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  1. Don't give up. Keep on going!
  2. For the price, it's still really awesome. Looks to be a little bit superior to the Nintendo offerings.
  3. I'd recommend watching the film first, which is on Netflix and it's both short and simple. I watched ep.1, realised I remembered nothing about the film as I had not seen it since I was a teenager, then watched it before moving onto ep.2
  4. Not to derail into a Control discussion, but what I've found with Control that had to click with me is how to use "Aim down sites". On console at lease - if you DON'T ADS there's a health amount of auto-aim (and the reticle turns red when in range) and the stick movement is tuned for fast movement, so I play it that way most of the time. If you DO ADS, it's quite slow with little auto-aim, so I only really use it when picking off targets far away. Gears has always been the opposite. You blind fire to suppress or stop charging enemies, and most of the time when you're popping out of cover your ARE ADS. They're different games. tl;dr - with Control try to beat off the urge to aim down the sites all the time. Do it only when shooting things far off and you'll have more fun with it.
  5. Can I not yet purchase the Snes controller?
  6. That was a really good one. I like it when the channel is more true to it's roots as a game design break-down focused thing. When he incorporates his sometimes super bad takes it can be infuriating, see the Metroid Prime one above.
  7. Kevvy Metal


    I've only ever seen them once, in the Glasgow SECC, 10,00 days tour so probs 2006/7. The crazy light show to Wings parts 1 and 2 was a particular highlight. Crazy awesome prog show.
  8. This is like Christmas
  9. So I can smash the campaign of this for £2? Like I did with CD3?
  10. Because it looks cool and I -personally - just *want* one. That's my justification!
  11. I looked into this, mainly on the Resetera thread and the Nintendo site as I to want to still have my OG launch day Switch and a new Switch Lite and use which ever one I fancy all with one account and cross saves. It looks a bit faffy but sort of doable. You DO have to set one machine as a primary console which will work as normal but that means the other machine is the secondary one. The secondary one will have to check-in online whenever you want to boot a new digital game! Seen as I've bought almost everything digital, that means it applies to me. So! It means I'll likely be setting the Switch Lite to my Primary machine and the OG Switch as 2nd. The OG Switch will stay mostly at home so the online check thing shouldn't be a problem. It's kinda shit and annoying and Bowser has said that they're "looking into" this stuff, so it might get changed on Nintendo's end.
  12. Yes, it's a terrible way to approach films and also a damaging one. In the world of Netflix and endless content where the user can "click off" at any moment, you end up with stuff like Birdbox, where it feels like they edited in the prologue (showing the blindfold situation right off the bat) to get people in and hooked straight away before flashing back to the actual start of the film, where you already now know what's going to happen.
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