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  1. I do like the later series of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern and Top Chef / Top Chef Masters
  2. Some nice posts in here of late, I like the tones you have there MrCarrot.
  3. I know it's a pre-order cost, but bloody hell ~ Canon EF 24-70mm MkII Looking at the weight I bet they could have kept it at under 1Kg if they opted for an IS version.
  4. Just watched the first couple of minutes of that but I'm in work, certainly seems worthy of sitting down and watching it this evening... Cheers for the link Rev.
  5. I've looked at his stuff previously, seems to make some very good products ~ His site is still all over the shop though. It's all about the smell...
  6. What did you go for if you don't mind me asking? I've been on the hunt for one and settled on Wapiti Straps, it's yet to arrive to see what it's like ~ The stock strap feels like it sits in my armpit.
  7. 1. You could check out 85mm Street Photography, he has two PDF documents which are free and some sample videos of shooting on the street: http://www.85mm.ch Kinda risky depending on where you're shooting... 2. I suppose intermingle and enjoy yourself, don't be too impsoing by not saying much and sticking a camera in people's faces ~ When you're chatting and people are enjoing themselves it would be easier to swing the camera up and get a rather natural shot IMO. 3. Unsure on courses, but there are some good videos on Kelby Training ~ http://kelbytraining.com/ No everyones cup of tea but some good info in some of the videos, like watching the non nonsense Jay Maisel.
  8. Cheers... Not a bad idea Totoro, would have to clean up the dust bunnies first me thinks.
  9. Nice Scratchy_Bollock , would love to have the opportunity to shoot at those locations.... That looks like a hell of a place to shoot.
  10. Not bad for grabbing that on a phone.... Nice rumblecat, love the elephant. I ventured out today and some some god awful effects off my filters... Looked like some poor souls were lost at sea, the helicopter was searching until dark .... Snapped this while waiting for the sun to set:
  11. Going on Canon Rumours, perhaps in the next few months; http://www.canonrumors.com/
  12. Hope you enjoy it, you'll probably be cursing it while you get used to it. I would recommend picking up something like the following unless you want to use two filters (pop the glass on one and reverse the other) to protect the lens: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/METAL-Lens-Hood-52mm-f-FUJIFILM-LH-X100-AR-X100-Adapter-/230669329378?pt=UK_Photography_CameraLenses_Lens_caps_hoods_adaptors_ET&hash=item35b4f6a3e2
  13. The second looks great as it's a little tighter, but prefer the light that you had coming through the window on the first. The amount of times I've been down the coast and it's been so dull is unreal, yet looking out of the office window now and usually driving home from work I find the sky awash with colour...
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