it’s still in my library.
  14. Every 3-4 months I boot this up thinking my base capacity and weapons crafting options would increase in my absense. Thats not how it works at all right? Also, this guy is the real Diamond Dogs
  15. That was lovely! Hype for this was exactly one day, so came out of nowhere. Who knew Predator 7 would be in the top two Predator films. Surprised by the high production values and cinematography. Liked the full screen shots of various representatives of the animal kingdom, and no probs with the lighting, the blacks in the final fight really popped. Thought the Atmos was well implemented too, lil’ axes zooming around the room.
  16. Interpretations of Sony saltiness aside, they ain’t wrong tho? And of course the other publishers would want to see their dominant rival be confined to squeaking games out on Gamepass every four years.
  17. ha clicked on the link saw £10 upgrade to PS5 and ready to launch into some right internet fury but before I could even start typing “4 THE PLAYERS IS IT” I scrolled down and saw the option to add ps5 version to library
  18. Did they patch this? I didn’t get a glow up on my 2nd character and ain’t about to start!
  19. Hmm! Got the email! But I think I’m gonna sack it off. Sounds like way too much admin to get it working in a way that I don’t feel like I’m missing the point of it all. Fkk dunno. Anyone want my 512gb order?
  20. Looking forward to the inevitable massive ballache of upgrading my purchased Tony Hawk PS4 version to the PS Plus PS5 version
  21. Hey remember the last time there was a Naughty Dog leak and some nob on here starting going on about some main character being Trans because her arms were bigger than his then linked to a altright YouTube thumbnail of the key plot 180 and spoilered the whole game for me. I do. So fuck Last of Us leaks and hang tight I guess. This is day one on PlayStation Gamepass for me tho.
  22. yeah sounds like total hassle and I would never delete a 60 hour save no matter. I’m hanging on till Square fixes it tbh. Just play the cat game in the meantime
  23. FF7 dlc is fucked if you already own FF7 remake. Apparently it’s the way PSN catalogues stuff and Square not having a separate entry for the DLC on its own. So either Square sorts it out or you gotta go in and delete the FF7 remake licence and download intergrade on its own.
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