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  1. “Jim, could you make sure you get the sourdough out of the oven. Jim? JIIIMM!??!”
  2. If anyone was hanging on for the result, 36% of you said no – Jim is innocent 64% of you said yes – Jim is guilty I don’t know how these Guardian Judge Judy and executions work but I guess the punishment of Jim being found guilty is that he will now be forced to replace all his computer games with DVDs of Fleabag and take her out leafleting for the Lib Dems
  3. Yeah fair I guess. I haven’t looked at any numbers, demographics in those industries would tally but there are still a lot of god-fearing Republicans out there.
  4. If those Gamer replies under Bungie’s tweet shows you anything, the Keep Politics Out of Games nuts make up a significant proportion on their audience. And it’s very likely a significant number of Sony’s staff too.
  5. Managed to track down the very last Xbox wireless controller in the UK. In the Microsoft Shop in Oxford Circus. Yes! Gotta have one, there’s a fucking UNSC Warthog parked in the window. Do you have red? No. Blue? No. Black? No, we only have Robot White. White you mean? Ok. “Enjoy your gaming!” she enthusiastically bids as I shrink away mortified that she thinks I’m that sort of “gamer”
  6. Can confirm MGS4 going in a few weeks. Said I only have until the 27th May to play. What’s that? Like one cutscene?
  7. The UEFA licence and Champions League must be worth much much more to them. Who really plays internationals on that? Boot up as Wales and all the players are really slow and rubbish (and therefore factually inaccurate). Also never not funny that you play Champions League games on Xbox and it’s all Sony advertising.
  8. ha I’m getting a refund on broken controller 1 from Game as they lost the return and I’m not entirely sure if they interpreted that as refunding the whole Xbox. If it is the whole thing F them. Good luck with your new controller, maybe remap Heavy Kick to a face button!
  9. thanks, that’s actually wild. Didn’t know it could do that.
  10. Why is there a global shortage of Xbox controllers? Literally everywhere I’m looking I can’t find one (MS website has mid June delivery). Is everyone’s RB button breaking down. Might pump for an Elite just because it’s the only thing available.
  11. FIFA Delegate 2030 where you play a potential host nation with a lot of cash to either divert into an official’s hands, buy slaves or hire Jermaine Jenas. Stamina bar based on how successful you are at sportswashing your abysmal human rights record.
  12. nice, managed to get a return label after figuring out that they only do call backs on landlines (and I had to plug in my landline). Moaned that all my controllers are busted but they didn’t care. Just gonna play PS5 for a few weeks but it’s dawned on me there’s nothing I want to play on there!
  13. yeah that’s the problem. The end credit scene has no relationship to the stages of grief and acceptance they series was going for throughout the 6 episodes. Clearly inserted by the Machine afterwards to sell a movie.
  14. Didn’t expect that to be so Evil Dead or who the Big Bad was gonna be and how Bad they were going to be. Which is surprising as I rinsed all the trailers. Was alright though, plenty of fan service tick boxes to go “yeah I know that thing!”, e.g the TV theme song blast. re: woman, they totally sacked off and reversed the character development and nuance of the TV series, where she had accepted her fate in the end, just so that she could go H.A.M. with power in this one. Best/worst bit was making the multiverse expert wait outside so that the men could have a chat.
  15. Hit-trading and beat them with stats
  16. Elden Ring killed the RB on two controllers. Couldn’t hold out and looking for a replacement, except they’ve sold out practically everywhere. Might get an elite series but are they not meant to be even more shoddy in terms of build quality?
  17. yeah getting in touch with support is a nightmare. Two controllers waiting to be replaced so no Xbox for a month as I won’t be F’d to buy another one.
  18. Anyone got a human number for Microsoft? Three controllers since release of the X, all gone down with the same RB button failing. I want to rant at them and return one (one is already returned to Game so lol if I see that again). Am I playing Xbox wrong or is it a fundamental design flaw?
  19. I really like the way it blends in with the black when put in this sort of cabinet. It’s mostly then the panels popping in a dark background and it doesn’t look as big as people make out. End of the day, they made a design. Xbox’s design philosophy is, let’s make a box for our box. 100% functional. The S bangs though. Because it has that circle.
  20. I'd love to stack 3 years worth, got in too late, but it is an exploit which takes the piss, so it's really up to them how they wanna manage it. They don't have megazillions in the bank to subsidise like Gamepass, and they were idiots for even trying. And like not using pre-paid electric meters and having cheap credit, its a certain type of customer who benefits over the other, making it more expensive for everyone in the long run.
  21. Totally understandable if it was Elden Ring
  22. Jim is a manchild, thinking he’s allowed to play games as a negotiated reward for feeding himself and not living like an animal. Marlene wants him to go to bed at the same time to do the sex thing. And ‘doesn’t have to concentrate’ probably means he’s not even playing something good or challenging. Probably Destiny 2
  23. That Jim sounds like a right weirdo nerd. I’d love nothing better to spend all my free time playing games but you have to round yourself up, spend time hanging with the Ms or other people and not radicalise the boy. Marlene is probably bored out of her head. But then they both read the Guardian. Awful couple.
  24. I don’t know how this isn’t as explosive as it sounds, Facebook CEO suppresses popular rag paper which threatens to print unflattering story. Penalty for refusal probably she gonna fuck up their algorithm for good. Obviously something that Musk goof will be doing similar in the future or will CoD be the ironic spark which brings down the western capitalist social media-driven society?
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