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  1. Just a thought - have you a PiHole? After the issue with rewards not working the other week, I'd noticed achievements were being blocked on the PiHole, and had to be whitelisted. May be my particular setup, but threw me for a bit
  2. Smile here, delivered about an hour back. (actually scratch that. I thought it was smile, Was just Amazon)
  3. Pretty much, I could hear your Alexa Bing Bong. :-)
  4. Playing on my Pixelbook - volume has disappeared and was a juttery mess (Gears 5). Was working ok-ish a few weeks back for Forza, but nowhere near as smooth or responsive as Stadia for me.
  5. What a hoot :-) This kinda holds it together - Queen and Eastenders, what's not to love? https://rave.dj/iJgjzgy06tUnZw Trance and Wham you say? https://rave.dj/DtQefZkhhgVKfA
  6. Cheers dude - left some apples! Appreciated the Corona Mask on your face :-)
  7. I had been carting around boxes of CDs dating back to the 80s from house to house, always consigned to stay in the boxes whilst I listened to them via other means. My last house move, I didn't have the space for the boxes to sit there in dust and unloved, so I did one final rip of everything over a few months, and gave the lot away to Sue Ryder. If you're not using them, anything you can raise for (insert charity of choice) is better than them sitting unloved, or you coining 10 pence via selling them on.
  8. Just for clarity ( which I acknowledge has been less than clear from Google). "Stadia base" doesn't require subscription, and you buy games full price. Stadia Pro does, you get a game (or two) free a month, and buy games at a discount.
  9. I played Destiny for 3 different bouts of 2 hours yesterday at various times - as others here have said , pretty much perfect. In other Stadia news - the buddy passes are now being rolled out , and also an interesting article about returns policy if you decide the game doesn't fit Stadia for whatever reason here
  10. I'm not necessarily the average punter - I have a top end PC, Switch, Xbox and game pass already. I like shiny things and new tech.
  11. Ok, I'm in - Destiny 2 on OLED, wired through Chomecast, 80ish Meg Fibre - it's really good. I'm unsure at the moment if the whole flip to a Pixel 2 / Pixelbook thing made it to the roll out, but will be trying that out tonight. I had doubts about the controller, as I'm not a fan of that style of layout of the analogues... but it feels really nice. Triggers especially.
  12. If it's any help ..... I started a new game on the Xbox, so totally starting from scratch. A video of the Concierge without any fancy stuff here
  13. Yeah, i was frustrated as hell but it hit the "one more go" itch :-) I concentrated in using bows and traps (cross o matic and wolf trap), and pumping up the "purple" stat. For mutations I went for combo , support and the one that decreases the spawn time for traps when you kill with ranged items. If you can regularly get past the concierge, save all your cells up till that point and then pump them into the "increase the chances to get ++ items" thing.
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