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  1. Hey remember the last time there was a Naughty Dog leak and some nob on here starting going on about some main character being Trans because her arms were bigger than his then linked to a altright YouTube thumbnail of the key plot 180 and spoilered the whole game for me. I do. So fuck Last of Us leaks and hang tight I guess. This is day one on PlayStation Gamepass for me tho.
  2. yeah sounds like total hassle and I would never delete a 60 hour save no matter. I’m hanging on till Square fixes it tbh. Just play the cat game in the meantime
  3. FF7 dlc is fucked if you already own FF7 remake. Apparently it’s the way PSN catalogues stuff and Square not having a separate entry for the DLC on its own. So either Square sorts it out or you gotta go in and delete the FF7 remake licence and download intergrade on its own.
  4. Go solar this season! Basically invincible for literally everything (once you’ve unlocked a few mods). You can take your sunset guns into the seasonal activity as it temp boosts your level up so you can take part. It’ll shower drops in there and you’ll get some good shit. Tbh if I was playing catch up I’d do that. If that’s fun then buy the Witch Queen expansion and you will also need Beyond Light for the icymans subclass.
  5. mikeyl


    yeah the smiley face was a joke. Fully understand there are no robots in Bandai Namco published Elden Ring! yeah I saw that guide when I tied getting in to it, totally lost me somewhere between Advanced Beginners and Mediocre Intermediate. Maybe I’m just too shit at games
  6. I think the rules are to make it as incomprehensible as possible so you accidentally click, buy and download some Warhammer DLC. But also fair play on the amount of 2D shooters on here (Housemarques entire back catalogue, R-Type, Raiden and about 20 Japanese waifuemups that don’t follow any grammatical naming conventions). Struggling to pick one to absolutely cane.
  7. mikeyl


    Had a feeling mine wouldn’t work as saw on the small print that it’s USA only. Put in the code on the PS5 and it says it’s not available in my region.
  8. Didn't we all slaughter like a million goat sheeps in Elden Ring the other day? Speaking of Elden Ring, your it’s shit, it’s really shit, it’s amazing, it’s shit again streams of consciousness in that thread reminds me of your PS Plus Plus experience and I’m all for it.
  9. Lol I literally have no idea what’s it called. And I’ve got about 5 things coming down the pipe as we speak
  10. PlayStation Plus Premium Extra is such an incredibly lame name though. I vote for Sony Gamepass for windup reasons or Spotif4theplayers or NTSCflix
  11. R-Type final 2! Quite happy tbh. May even give them £99 in January when sub runs out
  12. You still owe me 4 Ascendant Shards for that stupid Hunter invis curtain head suggestion. Today I pumped a lot of shards into doing a Sunbracers thing. That sucked. Can’t get on with anything that requires a set up cycle.
  13. Lovely! My takeaway is to find a way to keep burning things which will give you your abilities back so you can burn some more. Now if only all my Warlock armour didn’t blow…
  14. Everyone I know has a decent Stormchaser and I’m just getting lame rolls with Rampage or whatever. Guy was using it against the bosses with the void debuff and was getting so so many numbers. Not loving the Warlock class this season, I dunno what to do. With Titans, you’re invincible and burning everything with the fire helmet, with Hunters you’re invincible and leaving solar poops everywhere with Bombadiers. Great fun. With Warlocks I seem to be the most squishy and dunno, throw grenades?
  15. mikeyl


    I really love Maxiboost ON but barely understand it. There’s so many mechanics around S tiers, dodge windows and frames that I’ve never taken it online for fear of getting absolutely wrecked. I can see why it’s amazing though, rushing in with a big beam sword, the variety of robots and the different feels they all have. Feels like I need to break out an arcade stick for it.
  16. mikeyl


    That Hawken looks good. For a lot of robo games it’s the vertical movement which I can’t get my head around. I can’t play a flight sim and fight at the same time lol. I think Titanfall had it cracked there, you were still pretty zippy and huge although you were just a bit of a bulldozer and weren’t really popping heads.
  17. mikeyl


    From the makers of Elden Ring (), I signed up for a network test https://gundamevolution.com/nt/ for some new Gundam battle royal FPS. Quite excited about this because I love big mechabots chucking lasers at each other. But mostly hate the verticality and buzzing around on jet packs. So a flat out FPS may be have the potential to be the real one. I’ve tried so many Gundam games from incomprehensible (Battle Operation, Gundam Breaker, all of the random ones you see in the arcades) to OMG this is the best thing ever (Dynasty Warriors and Versus). What’s the best Gundam game? I feel like I’m missing a large chunk of the cultural staple as they churn out so many of these things.
  18. “Nothing to do with the MCU”. It’s a show about Captain Marvel’s biggest fan! Swear if it had Nick Fury dropping in every ten minutes we’d all be moaning that it’s just an extended trailer for the next MCU project. It’s great and normalises and integrates an underrepresented culture into the universe, which has come a long way from starting off with five white boys and one eye candy. And they snuck in the line “history is written by the oppressors” which is not something I’d expect from Disney Corp.
  19. Got the email today confirming that my 2 months of now + whatever I have left on Plus has been converted. I think. It’s v confusing. Also many many asterisks.
  20. Is this on Gamepass? Or I’m buying it on Switch?
  21. If we have to keep referring to this game as £70 even though a £50 link was posted right at the start, then we aren’t allowed to say Gamepass is £1 a year or whatever.
  22. Just discovered the S4C Clic app is on the Xbox. Genuinely best console ever.
  23. Do you think this is made because Naughty Dog want to be arty fucks and have a need for their misery series to read as a complete piece? Or is it to make a ton of money? Either way, great as it’ll be, I’m gonna wait for it to hit Sony Gamepass probably.
  24. That was beautiful! So visually inventive and colourful. Proper Into the Spiderverse vibes too. Liked what they did to the Inhumans, the lamest of all comic book gangs. Obviously it’ll stretch out a wafer thin story over 6 episodes and in the end everyone will eventually say it’s shit like all the Marvels, but at the moment, it’s lovely and so good to see a chill Muslim family right in the middle of the mainstream and just generally being funny and sound.
  25. Yes it is, it’s the idea that a western person, has a very specific idea on why the Japanese favour one console over another based on a stereotype that they like small things. It’s not that deep. In regards to the XBox being outsold because it was too big? That’s not the real reason, that’s too simplistic. I would imagine brand loyalty, the head start, local factors, marketing, games all had a much bigger role…
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