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  1. Not only is disliking this Remake madness, but having read some of that replay thread before, you’ve not really liked much of any of it! That’s one odd hair shirt to wear!
  2. What even is this thread?
  3. Proud to be on it! move not yet even played the game, but am totally into trying out the modern controls.
  4. I also would say that Microsoft have nad nothing to do with the Redfall situation. They've not had great results in the past by micromanaging (and they do do that, I used to work at a studio working on MGS published games) so this is their alternative - purchase an entity that has a track record of making and shipping games, and just let them get on with it (just make sure you cancel and delete that PlayStation build though!)... and Redfall is a result of a Bethesda management pivot to GaaS which they won't know how to make, or don't know how to make and everyone bails, as the report says. I've also seen the whole thing before, when there's a change of direction and a massive exodus.
  5. Yes this. If it works like the Wii U pad by having a direct connection to the device so no video or lag issues, then amazing! If it uses the network and is just doing remote play as it already exists with no improvement then it’s shit.
  6. No, out of context. He thinks some streaming services like Nvidia’s one are good and show future potential. He thinks Sony’s Remote Play solution is shit because it is.
  7. I usually go physical now, but I see the digital version gets you both the PS5 & PS4 versions! Means i could play it on my PS4 Pro in the office. Also, it's a game that suits sitting on the HDD for a wee dip in. hmm.
  8. Yeah, you can point out that you don't like something. I can also point out that I completely disagree, and that I think the point is moot. That is discussion exactly as you said. My point on "bad writing", "lazy writing" is that it's such a boring catch all "criticism" that's been used so much that it's almost utterly meaningless... and it's so subjective. You don't like the characterisation? "bad writing", you don't like the motivation "bad writing" etc. It's so shit. The melodramatic style of the anime story and cutscenes is entirely a deliberate one from Nintendo, and it's great and whimsical.
  9. That's great! I also don't give a shit you don't like any or all of the cut-scenes, but maybe want to spoiler that? Rather than posting a massive story spoiler? ...and that fact that you did so speaks volumes. You have therefore awarded yourself the honourary scottish title of "massive roaster" and are here-by confined to the rllmuk "on ignore" bin from now on.
  10. "terrible writing" is no. 1 on the empty & nebulous criticism drinking game bingo. DRINK!
  11. You seem to be mistaking me for someone that does requests, or work for free. But -as I'm nice- you could just re-read this very thread and also observe the responses from the other users, as a bit of a hint.
  12. I'm also pretty sure that, as the inventory has quick sorting for most damage/most used/type and it's brief and to the point, it's actively encouraging you to use up the stuff rather than horde it all. Having little boxes for item catagories would more encourages loot hording. But TOTK has given you a sandbox use for literally everything!
  13. Myself too. The smash when they break mid-fight is also actually quite satisfying.
  14. Yes. Compaining about swords breaking is such surface level thinking it beggar's belief. It's literally like the scene in Spinal Tap where Nigel is convinced that 11 is one louder and better, but flipped around. That's an example of taking a surface level positive interaction completely literally. Weapon durability is a negative one, but the same thing. It's like running out of ammo or fuel or meter in a fighting game. It's a limitation to breed improvisation and explore all the other tools. It's so small minded to think other wise.
  15. Some insightful perspective on the game, and not just a laundry list of things that are in the game.
  16. This is exactly why the Eurogamer review is so shit and short-sighted. The fact they relied on a few "old favourite" items / fuse combinations shows that the reviewer completely lacked the intrigue and curiosity to actually play about with the sandbox, and then had the cheek to actually criticises the game for it!
  17. Thought I'd watch the Easy Allies review, seen as I've played the game now for around 30 hours... ....absolutely NOPED out as it's super-duper spoiler heavy, the cunts.
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