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  1. They also had that 10 hours free access (was it just EA Play?) but of course came to Gamepass and totally just scratched the curio itch!
  2. Where from actually? Time to refill those drinks!
  3. I can’t help but read all these posts in the voice of Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy.
  4. My cpu is a neural net processor, a learning computer.
  5. Yeah, just as we're getting these awesome OLED screens with lag down to less that 1 frame... hey! lets all go streaming with 150ms of added lag wooo!
  6. Interesting and very cool! I'm going to get me this! Thanks man!
  7. Did you play VF5 using a pad btw? just curious!
  8. They don't affect the important bits no, unless you consider clunky dialog and acting.
  9. Three people developed it, and why care about my subjective issues with the game if you liked it so much?
  10. It's a rough game, and also far, far from perfect in almost every manner - and that includes the areas where it's best LIKE THE WRITING - but you should absolutely persevere as it is very, very cool when it all comes together. I've not really posted about this game despite finishing it. It is really, really great whilst they're are so many things in the game that are so very, very bad but it just seems to get a free pass from the severe rllmuk judical system.
  11. 1) Go to the Rewards app, which is in My Games & apps > apps 2) Go to Earn tab in the Rewards app 3) Do the things
  12. I thought Cold War was an excellent COD campaign. Multiplayer was good too.
  13. I've seen the aquisition of Bethesda and Activision as positive purely in the hope that under MS they'll both clean up their malpractises. Activision are obvious and numerous, but Bethesda too with their tendancy to release games far too early and unfinished, which itself will put so much pressure on the teams making the games. Unfinished and buggy games on release is often a sign of a crunch schedule.
  14. He also didn't want to kill Ben Solo per se. He saw the dark side rising again - in him - and had a moment where he could take the opportunity to snuff out the whole thing right there and then and avoid another literal Star War. Luke's always had an air of "will he? won't he?" fall to the darkside in the OT, and is the literal son of the man who famously did so. He had a moment , felt the anger rise up in him, then immediate regret at what he had done.
  15. Kevvy Metal


    I know you're trying to be funny, but they absolutely will have and the reason their games get shipped in a state is because production and publishing will be over-ruling QA (and pretty much everyone else involved) and shipping the games to a hard-deadline. Their QA department are probably over-worked and stressed as a result so, SO LEAVE BETHESDA QA ALONE!
  16. Maybe we should poll a group of 10-years to find out if the sequel trilogy is good or not?
  17. That's blue milk he guzzled down on Tatoonie, this is green milk! Whole different thing
  18. He's not winking to the camera, he makes a gesture to Rey that reads "Good hearty stuff this green milk!" as he's being stubborn as it's probably disgusting, and it ties in with his character who is at that moment being stubborn. Made his bed on a crappy island, milking alien-boobs and he's going to lie in it.
  19. "According to YouTuber Overlord DVD who spoke to sources including Hollywood insider Kamran Pasha..." Well! I'm convinced!
  20. You could apply this to literally any and every game though, not just SMB: BM
  21. Yes, I thought it was horrible and shit and COD at its worst regarding taste. Cold War is far, far better.
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