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  1. In game chat is much better than it used to be. Except last week when we did the VoG with no comms at all but that turned out fine too (problem was I switched off in game chat on PC and there’s no equivalent toggle on Consoles).
  2. Note that Zone of the Enders HD collection is on Games with Gold if anyone wants a Kojima/Konami fix
  3. Every 10 or so posts someone will ask when this is out on Gamepass or declare they will wait a whole year for it to come on Gamepass like some sort of endless death loop.
  4. Great unexpected Tony Leung movie, or as the GF remarked, he always plays “the loverman”.
  5. I still have D1 installed if anyone wants to do Kings Fall! Warning, you’d all get mad about how slow the movement is (and possibly the FPS), but the guns still SNAP.
  6. For talk, we've been making PC lads use the Xbox app which comes installed with Windows for xbox x chat. PS users can also use the xbox app on their phone/desktop but it takes a bit to fiddle with having both the game and talk sound on. Works great though, so much better than the in game chat.
  7. That’s a bit of a pisstake for anyone trying to get a ps5 in its first year or was waiting for a hardware bump. Would be as livid as when I got my non back compatible ps3.
  8. lol, they did the Titan one too. Proves that the best time to play about with a broken exotic is as soon as it comes out. The second best time to play with a broken exotic is to never take off Geomags.
  9. I played it when it went on sale first, long after Bill Gates and Senator Armstrong released the Rona into the wild.
  10. For me it was genius because this came out in the middle of the start of the pandemic, where the population had gone into hiding, the air was unsafe, the only thing you could do was walk and collect internet likes to feel connected and the delivery driver was King. That and covering the entire map with zip lines.
  11. Shoot mans watch numbers go up! But not really, it’s practically a full on RPG at this point. However the New Light onboarding quest in the new Cosmodrome area does a really good job of introducing the necessities, especially menu navigation for once. Much has moved on since us running around the Dreaming City in circles popping hallucinogens looking for invisible platforms (except that is still a thing).
  12. ^was getting repeatedly rinsed in the crucible by that. Hate it already. Anyone still need the Sexy Mythoclast catalyst? Being using the diet version and it’s absolutely shredding this season, with its infinite ammo and all the buffs.
  13. See Hunters are getting their seasonal glow up with the exotic buffs. Deleted so many of those Bombardiers in the past. Never learn that nothing should be deleted ever and to keep the vault at 500/500 Also Crossplay xx! Hi PC guys!
  14. Sticking up for the S (and saying it is the best - in terms of overall package) is now a PS5 fanboy thing. Take a look at yourselves and the low self-esteem that this all comes across as.
  15. How’s it fanboying, I literally said the S is the best machine out there, Defender of the X
  16. Ah the child meme machine fanboy has logged on. ANYWAY, anyone else get their controllers updated today? What happened?
  17. This every time. I hate the X, I hate the way it looks, like an awkward edgelord toy, a goth teenager’s idea of sophistication. It flatters to deceive, at the moment the X does nothing the S can’t do and isn’t even as powerful as the PS5. On the other hand, I really fucking love the S, it’s aesthetically beautiful and does so much in such a little box. I always say to any of my RL friends who whine about not being able to get a PS5, just get an S for now, it really is the best and most accessible route into next gen video gamings.
  18. Sometimes the English VAs become so ingrained and iconic it’ll be weird to miss out, like All Might or the provincial British cast of Xenoblade Chronicles 2
  19. not specially at you sorry if it seems like a jab. Live action I will not tolerate dubs, but for cartoons, it shouldn’t matter, the nuances of line delivery in a foreign language is offset by literally not knowing what they are saying, the competency of the English acting and the need to speed read through an entire movie when you could be using your eyes to follow the action or to spot Easter eggs (DualShocks!). Shingi is an insufferable whiny tart in all languages. Also I’m bilingual and some subtitles bare absolutely no relation to what is spoken on screen that you will never know when the acting starts and ends.
  20. What’s the obsession with Japanese dubs, always see it in anime threads and in games threads such as Yakuza, Xenoblade and Ghosts of Tsushima. Why put yourself through all the extra reading which potentially distracts from what’s going on the scene. And there’s a lot going on in every scene in the new Evangelions. Is it some sort of Ultra Plus Max Level Weebing as unless you’re a native speaker, you won’t be able to tell if the acting sucks or not anyway, which is often the excuse used about using English dubs. And General Misato’s exasperated croak in 1.1 and 2.2 is totally great.
  21. I’d rinse it to hell again (or out of hell right?) if it had an easy cross save. Getting to the first boss and omg, dying, when I could just go back to the Switch with everything unlocked and put on a proper lightshow.
  22. It’s objectively more expensive though, that’s why you can’t compare. It’s like comparing 1st class to 2nd class. but you’re right, this happens all the time, someone says that he personally doesn’t rate GP all that much, followed by 5 pages of the most rabid of Defenders of GP Is The Son of Jesus How Dare You Say A Thing Against It My Life Depends On Random Opinions of GP telling him how wrong he is.
  23. Wasn’t talking about full price, that’s about triple the cost. Using tricks, PS+ is £30 a year or less and GP is about £50. And don’t get us started on Rewards, can’t measure the time cost spent on all that admin.
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