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  1. Is there any evidence at all to this? Are you wanting to run physical CD’s? I’ve owned the Terraonion Mega SD for a good while now. I love the Krikzz Everdrives in general and I’m sure the Pro is just as good (well I know so going by trusted reviews). The Mega SD is an amazing Flash cart, and having Mega CD support just opens up the library
  2. A bump to 4K @ 60 fps is pretty amazing you know?
  3. See, this for once is an actually useful review!
  4. TLOU2 absolutely delivered and pushed narrative gaming forwards. I’ve never played anything like that where you’re in control of two very different sides of the same story.
  5. PlayStation 5 for launch, and I'm super excited for it! Can't wait. Xbox series X is also getting bought basically as soon as stock is normally available. Both machines feel viable and important this time round.
  6. RE4 - Launch ntsc-u Gamecube copy PS2 copy Wii ntsc-u Wii pal (don't ask) Xbox 360 PS3 PS4 Switch 8 copies of Resident Evil 4, I still have them all and I've completed them ALL multiple times, because it's the best game ever.
  7. The Haptic Feedback is very much a tangible thing too, and not just marketing. Tempest 3D Audio maybe be as well.
  8. I have to say, I think this is one of the most amazing looking consoles ever, the more of these unboxing vids I see, the most I think it looks totally cool! It's such an out there, exotic, alien sculpture of a thing that I just love to look at. Where as the new Xbox's aesthetic design seems to be, to be as unobtrusive as possible, the PS5 on the other hand is a feast for the eye! So many cool looking sweeping lines! I absolutely love it, and on the reveal I was properly "what the?".
  9. My two pence, is that the marketing focus has absolutely been on the Series X as it's the one that early adopters are most likely to pick up. That's their focus right now, the series S is for a wider audience and that will be a longer game. I kinda think Sony do this with their machines but sequentially, traditionally. The design of the initial version of a new PlayStation is often very exotic and provocative in looks - often appealing to that early adopter market - with the "slim" redesign a couple years down the line being way more conservative in looks, probably with more
  10. Are we onto stand-wobble concern now? So concerning!
  11. well I can defo fit the PS5 it my media cabinet, but the XSX is such an awkward shape that there’s no way that’s going to happen, as it’s too tall on it’s side. I might have to get it in on the floor behind the TV! Not ideal
  12. Nintendo will probably retest all three games, to death just for a camera change. That doesn't mean they'll test and fix the issues in SMS that have always been there. Maybe check they still are!
  13. Yes, this is my findings too. I play it everyday on my OLED, 1080p and it looks bananas.
  14. Well maybe that's what it's doing. Also going by historical reviews that highlight how good the new scaling is, and that literally looking at it's astoundingly good where the image is not blurred but instead looks a little "chunky" maybe aliased a little more is a good indicator that they've improved things.
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