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  1. 1 hour ago, Clipper said:

    As I share my name with a porn star* I don't google myself. I can see the logic of Google "combing the internet more thoroughly" but in practice I don't notice search results being that different, it was the one thing I assumed would be worse when I gave it a whirl but it seems fine.


    I do prefer google maps though and use that.



    * The curse the day my parents christened me Benjamin Dover!

    Lol oh no, it was the one porn star that came to mind. Cool tho.

  2. 13 minutes ago, Clipper said:

    I usually am quite picky about stuff and the user experience. I get used to an OS or interface and stick with it and am resistant to change. iOS was my first smart phone and since then I've tried android and I find it horrible but I'm aware many love it.


    I was reticent to changing search engine for the same reason but I switched it to Bing and I don't find it much different. I type in stuff into a search box and I get results, I don't notice those results being less useful than Google etc. What are the issues with Bing?

    Based on searching my own name, Google gives me me as the first result whilst Bing points to some dweeb in Leicester so it immediately fails on that. 

    But I guess I think I trust Google to comb over the internet more thoroughly because they’ve been doing it longer, no one ever tells you to Bing something. Plus it’s integration with stuff like Google Maps, like if I’m looking for a restaurant, it’ll give me the result, the reviews and how to get there in one go.

  3. 15 hours ago, Simmy said:


    It's absolutely possible but it can absolutely become a chore to do the stuff to make enough in one month. Anyone telling you otherwise isn't really being honest with how much work goes in to making enough to redeem €12 worth.


    "It just takes a few minutes a day" doesn't tell the whole story.

    And the people telling you to do 100 searches on Bing a week obviously don’t need to actually use a search engine for real otherwise they wouldn’t be using Bing.

  4. Keyboard and trackpad for Football Manager because it’s a pile of spreadsheets and reminds you of work. Keyboard and mouse for absolutely nothing else because it reminds you of work.


    Actually have a hatred of M&K players who keep popping my brains in FPSs. Oh look, you’ve swung your pointer to my head in the same time it takes the touch typist in the admin pool to hit Reply All, CONGRATULATIONS. So good.

  5. a banger! Seriously never heard anything so contemporary in all of the Star Wars. For the first few bars I was wtf are they putting in pop music #notmystarwars, but then the hook comes and suddenly, yes! This is exactly what a shit space Ibiza would sound like. Like everything else in this show, perfection.

  6. 21 minutes ago, Nate Dogg III said:


    The scout and sidearm with Voltshot on are absolutely brilliant for Arc 3.0, I've crafted a scout with Voltshot/Demo and it's just bonkers. 


    This is the first season I've played properly for a while and yeah, Ketchcrash and Expeditions lost their appeal weeks ago. I've no interest in titles or any of that guff and they've made it very easy to walk away from, with no pinnacles on offer unless you run Master with a team, and no high-stat armour source either. Think I need one or two more red-bar sidearms for the pattern and then I can ditch them forever.


    The pinnacle climb is very weird for a solo player. There's so much game there these days yet as soon as you hit hard cap it's pretty much just strikes, gambit, crucible, 100k nightfall and preservation. I feel like an f2p player almost, with all these walls up everywhere dictating what I can and can't do. Obviously I understand they'd want to encourage people to form teams but they've turned the dial a bit too far at the moment. That quest step the other week where you had to kill 50 champions, but kills in Master Ketchcrash counted for four kills... ugh. Stop it. 

    Been joining the master versions via the Destiny app. Totally anti-social, no one talks and maybe some people will have the right champion mods. It’s great. 

  7. People who use paddles in FPS are cheating. The games are designed so you have to awkwardly claw your fingers trying to jump and shoot at the same time. It should be the same for everybody. 

    Actually same principle for any fancy peripherals, fighting sticks, wheels, refresh rates (apart from for accessibility reasons).  Everyone should be using the same equipment for competitive games. If you’re good with a joycon on SF2, you are good.

  8. Doubt the second actor got offered the same rate as the first one said she did. Sad that she’s getting pelters for it.

    Also, suspecting a large part of the backlash and why it is so vocal is that all the manga anime weebs trying to legitimise their weird hentai obsessions by making it all about the “VA community”. Yes we get it, voice acting is art too, no one’s saying it isn’t.

  9. Enjoyed the lol capitalism illusion of choice to keep the locals happy screed from the boss at the start. That and the baddies avoiding taxes kicking off the whole thing in the prequels and starting to think Lucas is some sort of subversive comrade.

  10. How would a soldier in the Console War go about arguing that having exclusive CoD doesn’t dominate in the way Sony says it does but simultaneously claim that having exclusive CoD will crush and decimate Sony back into the Walkman era? Must be wrecking their heads.


    Also, how long has Bungie been Sony? The least they could do is create a shitty co-logo for when we boot Destiny up on the Xbox.

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