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  1. Man, I remember doing small things in the game, like putting it on easy - so I wouldn't die immediately - then just moving the targeting reticule over the Covenant and observing that the targeting speed would slow down just a little when the enemy was in the sights....or the fact that this would only happen when the enemy was in range and the reticule would turn red. It was an absolute revolution in "game feel" and I was marveled at it.
  2. I don't really doubt that the fix works. I mainly wanted to make a joke about Angel's "excellent" advice.
  3. Sounds like the time Angel (who?) was persuading people to remove the rubber from the sixaxis sticks with a knife to improve the grip. It did not improve the grip.
  4. Where are the normal places on the internet? Here?! ...err...
  5. I've got one, they're already out. I bought it for RRP off Amazon. They're prob just completely sold out, like everything is.
  6. Its also my understanding that Japan Studio was folded into Asobi Team? One assumes to make more Astrobot which feels like a good idea! Team Gravity haven’t done anything since Gravity Rush 2, no-one likes Knack despite it being a family friendly game and not aimed at internet forumites... Everybody’s Golf will be missed but that might go to a new team. Apart from that, last gen they only also helped out other teams. It feels to me that this restructuring has been coming and quite a bit more gradual than people make out!
  7. No, and again, don’t accuse that. Also you don’t need to neck stab anyone. Get to the end of the section and get through the baracade undetected. Throw bricks and bottles. Use a silencer...etc. Also, that’s it from me. Play the game to find out. Or don’t.
  8. Expressing an opinion isn’t trolling. Accusing someone of it is.
  9. How much of it have you actually played? I fail to see how anyone who is a fan of the genre could find it lacking. It’s by far the most robust game in the genre and with the difficulty up, you absolutely have to fight for survival at every moment. It’s beautifully tense that few games ever even get close to. I recently played through Dishonored, and while it is excellent, is far more “chunky” and unrefined in its approach. Might I recommend that you play it again? Turn up the difficulty and really get into the resource management and stealthing through the levels? (Especial
  10. I can’t disagree with this more, it’s not even remotely the case as nothing that Sony have put out in the last generation I would describe as “mechanical shallow and derivative”. TLOUp2 for example has the best stealth sand box gameplay since MGSV, and as someone who Plantinum’ed the game, I can tell you that’s very much the case. The next game out is Returnal for crying out loud! Something like Knack might be, but it’s aimed squarely at a family audience, to add variety. I really don’t know where people are pulling these takes from?
  11. Surely you’d also be considered the inevitable FF7R part 2 which should come out...sometime. I’d say it’s likely that will have the exact same exclusivity window. You just need to look at the Game Pass thread here for how frequently games are dropped barely after an install. Im enjoying Game Pass and all the cool things on there...but I’m still playing the games I like to completion, Dishonored recently done and now onto DQ11, which is excellent and playing through the whole thing for “free” is better value than constantly switching.
  12. For my PS5 play through I blasted straight through the main missions, sticking right to the critical path and the pacing felt just perfect and brilliant. I enjoyed it about 10 times more doing it that way with the new silky smooth frame rate. I loved it enough to platinum it. It felt best doing all side content in the endgame even if a lot of it was easy
  13. One last thing. The console related aspect is not the point, that was *your read. It’s the dig aimed at me, quoting me, laughing at my post that is both annoying and strange, which is why I pointed it out then clarify my original post.
  14. You went for some strange console related dig out of nowhere - directed to me - stating you would quote it later and the pricing point was totally tenuous at best. I though it was really strange, and has since again been met with a remark of confused and aggressiveness from yourself. It's not really any different than usual, which is my point. Anyways, that's it from me on that point.
  15. You can be very, very strange sometimes... The reason I said "PlayStation at least" was because that's all that a google search came back with. Also the £70 game thing doesn't have anything to do with the Rockstar as a publisher, who will likely set the price themselves. They will decide on the price, be it free, an upgrade fee or full price. The £70 price inflation is for Sony's own published games.
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