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  1. I got that game for Christmas (I did not ask for it). Was an absolutely stinker.
  2. Biggest jump for me was - by far - PS1/N64/Saturn to Dreamcast/PS2/GC/Xbox. An absolutely gargantuous leap, from basically early 3D to "refined 3D". Seeing Soul Calibur on Dreamcast in a shop for the first time was utterly mind blowing. Literally couldn't believe what I was seeing. All of this was in shop kiosk displays. Seeing Ridge Racer V! Seeing Rogue Leader for the first time! Seeing Halo for the first time and that massive open world!
  3. Benioff & Weiss left the Star Wars project for a Netflix deal.
  4. It was Nintendo's lawyers who got emuparadise to take down all their ROMs.
  5. I absolutely need to get on this Mister train. It's looking just so good now.
  6. I'm still quite confused by it. I own Hitman 1 & 2 and have never played them. So if I buy Hitman 3, I can then import them over and play all three games in Hitman 3? Was there not a thing where you could upgrade and play all the Hitman 1 content in Hitman 2 without buying the second game? Was that not a thing on the release of Hitman 2? Is that the same again?
  7. NERD have actually made a pretty great version of SM64 in particular. I’m sitting at 106 stars and it’s a well scaled, low lag version of the game with the analogue stick correctly calibrated in a release since the original. It plays just like it should, first for an official release since 1996 and is actually true to the original and not tampered with like so many remasters. It’s totally worth celebrating.
  8. I guess that means discussion is cancelled and finished everyone! Might as well lock the thread and go home.
  9. Yes, and in a Daisy Ridley interview she said they literally started filming TLJ immediately after completing principal on TFA, and there’s no way that all the writers and directors didn’t talk, or... you know... had the support of an entire world building writer’s group. The Colin trevorrow duel of the fates script is even dated like 2015... and that will be the other major shake up the trilogy had. All the preproduction on that will of been thrown out. Probably because it was shit and he’s a shit film-maker.
  10. That’s all fair enough, but it certainly works for me. I totally get and buy that Snoke was nothing but a red herring, and a more mobile clone body decoy for him to use while his main new clone body is being prepared on Exegol. It even ties in with the likes of Queen Amidala using decoys, and cloning is such a big part of the Star Wars universe. Introducing him then is totally fine by me, The Emperor was barely even a thing in the OT till ROTJ. It’s all a sci-if opera and I’m totally along for the ride.
  11. 3DS pricing issues leading to the Nintendo Ambassador program thing giving out free games is also very bad. So I’d say the answer to OP is “no”.
  12. PS3 launch was pretty bad and continued to be bad for at least two years. While the 360 launch was exciting with a new cool machine and good line up of games, that quickly faded into RRoD all of them broken fiasco.
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