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  1. As the next gen versions came out Feb 2022, I hope this is GOTY eligible as it’s certainly one of them.
  2. But they're not wrong. The game was absolutely fucked and unplayable on PS4 and the OG bone. Just because the game on the One X and to a lesser extent the PS4 Pro were able to power through it all to a degree doesn't excuse it. Also the problem with it all is they did not consider scalability at all when developing the game. I've heard this from colleages who have had colleages who were involved in the project. PC was the target platform then towards the end just lolled their way into trying to put together something on the consoles. The next-gen port is properly amazing, and a full year of work on machines that can actually run the game and give it justice. Even if the One X version was playable at 20 fps and didn't crash all the time, fuck playing it there when you can play the actual completed next-gen version.
  3. Alex Battaglia in particular has just absolutely nooooo taste.
  4. Out of curiosity, do you primerily play it in hand-held?
  5. It’s an incredible adventure game! I’d bet if Super Mario World was released today, this place would complain that all you do is jump and squash goombas
  6. Have you played GOW 2018? It's very, very much the sequel to that game, but pretty much improved in every way, and much beefier. If you've not played GOW 2018, I'd recommend absolutely playing that first, as they're basically two parts of the same whole.
  7. Was it not the case that all the DLC for this game was completely free? I thought it was championed for its generosity. Also yes, shout out to physical media! I’ve gone back to it for all things PlayStation & Nintendo and it’s just easier.
  8. Totally agree. It’s one of the very best games to come out this year. For me, nothing can come close to Elden Ring for GOTY, but this is in good company with some of the other excellent games recently released.
  9. It's not stupid, its clearer not intentionally designed to be that way. They introduce new mechanics in a tutoral then back-off the chatter. the thing that people are hitting will be a bug. Probably one that will be fixed in the very near future and never need to be thought of again.
  10. David Jaffe is a maaaaaaaaasive penis though, who's YouTube channel ranks are so unhinged and full of nonsense that it just cements that he was in a position to take credit for other people's work while he was at Santa Monica. Also, by my own actual play-through of the game I can perfectly judge what's going on in the game.
  11. Star Trek was never, and never will be "hard sci-fi". It has magic space-elves in it that telepathically pump each other.
  12. I almost want to avoid these threads when I'm playing the game because stupid griping like this can slightly impact my enjoyment. I'm at a further point in the game (not too far though) - You're introduced to a basic puzzle that has you performing the basic mechanic and the companions will then point out the basics to teach you but after that literally every other puzzle they're silent and they let you get on with it. I've even sat there waiting for the audio cues to happen, for them to spoil the puzzle, which doesn't happen...then I realise what the fuck am I doing and who cares about this totally stupid non-issue?
  13. WTF? DMC3 is the best of all these kind of games. Get that on your PVM.
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