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  1. Well and truly ordered! I was going to get it anyways, so this is just awesome! I was also a baw hair away from ordering it off shopto as well!
  2. People who aren’t old enough to remember the days when you had to wire the plug yourself on electrical goods, don’t know they’re born!
  3. It's correct that the PAL Gamecube does not support Pro Scan (it might be hackable though) but a lot more games only supported 50Hz than you think. Quite alot!
  4. Oh totally! This is me! Those are so of my fondest days of game (even though I think things are as good as they've ever been right now), where I had a modded PS2 and a region switchable Gamecube with a Saurian cable as my two main machines. I bought so much stuff from VG+, Tronix and Play-Asia and played just so many videogames. I just wish I still had that full library of games - as even though I still have the original machines - I only have about a 1/4 of the library of games I played on those systems. I never had a big sell off, I simply had to trade games I'd played to get new games as I didn't have much cash then. I also had a Xbox then, but it was more of a Halo 2 online machine that anything else!
  5. Yes! Absolutely! That starter area is like a nice gentle "tutorial" type area that's nice and self contained. A few games have done that kind of thing, like Breath of the Wild and Horizon: Zero Dawn.
  6. Witcher 3 absolutely plays it's best when you take it slower and drink it all in. ...focusing on being a Witcher, and doing lots of monster hunting for coin. Basically be medieval Batman.
  7. I remember there being almost nothing to play or of real interest on the PS4 till Destiny arrived a year after launch, and even that was in poor shape. Loads of games at the start of that generation were shipped in a bad state and it was all quite a bumpy start. Now we have a whole line up of cool things, produced during a global pandemic of all things and people are upset that some of it isn’t free.
  8. If the Uncharted collection has an upgrade path from a reasonable amount, I’ll absolutely upgrade. Speaking as someone who has been involved in a remaster project, this stuff doesn’t just magically happen!
  9. I wonder if Uncharted 4 Remastered will remaster back in the Assassin’s Creed concept art framed picture?
  10. There was loads in there to look forwards to! Quite a lot coming in Q1 2022 and Elden Ring is also out then! Packed!
  11. I currently have a softography tally of an Edge 8, an Edge 6 & and an Edge 5... so one out of three ain't bad!
  12. Twelve Minutes officially 1 better than Third Strike.
  13. You will probably need to remove that SSD first in order to actually install the firmware whenever it's available to you.
  14. I just don't trust any suspend feature on anything. In my experience, it can lead to weirdness when you do resume, like weird suttering and performance issues due to unmanaged memory and what not. It is my understanding, that this is working differently though. Like it's basically taking a snap-shot like you would with a VM in something like Hyper-V. I just don't want to use it, and the fact that everything boots so fast it means I don't really feel I'm missing out. Of course, if you love it... fill your boots!
  15. When I'm finished playing a game, I close the app.
  16. I have never used quick resume. I find that games boot & load so fast on the machine that I’d rather play the game or app from a fresh boot.
  17. I can not fathom how anyone could think the PS3 trilogy is “bad” but UC4 is great. They’re not that different! …at all! The two PS4 games desperately need a 60fps update. Just when you think they’re not going to do one, they actually do do the update like we saw with Horizon ZD. Finger’s crossed it’s in the works!
  18. Mine has a disc drive yeah, and it is quite noisy when it spins up. So is the drive in the Xbox Series X, there's not really much to differentiate them. Tell you what the biggest difference is! The beep on start up. The Xbox one is nice and gentle compared to the PS5's skreech.
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